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Over 40 & Still Wearing Bikinis!

If you've read my bio or have followed me a while you know that I am certainly no spring chicken :) Nor am I a skinny little model type. I'm a over 40 woman with plenty of curves that enjoys her sexuality. Sometimes I get emails from people saying stuff like "You're to old to be online" or "You're to fat to be online ..." but you know what I really don't care! I do this because I have fun! To the guys that enjoy my site BIG KISS ... to the guys that don't enjoy my site ... so be it ... move on :)

But just because a woman is over 40 and curvy from having having kids does not mean she has to wear one of those old lady bathing suits to cover her whole body! I say show it off and let the curves show! SO CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS CURVY OVER 40 MOM SHOW OFF HER BIKINI AND EVEN SHOW OFF MORE NAKED AND SPREAD RIGHT IN MY OWN BACKYARD :)

click the image for a full size view!

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