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Mom in Skin Tight Jeans!

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What’s a 44 year old mother of 2 doing wearing blue jeans this tight? Because my hubby loves them ... that’s why :) Well not only my hubby but every time I wear jeans this tight I get nice comments from guys. But at the same time I get ladies my age looking at me with attitude like “why is your plump ass in jeans that tight, aren’t you a little old to be wearing those?” and I just grin and wave at them LOL! Just because I’m 44 does not mean and I have to walk around in frumpy old clothes like some washed up old lady. I’m a long way from that point and as long as I am having fun and feeling confident I’ll wear em’. Sexuality is not about age, it’s about feeling! Besides women my age know what we like and know what we want and can teach those 20 somethings a thing or two .. hehehe! So CLICK HERE if you like a mature woman wearing tight jeans and let me know what you think!

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