Tight In The Tub

Despite what you might be thinking with the title of this set …. I am not tight in the tub because I’ve grown a little since I started my website in 1998 … LOL! I have on my infamous tight white tube dress and I’m wearing all this nylon in the bath tub … VBEG!

This dress has been with me since I first started my site back in 1998 and to this day I still get requests for it. So this time I thought I’d wear in the bath tub and let you see all this incredibly tight nylon sticking to my skin. According to my hubby not matter what size a woman is; petite, average, plump or full BBW they all look sexy a has hell in super tight clothing. He just has a fetish for it I think LOL!

sexy milf dawn marie at www.dreamnet.com I must admit that wearing this tight dress always makes me feel a little sexier. I’m not sure why, there is just something about the way the nylon “squeezes” me and hug all my curves and ever crevice of my body. My favorite part is wearing it when I’m with a man and having him run his hands over it .. his hands moving over the nylon just sends a fantastic tingling feeling through my body.

So what do you think? Do women of all sizes look sexier in skin tight dress like I’m wearing? CLICK HERE and let me know and also see what’s underneath!

sexy milf dawn marie at www.dreamnet.com
sexy milf dawn marie at www.dreamnet.com sexy milf dawn marie at www.dreamnet.com