This is how it is going to work.. If you would like to bid, simply EMAIL ( make subject BID) me your bid and I will post a comment with the latest bid, this way everyone’s identity is protected.  AND you can bid as often as you like, just like on ebay..  If you bid and I post a new bid that outbids your previous bid, then by all means, try again.  I will mail it in a plain manilla envelope.   If you want it mailed priority, you will need to pay for that at the end of the auction.  I WILL ALSO personally sign the item for you.   When I receive your bid, I will let you know about payment options in case you have the winning bid.  Starting Bid is $15.00 and bidding will end Thursday Oct 12th 5 PM AZ time.

This Auction is for the 40 Something (Score Special #93) 7 pages of pics (the interview the magazine made up, so that is not about me. The pics were taken for this magazine and never posted as an update for my site.)



  1. High bid is at $25

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