Riding The Hitachi

Dawn Marie Riding Her Hitachi Vibrator ~ HD & mobile Video!

This update is for all you booty lovers out there. I am using a new toy (thanks Carl) that allows me to insert my hitachi vibrator into it! I must say this thing works pretty darn well. It tickles my pussy and clit letting my ass bounce around and I get off big time. What a fun hands free way to get off! Watch as I wiggle and squirm my way to orgasm and this fluttering tongue tickles me until I cum! Lots of ass wiggling around so put your self behind me and cum on my pawg ass! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080P HAD VIDEO!

While The Cats Away …

While the Cats Away The Mice Must Play!

A nice man that is a fan of my site sent me this, thanks Stephen! I just love this outfit, it is probably one of the sexiest one pieces I’ve ever worn.  This weekend I am home alone as hubby travels out of town for a music convention and I am super excited to wear this outfit so perhaps since hubby is leaving me I’ll have to find someone to come over and give it a test run  … VBEG!  You know what they say, while the cats away the mice must play.  Well hubby will be off having fun I am going to drum up some naughty fun of my own. I’ve already been texting some of the guys I know and lining up are rendezvous! It’s going to be awesome to have some strange cock and I plan on wearing this new outfit.   Best part is the stockings and garter are built in so I never have to take them off … hehehe! What do you think? Are you willing to be my playmate while hubby is out of town … if so … CLICK HERE!

Bend Me Over!

Easy Access To Dawn Marie’s Pussy!

Over the holidays I received this wonderful fishnet one piece outfit.  I love these outfits and think they are so sexy … so thank you to the person that sent it … you know who you are … hehe!  I think I like them because the are very revealing but the hint of clothing still leaves something to the imagination.  Best of all, they provide easy access and you don’t have to strip down naked to fuck! This lovely one has on open crotch so whether I leave it on or get naked, either way, we get to fuck! There is nothing I like more than being bent over and fucked from behind. I know guys like watching my ass bounce as we fuck and this is the perfect outfit for it. So fuck me from behind and spank that ass at the same time. I’ll pull my tits out of the top of this fishnet and you can watch them swing too! …. CLICK HERE!

Let’s Do This

Dawn Marie Is Ready To Do It!

OK I’m ready and the planning is in action. Next week I’ve rented a hotel room for all new shoots and some sex shoots too! I can’t wait it is going to be so funny and naughty meeting some guys again. It’s been a while just a crazy busy fall and Christmas season has sort of kept me on the sidelines but next week I’ll be jumping in with both feet (or should I say with tits and ass … VBEG!) and it’s going to be a fantastic time.

Shooting in hotels is always turn on … I think it’s because of the environment and so I’m excited to feel hard cock in my pussy and let slide slowly and deliberately in and out of my lips. I just love getting a new hard cock and taking care of it nice and slow. I like things to last and having a new man to play with just makes my pussy wet for days in advance … hehe!

So CLICK HERE and enjoy what I’ve got in store for this new cock. Please tell me how you like to fantasize about fucking my pussy and me sucking your cock!

Ready To Blow!

Dawn Marie Is Ready For Some Strange Hard Cock!

If you know me and have followed my site for a while you know I’m a pretty good girl. Yes I totally get naughty but seldom is with people I have not taken the time to meet. But today is one of those days where I just have a kinky desire to do something totally different and super naughty.

I am so ready to just suck the cock of a stranger. I mean something really quick, fun and no strings attached. Just some instant insane gratification.

Imagine I looked you up on Craig’s List and agreed to swing by your place .. no small talk, no getting to know each other … I just show up and walking in and we go at it. I take my clothes off and kneel down between your legs and instantly start sucking your cock until it is totally hard and ready for my pussy. Next I crawl into your lap, rub my pussy all over you cock and let you bury it deep inside of me. We fuck for 15 minutes until we both cum. Then I kiss you on cheek and say goodbye .. that’s it! Sound good to you? Then CLICK HERE!

Champagne Fuck!

Dawn Marie Fucks The Champagne Bottle!

Happy New Year … I hope you had a wonderful 2014 … I certainly did and loved the past year and there are many exciting things coming up for 2015.  I must confess I’ve been a little lazy that past two weeks. With the Holidays falling the middle of the week I decided to take a couple weeks vacation.  But don’t worry beginning next week I am going to be the picture and video taking naughty wife that I’ve always been.  I have many fun things planned for 2015 and cannot wait to start living out my naughty adventures again.

So today enjoy this New Year flashback to 28-Dec-2003.  I enjoy this champagne bottle going into my pussy and feeling it deep inside of me. Makes me thing of a big cock inside of me. All these naughty thoughts of things inside me makes my mind wander to the near future when things will be hot and horny once again! CLICK HERE PICTURES ALL REMASTERED AND INCLUDING LOTS OF PICTURES NOT ORIGINALLY POSTED.


Sneaking Off During The Holidays

Dawn Marie Sneaking Off To Get Off During The Holidays ~ HD & mobile Video!

This Holiday Season has really been busy. Hubby’s been working a lot and we’ve had parties to attend, as well as, all the normal hustle and bustle. One thing I did for myself was purchase a “selfie stick”, it’s a stick you can put your smart phone on and hold it out front of you to record video or take pictures. So today I just had to get some relieve! I put on this sexy fishnet outfit Eric purchased for me and snuck into my bedroom to record myself with the new selfie stick. I must say it was very exciting getting off all by myself and just masturbating along with thoughts of all of you from 2014 dancing through my head. CLICK HERE and let’s cum together! HD VIDEO!

Set Those Ass Cheeks Free!

Dawn Marie Sets Her Ass Cheeks Free In A Thong!

The thong is an undergarment, worn by women in a style characterized by a thin strip of material along the center of the garment’s rear designed to sit between the wearer’s buttocks cheeks connecting the front or pouch to the waistband behind the wearer. Thongs come in a variety of styles depending on the thickness, material, or type of this rear portion of fabric. ~ Def. from Wikipedia

Forget the formal definition! Why do I wear thongs? Because I like that naked ass cheek feeling undernath my cloths. In a tight pair of jeans or a slinky dress the thongs help to show off my “BoB” (Big ole’ Butt) and make me feel sexy.

WWhat I really like is the comments from the men because it gives the illusion that I am naked underneath my clothes which is a big turn on for some. And once we get undressed I love to rub my covered pussy on a guys cock while his hands grab and smack my naked ass …. VBEG! CLICK HERE!

Winter In Phoenix

Enjoying Sleeveless Shirt & Denim Shorts In Winter!

One of the things I like about living in Phoenix in the winter time is you can still dress like this … just in sleeveless shirt and some denim cut offs.  Of course we get our cold days and cold nights but many of the days are 75 degrees and sunny so you can still go around in your summer clothes. It makes it especially fun here in the winter. It’s not hot and it’s not cold it’s just right. So if you are in a cold climate up north and are looking for an escape this winter perhaps you should fly to see me in Phoenix. We can definitely have some good times.  There is all kinds of fun trouble we can get into in and out of our clothes … VBEG! CLICK HERE AND ENJOY SOME WINTER WARMTH WITH ME!!

Playful In Nude Pantyhose

Getting Naked and Naughty In Classic Nude Pantyhose

Guys always express to me that they like nude pantyhose, I was perplexed by this at the beginning until a member of my site explained it to me.  He said the reason for the love of the nude pantyhose is both historic and corporate. For many many years all you could get were nude pantyhose, they didn’t make all the colors they have now and the women in the office with their fully fashioned “nylons” would let their legs show because they have on their fancy pantyhose. Women back in the day couldn’t be obvious about it like they can today so those “sneak peeks” a guy would get at the office was a huge turn on.  So here I am in a business shirt and nothing but nude pantyhose. I’m not even wearing panties and all I can think about is you rubbing my pussy through my hose … sound like fun?  Let’s do it and both enjoy the nylon … CLICK HERE!

Dear Santa … Let Me Explain!

Let Me Explain My Naughty Behavior This Past Year

Dear Santa … I know I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but please let me explain. You see there is naughty good and naughty bad. Naughty bad is the kind of bad you do when you are not nice to others and do not treat others the way you want to be treated. That is certainly not me, I always try to treat people nice. I have been the “good naughty” girl. I can tell you that all the naughtiness in my life is providing enjoyment for me and for all the other adults in my life … VBEG! How is this you say? Well lets just say that the men who have provided me enjoyment through fun sexual encounters, those that get me off by looking at my website and those that give me orgasms by allowing me to ride their stiff hard cocks are all happy because I’m naughty. As a matter of fact just last week I went over to meet a guy and I rode his cock until we both orgasmed. So you see Santa all the naughtiness from me is to provide people with good feelings not bad … CLICK HERE!


No Tell Motel

Dawn Marie Is Wait For Cock In The No Tell Motel!

You know sometimes you just need a quickie … I have a guy from out of town tonight that wants to meet and we couldn’t meet at his hotel because he’s with his business associates. So I told him I’d get us a cheap hotel. After all we’re only using the bed for a couple of hours so I went out and got one of those $39.95 cheap hotel rooms and I must confess somehow that adds to the excitement!  So here I am waiting in my easy access body suit for my friend to arrive because once he gets here we don’t have much time.  A quick fuck and suck in a cheap hotel room almost gives me the “escort” feeling even though I don’t do that, but the idea of that really turns me. I cannot wait until he gets her to have his cock in my mouth and best of all is cock in my pussy!  The anticipation is driving me crazy and it’s going to be one fantastic romp! CLICK HERE!

Rapid Rabbitt

Dawn Marie Gets Off On Her Rabbit & Wants You To Join In ~ 1080p HD & mobile Video!

Recently I was in a live cam on Streamate and my trusty Rabbit vibrator died.  So after my show I added one to my wish list. Well my friend Carl ended up getting me a new one and here I go breaking it.  I call it the Rapid Rabbit because this is the one toy I can always count on to get me off and it gets me off in a hurry! So I’m not going to beat around the bush here with some big story I just want you to lay back and get your hard cock to cum with.  Get strokin’ because it won’t take long LOL! Let’s cum together! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

t his cum as I work over his cock with my mouth and hand! CLICK HERE!

MILF In Waiting

Dawn Marie Is She A MILF … That’s For You To Decide!

You know me .. I don’t consider myself a MILF, that is not for me to decided. But if some of the young men out here bestow me with that honor, I will gladly accept .. hehehe! So for whatever reason … lately I’ve been getting quite a few emails from younger men telling me they would like to do this or that with me … BEG! I must admit it really turns me on to know that men 20 years younger than me want to get in bed with me. So I’ve been talking to a few of them and I think some might just work out and we’ll end up having a nice romp in the bed.  CLICK HERE and see what these young men will be sinking their hard cocks into! It totally turns me on even thinking of it and I’m completely flattered by the compliments! 

Stockings In The Office

Dawn Marie Being Inappropriate at Work!

Nothing like a business woman all dressed up at work in a blouse and skirt wearing a garter and stockings!  I’m not even a girl/girl type of girl but I can appreciate a sexy dressed business woman.  It’s just the power they put off and the confidence that oozes out of them that makes them sexy as hell.  I love wearing stockings and skirt because the guys in the office don’t know if it’s pantyhose or stockings … that is until I “accidentally” let my skirt ride up so they can see the stockings where the garter is clipped on.  I always try to be very coy about it but then I like to peek out of the corner of my eye to see who is looking. Then when I can catch a glance of a man watching I will just smile and wink at him.  I know that is inappropriate behavior at the office but I am old fashion and I like to flirt!  So what goes though your mind when you see a sexy business woman? Is it something that turns you on? CLICK HERE AND LET ME KNOW!

Rainy Day In Manhattan

Dawn Marie Pictures By Her Hookup!

I was on a autumn trip to Manhattan to meet up with a man that is a fan of my site and woke up on this day to cold and rain. So I was coop’d up in my rented apartment and instead of going out in the cold to walk around I used my spare time to be naughty hehehehe! I was suppose to meet this man at a coffee house on this morning but instead I invited him over to my apartment to let him take these pictures of me. It was so erotic having someone other than my husband take my pictures. I love hubby taking my photos but to be naked all alone in a Manhattan apartment with another man was a huge turn on. Can you tell by the shit eating grin on my face LOL!  Unfortunately the guy that flew me to NYC couldn’t be on camera but let’s just say after we got off the camera things REALLY got hot. I don’t often fly out of town to meet other men but when I do it is alway a very erotic experience. It’s kind of surreal to visit a man in another city for a no strings attached hookup after being married for almost 30 years.  Let’s just say in the 3 days I was in NYC the cumming was overwhelming for the both of us LOL!  Wanna fly me out to meet you … CLICK HERE!

After Work … Work!

Dawn Marie In Business Attire … After Work!

Don’t you hate when you work all day and then after you get home you have to do more work from the office?  It really stinks when you have to bring work home and continue your “40 hour a week” job at the kitchen table.  Well that is exactly what I had to do on this day. However, I decided to spice this up a bit.  Since I was still in my office attire and all dress up I told hubby to grab the camera and let’s spice up this situation. After all I was not in the mood do more work anyway, my boss can suck it LOL!  I was in the mood for some kinky fun and I’ve always had that “office fantasy” of some guy at work taking me into the supply closet so we could have one fast and furious fuck.  So imagine you bumping into me at the office and you give me the look that just says let’s fuck, I reciprocate and without barely a word we head off to the supply closet.  Once inside the passion just spills out without hardly a word and the passion is intense as you lift my skirt and pull out my big tits. I quickly unzip your pants exposing your already hard cock. Next I sit up on a stack of boxes and spread my legs so you can bury your hard cock deep in my pussy.  We fuck quickly and feverishly so that we don’t get caught by management.  The best part … after we are all done and catch our breath, I pull up my panties and go back to my desk feeling your warm cum deep inside my pussy and dripping out to keep my panties wet the rest of the day! Sound like fun … CLICK HERE!

Pantyhose In The Pool

Fishnet Pantyhose Soaking Wet In The Pool!

With winter coming on and most of the country getting ready for super cold weather I thought I’d share some pool pictures with you. But these pool pictures have a twist.  It’s me in the swimming pool wearing my fishnet pantyhose and enjoying the warm Arizona sun.  Nothing like pantyhose in the pool, right?  It is a very sensual feeling when my pantyhose get all wet and are soaked with water. The tightness of the wet nylon against my skin provides this feeling of being squeezed and hugged in a very sensual way.

So why don’t you come join me in the pool and perhaps you can help me out of my pantyhose so your that hard cock of yours can slide into my pussy! Now wouldn’t that be a lot of fun … sex in the pool too! VBEG! CLICK HERE!

Eat Me In Lace Leggings

I Want You To Eat Her Lace Covered Pussy

There is something about leggings that always drives men in my life crazy. I know I don’t have long slender legs anymore but I sure get tons of positive comments whenever my legs and booty are covered in tight leggings.  Well that is OK with me because they really do give me the sexy feeling.  One of the most erotic things a man can do for me is when we are in the mist of foreplay is to rub my pussy through my leggings until the leggings become soaking wet. I have even had men eat my pussy through leggings and it is such a huge turn on.  The pussy foreplay when you are really not touching it yet is so erotic and makes me soaking wet every time! 

 So why don’t I lay back spread my legs and have you play with my pussy and tease my pussy with your mouth right through my leggings …. don’t worry I’ll return the favor … VBEG!  CLICK HERE!

And thank you to whomever it was that sent me these leggings off of my list, no card was included.

Quick Morning BJ

Dawn Marie Sucks Dick and Strokes Earlin In The Morning! HD Video!

Dateline September 26 at 8:30 am – A few weeks ago Hubby and I rented a hotel room for some photo shoots. After shooting we went out to dinner with @EdenAlexanderXX whom hubby had just shot for our upcoming site Blow Bang Girls. After we dropped off Eden at the airport for her flight home we decided we were to tired to go back to shooting and went home to rest. The next morning we got up early to go pick up all the photo equipment from the hotel. Hubby shot a video of me in fishnet using hitachi wand and then suddenly he lays down on the bed and says “blow me” LOL! Being the good and naughty wife I am I was happy to oblige and I immediately started giving him a blow job. I was amazed he was able to hold the video rig while I was doing this, but he managed.  So sit back and watch this POV style blow job and watch hubby shoot his cum as I work over his cock with my mouth and hand! CLICK HERE!

Formal In Pantyhose

Dawn Marie Dressed Up and Formal With Pantyhose

You know I don’t dress up a lot. But today I am truly dressed like a woman my age LOL! Hubby and I had to attend a formal party for a fund raiser so I had to dress up.  Low and behold hubby’s naughty mind was working and after I got dressed up he said .. “Let’s shoot off a some of pictures of you all dressed up and in pantyhose, we don’t do that often.”.  So here ya’ go Dawn Marie all dressed up and formal prior to the fund raiser.  It is fun getting dressed up sometimes, I think sex can even be more intriguing at times when dressed up. Because being dressed up gives you the opportunity to “slowly” get naked. The slow build up of being with a man as he peels off my clothes is a HUGE turn on … VBEG!  So come and join me and slowing taking off my clothes down to my pantyhose and let’s see what fun we can have! CLICK HERE!

Easy Access Fishnet

Dawn Marie In Easy Access Fishnet!

First off I want to thank Eric for getting me this TOTALLY sexy crotchless fishnet body suit.  I did a video in this outfit last week but many have said they wanted to see it in pictures so hear ya’ go … VBEG!  It’s so erotic in this outfit because you can get to my pussy and tits without me even taking it off … hehe! That makes for some seriously passionate fun sex when you can just romp and play without having to take the time to strip down. Bend me over in my high heels and drive that hard cock of yours deep into my pussy!  Nothing like easy access to make make sexy fun and spontaneous! CLICK HERE AND GAIN ACCESS TO MY HOT SPOT!

It’s All About The Clit

Dawn Marie Uses The Hitachi Wand On Her Clit & Cums! HD Video!

You know that new song out this summer by Meghan Trainor called “All About The Bass”? The song is so catchy and I cannot get it out of my head. Well the other day hubby is walking through the house and spouts “It’s All About The Clit” to me, he knows that I need some great clit stimulation for my best orgasms.  After he said that I remembered this great clitoris stimulator a nice guy sent me for my Hitachi wand. So that is what I’m using in this update and I just used this week for the first time. WOW does this thing provide awesome orgasms for a girl.  It’s like having a motorized tongue on your clit and it feels AWESOME! So sit back get your cock out and let’s cum together I want you to have as much fun as I do .. VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HAD VIDEO IN MY CLUB WITH MOBILE VERSION INCLUDED! 

Ultra Amateur

Dawn Marie & Rhonda Naked at the Park

Hi guys, I have something special for you today. This past week I was looking for a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) picture to post on Twitter and ran across these photos from way back on August 24, 2001.

This is my friend Rhonda that came to Arizona to visit me. She was not even on the Internet yet when we went out one night to take these pictures. We had a few drinks with our hubbies and decided what the hell … “Grab the camera boys and let’s go up to the park and shoot some naughty pictures.” … so that is exactly what we did!

These pictures are really ultra-amateur which I know some of you really enjoy … hehe! Just one simple camera with the flash in the park.   Rhonda and I had so much fun on this weekend and getting naughty at the park with the risk of getting caught was the highlight!

So CLICK HERE and enjoy this step back in time and see Rhonda and I get naked outside way back in 2001! All pictures have ben re-mastered in today’s new larger sizes!

Slide It In

Dawn Marie Wants To You To Pick Your Spot To Slide It In

As you know I am a woman of curves and with curves comes great places for you to slide your cock … I love when sex gets all hot and sweaty.  Once the heat builds up our bodies are able to  slide and slither all over each other. So I want you to slide your cock in, the question is what’s your favorite spot?  Wanna slide it between my tits … slide it between my ass checks … slide it between my thighs … slide it between my lips or slide in my pussy?  I have to say even though I am not a big fan of anal I do like a hard cock on my back side. When foreplay is going strong I find it really erotic when I lay on my stomach with my ass cheeks up and guy slides his hard cock back and forth between my full fleshy butt cheeks … VBEG! There is something about my soft checks and the hardness of your cock going back and forth between them that really turns me on. But please don’t come between my butt cheeks because I love to watch you cum and I can’t see it when I’m face down. So roll me over and fuck my tits so I can watch your cock and face as you cum all over my chest and chin.   CLICK HERE and let me know your favorite spot to slide it in.