Slide It In

Dawn Marie Wants To You To Pick Your Spot To Slide It In

As you know I am a woman of curves and with curves comes great places for you to slide your cock … I love when sex gets all hot and sweaty.  Once the heat builds up our bodies are able to  slide and slither all over each other. So I want you to slide your cock in, the question is what’s your favorite spot?  Wanna slide it between my tits … slide it between my ass checks … slide it between my thighs … slide it between my lips or slide in my pussy?  I have to say even though I am not a big fan of anal I do like a hard cock on my back side. When foreplay is going strong I find it really erotic when I lay on my stomach with my ass cheeks up and guy slides his hard cock back and forth between my full fleshy butt cheeks … VBEG! There is something about my soft checks and the hardness of your cock going back and forth between them that really turns me on. But please don’t come between my butt cheeks because I love to watch you cum and I can’t see it when I’m face down. So roll me over and fuck my tits so I can watch your cock and face as you cum all over my chest and chin.   CLICK HERE and let me know your favorite spot to slide it in.

An Affair In Stockings

Dawn Marie Awaits You In Fishnet Stockings!

Here I am waiting for you just inside my hotel room door wearing these sexy fishnet stockings and a lace slip.  All sexed up in sexy clothing like this always makes me feel extra horny.  I know you are a traveling business man and you don’t have tons of spare time so I came to the hotel and got a room so I could be all ready when you arrive at the hotel after work.  I don’t know what you tell your wife about disappearing with me for hours but honestly that is not my concern. I just like when you fly into town and we get to have our little affair.  I think it is an escape for the both us … I sneak away from my hubby and you sneak away from your wife. Once a month or so you come to town and we get a night of pure bliss and no strings attached sex. Sex is a blast and it’s so much fun when you can have a friend with benefits that allows a night of XXX fun to be just pure orgasms with no relationship worries … hehe!  So are you excited to arrive at my hotel room? If so, CLICK HERE!!

Corner Me!

Dawn Marie Cornered In The Bar!

If you know me and have followed me for some time you undoubtedly know that I am a strong woman with a strong sense of self. However, when it comes to sex I am definitely a submissive and I like a guy that takes charge! I’ve always had this incredibly erotic fantasy of being cornered in a bar by a man. I just imagine being in a bar having a drink in a dark corner booth when a man I don’t even know comes up and slides in the both next to me! He corners me so I’m trapped in the booth with him. Without hesitation he looks me in the eye and slides his hand up my skirt right there at the table! By this time my pussy is just dripping with juice as he fingers me under the table. I have to maintain my composure as he works my pussy to the point of explosion. After I shiver and cum right there in the booth with wet juices between my legs I reach over unzip his pants and slide my hand inside his pants pulling out his hard cock underneath the table. We sit there and talk and enjoy our drinks and the whole time I am stroking his hard cock under the table. I can feel his cock starting to pulse and I grip it tight stoking nice and slow until he cums. I try not to make a mess so I keep hold of his cock and his cum is all over my hand.  Finally I pull my hand from underneath the table and lick up all is warm cum so he can watch. We both successfully have orgasms right in the dark corner of the bar! Now doesn’t that sound like a fun fantasy … let’s make it reality CLICK HERE!

Fly In Fuck & Play

Dawn Marie Has a BBC Tryst & Facial! HD Video!

Hey guys this experience for me was surreal and an absolute blast! Jason found my site some time back and we had been wanting to hook up. Only problem was Jason lives quite a ways away from me in So Cal. But as we talked further Jason mentioned that he could fly easily and could fly in for a few hours. I was like “WOW, you’d do that for little ole’ me, I’m totally flattered!”. So last week Jason flew in on Wednesday morning and I picked him up at the airport. We went back to my house and had hot steamy sex right in my own bed. It was AWESOME! I think I was even more turned on that a guy flew in to be with me at 10 am and then had to get back on the plane at 2pm to fly home. That whole idea made my pussy extremely wet and my libido extremely excited. I was so hot and horny by the time we hit the bed I just dived right in and pulled out his cock!!! We fucked, we sucked, he ate me out, I rode his cock cowgirl and he fucked me doggy style. Finally we ended finishing with him shooting his warm cum all over my face! His warm cum splattered all over my cheeks, nose and month. So CLICK HERE for this real life sexual tryst! HD Video and Mobile compatible!

Simple & Sexy

Dawn Marie Simple & Sexy in Denim

There is something so simple about a woman wearing only denim cutoffs and white t-shirt. Hubby always tells me that women in jeans that are simply dressed are the sexiest ones. So instead of the some fancy lingerie this week I am posting a picture of me in nothing but an old warn out pair of denim blue jean shorts, white full back panties and white t-shirt. I actually do dress like this out in public sometimes and I love the looks the married men throw my way … VBEG! Does a woman dressed like this turn you on? Or, do you prefer the fancy lingerie and woman all dolled up?  I just imagine us hooking up when I’m dressed so simply, maybe outside in nature just getting naughty and naked in a grass field out in the country somewhere, rolling naked in the grass and having lots of hot sex under the sunset!. So whether you like us women looking down home or all dressed up we are all the same underneath and getting down to fun sex is what it’s all about!  CLICK HERE AND LET’S HAVE SOME SIMPLE & SEXY PLAY!

Stroke It With Me! I’m Flattered!

Dawn Marie Wants You To Stroke Your Cock with Her! HD Video!

There is nothing that turns me on more than getting email from guys about how they looked at my pictures and videos and got turned on enough by the images to make them cum. As a woman in her 40’s that is one AWESOME compliment … VBEG! I am so flattered by the emails and tweets that it genuinely gets me excited knowing you stroked your hard cock for me!

So I thought this week I would make a a video especially so we can get off together. I am using a glass toy in my pussy getting myself off and I want you to stroke your cock and let me know how you’ve cum for me .. hehe! There are LOTS of pussy and big booty close ups in this video to give you plenty to jerk it too so CLICK HERE and let’s get off and cum together! HD Video and Mobile compatible!

Showing Off My ASSets

Dawn Marie In Leggings Showing Off Her ASSet

I want your opinion … recently I got these super tight black leggings and hubby thinks I should where them when we go out to the pub or out for the night to see live music.  I’m not sure they are really appropriate for me. I do know men loving seeing women in tight leggings that show off their ASSets but at my age I’m not sure I should do it. What do you think? 

I imagine going to the pub and having the guys “accidentally” rub against my ass as they maneuver through the crowded bar, the thought of that really turns me on. I’ve always had the fantasy of a guy in a bar just taking me to the bathroom, locking the door and bending me over the sink. These pants may be the perfect opportunity for that. I can wear them with with just a thong so you can’t see panty lines and then a guy can quickly pull them down, slide his cock inside me and fuck me hard and fast! Geez I’m getting all wet just thinking about it. How about you? Is that something that makes you hard and want to fuck? CLICK HERE!

P.S. I am shooting all new solo and sex scenes this coming weekend … VBEG! !

10+ Years of BBC!

Dawn Marie Celebrates 10+ Years of BBC!

Hey guys I am posting a special update this week. I have re-mastered one of my most popular Interracial sets. These pictures have not been on my website for many many years. All pictures have been re-mastered in today’s larger sizes plus I am posting ALL 212 pictures from this evening including outtakes.  That is over 100 never before seen photos!

10 years ago was the first time I travelled out of town to do photos with a hot black man! It was really exciting and I was so nervous traveling to San Diego to do this shoot. Back then I had done a couple interracial sets in Phoenix, but I never travelled out of town to meet a man with experience shooting sex scenes. This was one super hot night of fucking for an amateur wife like me! We sucked and fucked for 2 hours and hubby captured it all. Even the HUGE cumshot on my face! 

So CLICK HERE for this huge update of 212 interracial pictures and see me fucked in almost every position and watch as I take his load on my face at the end!

P.S. I am shooting all new solo and sex scenes this coming weekend … VBEG! !

Quick & Dirty Blowjob

Dawn Marie Gives Hubby A Quick & Dirty Blowjob!

There is not much to say about this one guys … but let me fill you in on what happened. I pulled up out in the driveway and could here hubby taking out the trash on the side of the house. So I literally walked around the side handed him my phone and told him to start snapping LOL! So enjoy this CFNM blow job and and watch him cum on my mouth and tits in this down and dirty quickie! CLICK HERE!

Up In The Loft

Dawn Marie A Kept Woman In The Loft

You know I am always working to keep you guys entertained LOL! Even on vacation I have taken a new set of pictures. Took these photos last week in Cobble Square a loft we rented in the Old Town part of Chicago. This place was super cool .. if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw some of the pictures I posted from there.

The thoughts that went through my head taking these pictures. I must imagined being the kept woman on the side for some high power broker. He set me up with my loft in downtown Chicago so we can meet at anytime. He comes over in his business suit and I am all ready for some action. Since he is on his lunch break we don’t have much time so we get down and dirty in a hurry .. hehe! We suck and fuck at furious pace so that he may back to the office but we do savor the moment, and I always make sure he leaves satisfied … CLICK HERE!

Mustache Momma

Dawn Marie Wants a Mustache Ride

I am not sure when this whole mustache craze started, especially with the girls getting on board, but I must say it is damn funny. I have niece that is mustache crazy and always wearing fake mustaches and wearing mustache accessories.  I find it quite funny and it sure is fun to mess around with the mustache stuff. I even have a straw for when I’m out drinking cock tails that makes it look you have a mustache each time you drink LOL!  Perhaps women like them so much because we all really want a mustache ride.  I don’t recall ever having a “mustache ride” … but I can sure imagine what that tickling feeling must feel like. I imagine sitting on man’s face and have his mustache tickle me as he buries his tongue deep in my pussy.  So are you up for the task? Want me to sit on your face and grind my pussy into your mustache? CLICK HERE!

Welcome To Blow Bang Girls

Dawn Marie Has An Announcement

So today I have an announcement and it is something very unique for me.  After 16+ years of only having my website hubby and I have decided to spread our wings a little bit. We are starting a new site called  So why am I announcing that here with this update. It is because we shot this photo set in the space where we will be shooting Blow Bang Girls. These tight ass black pants, sheer top and heels just fit in this space and when we were down setting it up so we decided to shoot these pictures. I know you guy like my curves in these kind of super tight outfits and I am hoping you like this one too. I have to say these pants where really erotic and as I began to think of all the woman that will be sucking so much cock in this space I became extremely turned on. Perhaps I’ll have to even do some kind of blow job video for my own site here … VBEG! So CLICK HERE and help me strip out of these skin tight pants and let’s get down to some sexy fun!

Blue Jean Baby Queen

Dawn Marie In Torn Blue Jeans

There was an old song from the 70’s by David Essex called “Blue Jean Baby Queen” it was all about the sexy girls next door in their blue jeans. It’s so true that there is just something sexy about a woman wearing blue jeans and casual top. In this update I decided to wear my torn blue jeans, a loose top and some platform sandals. It is really funny because the most comments I get from men is when I go out dressed all casual like this. I think it is the woman next door thing, think I’m a little old to be the girl next door but I can certainly be that woman next door that likes to be hit on at the bar. If I go to a casual outside bar dressed like this it never fails some guy will come up and talk to me. It really turns me on and I am always secretly hoping it turns into something fun VBEG!  So CLICK HERE and let me know if a woman in blue jeans is something turns you on!

Pantyhose Fun w/BBC!

Dawn Marie Fucks BBC In Pantyhose
17+ Interracial HD Video!

Recently I had the lucky chance to meet up again with my pantyhose loving friend Jay! For whatever reason he loves moms in pantyhose. Well I was more than happy to give Jay his fantasy again … VBEG! After he arrived at my hotel room we sat around for a few minutes making small talk but it certainly didn’t take long for things to get heated. I led him back to the bedroom and we got busy right away. After making out for just a couple of minutes the sex got fired up and furious in a hurry. I took his big black cock into my mouth and he ripped open my pantyhose so he could eat my pussy. I left my pantyhose on the whole time and fucked his hard black cock through the ripped opening! We fucked in every position you can think of with me finally ended up on top riding his hard cock! It was such a fun night and I cannot wait to do it again! Jay’s cock is just awesome and he’s awesome in bed! We always have so much fun together! So CLICK HERE for the full HD Video and watch me lick up his cum!

Because of You!

Dawn Marie Fingers Her Pussy Because of You! HD Video!

It is because of all of you guys that I do this and that has always been the case since I started way back in the day. It’s because of you guys willing to look at me and enjoy that I get so much enjoyment from you. Yes it is true … you guys make me horny and this is one of those days. I love receiving gifts from my members and today I decided to put on this skimpy little dress and get myself off thinking of you guys looking at me. So let’s have some mutual satisfaction together, after all, that is why you look and why I do what I do. Get your cock out and I’ll expose my pussy and naked body … oh yeah, don’t miss me shaking my big booty in this video! CLICK HERE AND LET’S CUM TOGETHER … FOR REAL!

Have Some Peaches & Cream

Come and Eat My Peach .. hehehe!

I decided to call this update Peaches & Cream because I have this sexy peach nightie on but also because I am not my normal summer tan self. Man I need to get out for some sun … LOL! I am usually much more tan in the summertime, but I really love the way my skin looks in these photos. So peaches and cream it is, after all, I have a nice ripe peach with just the right amount of hair that is waiting for you to eat … VBEG! You know there is nothing I like more than a man just eating my pussy while I lay back and enjoy all the sensation of my pussy getting all tingly and full of wetness.  I think the reason I love receiving and giving oral so much is the “slow build up”.  Oral always takes are little while to build to the climax and that building process is such a turn on! By the time I am ready to come from having my pussy eaten I am usually ready to explode big time! So CLICK HERE if you want to eat me out and make me cum … you know I’m always happy to return the favor.

Anxiously Awaiting

I’m Anxiously Awaiting Black Cock!

If you notice my shit eating grin in this picture set is is because I was anxiously awaiting some hard black cock.  You see … as I was taking pictures in this tight ass dress (thank you John for the dress) I was waiting for Joe to show up to my room. See my previous update with Joe and I going it … VBEG!  I know you may find this amazing but even after all these these years I still get anxious and excited when I’m waiting for guy to show up to make a sex scene. Even at 48 years old I’m like a little girl waiting for her first date. So check out this set of me in the skin tight dress and you’ll see my wet pussy with full swollen lips in the anticipation of what what was going to happen next. WCLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICTURES AND DON’T MISS THE VIDEO I SHOT AFTER THIS SET OF PICTURES!

Long Time Coming

Dawn Marie Sucks & Fucks Big Black Cock! HD Video!

Joe and I had been talking for over 2 years about getting together and after all the flirting and horny conversations it FINALLY happened. And WOW was it ever fun! When you watch this 23+ minute video there is no acting and very little foreplay. We got down to the fun busy of sex in a real hurry and let me just say I enjoyed it immensely. We both had an absolute blast. There is just something super hot about being a woman in your 40’s that can have pure explicit no strings attached sex just for the enjoyment of it all … hehe! I took Joe’s big black cock into my mouth savored his hard shaft and balls licking and sucking all the way up and down. I couldn’t stand it any longer as my pussy was soaking wet. I climbed on top and fucked him, he fucked me missionary style and finally shooting his warm load all over my belly! CLICK HERE FOR THE THIS EXTRA HOT SUPER HD INTERRACIAL VIDEO IT’S OVER 23 MINUTES LONG!

Those Summer Nights!

Oh Those Summer Nights in Kentucky!

It’s summertime and the heat is on in Phoenix for sure! We’ve already had 110+ days! But I think back to the summertime where I grew up in Kentucky and what the girls would wear. Spaghetti strap tops and daisy duke shorts or short denim skirts. When a nice member of mine sent me these beautiful cowboy boots all I could think about was the girls back home in their short denim and boots hitting the bars on Friday and Saturday night. And it wasn’t always a bar sometimes it would be on the lake side and that’s where the fun would really happen. You’d party next to the lake throw back some cold beers or liquor of choice and then couples would start disappearing into the woods hehehehe! We were all young couples back then having sweet innocent sex with our boyfriends in the cover of darkness. Such romantic times from the past. What are your summer memories .. share them with me, I especially want to hear the naughty ones! CLICK HERE AND LET’S RELIVE OUR YOUTH AND HAVE A SUMMER NIGHT RENDEZVOUS!


Foreplay Is What Makes Sex Great!

Recently a nice member sent me this slinky and sexy outfit. I love all the ways it is cut, then it got me thinking …. what would it be like to be in bed with you wearing this. Imagine your hands moving all around my body and going in out of all the openings. Rubbing my covered pussy getting it all wet and making me super horny.  What is it about foreplay? Foreplay is what really makes sex awesome if you ask me. The slow build up of anticipation and the flowing of juices, the hardening of cocks … all that combines for one explosive sexual experience.  One of the things I like best is making out and letting hands roam around the body. I love rubbing a guys cock with my hand and feeling it grow absolutely stiff inside his underwear.  Long before your cock goes into my mouth or pussy I will have it raging hard just by teasing and rubbing you.  How about some dry humping before we start. Would you like me to grind on your cock before we actually get skin to skin? If so CLICK HERE and let’s get down and dirty with some super sexy foreplay!

I Need Some Relief

Stuck In The Hotel & I Need Cock!

I’ve been stuck in this hotel all week long and I was relaxing tonight I was surfing around the Internet looking at a little online porn. Suddenly I became super horny but there is no one close that I know that can come over for a romp in the bed. Perhaps I should check out the online dating adds and see if I can find a guy for some no strings attached fun! I am married woman and I want a hard cock but I do not want a “boyfriend” just some hard cock to come and break up the boredom I’m experiencing. After being out of town for a week the sexual energy in me is about to explode. So get over here and let’s just fuck, there I said it in plain simple words.  CLICK HERE AND COME SATISFY ME!

Masturbation Month

Masturbation Month
BBC Dildo in HD Video & Screen Captures!

 It’s Masturbation Month and I decided to celebrate this year with a BIG BLACK dildo and you won’t believe the high quality of my new video! Hubby purchased a new camera recently and the video this camera shoots is amazing. I’m in this tight orange dress and we can get busy together. I imagine you burying your big cock in my pussy. There is nothing a woman likes more than a huge fat cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy and this update I make that happen. So sit back get your cock out and let’s enjoy May for Masturbation Month together! So sit back get your cock out and let’s enjoy May for Masturbation Month together!  CLICK HERE for the full HD Video and all the screen capture pictures!

Chatting It Up At Happy Hour

My Innocent Happy Hour Turns A Little Naughty!

The other night hubby and I decided to head out to our local water hole for happy hour.  I decided to just put on a pair of jeans, flip flops and my new top I got for Mother’s Day. I just LOVE this orange top. I always like wearing orange and this new top I got for Mother’s Day is just AWESOME!

So hubby and I were sitting at the bar for happy hour on Tuesday and he was talking to the man on his right, so on my left is this guy as I was just looking at my phone. I think he assumed I was by myself because hubby was not talking to me as he was talking football with the guy next to him. Next thing you know this guy is hitting on me and flirting me up LOL! I played along for a few minutes and when he asked me what I do for a living I told him the truth … hehe! I don’t often do that but I just blurted it out and you should of seen his eyes, they became as big as saucers VBEG!  I don’t think he expected this mom sitting next to him in blue jeans and a orange top to say she worked in porn.  All of sudden he became very interested and was asking me all kinds of naughty and investigative questions. I answered them all honestly. I have to say it was one of the funniest happy hour conversations I’ve ever had. After a few drinks I could tell the guy really wanted something to happen, it was not going to happen this night so I just gave him my website business card. We’ll see what happens but I have to say it was a blast and very flattering. If you see me out at happy hour would you strike up a conversation? CLICK HERE!

Squeezed In Rubber

I’m Squeezed In Tight To This Rubber Dress!

Oh my gosh … in all my years on the Internet I have never tried one of these rubber dresses and I must say this dress is pretty fun to wear and sure as heck plants naughty thoughts into your head!  After I squeezed my curves into this tight ass rubber I thought I was going to to bust out of it. But this dress certainly has a way of making everything stay firmly put LOL! I am going to have to wear this dress in a sex scene soon. It is erotic and I can just imagine myself sitting on top of hard cock bouncing up and down wearing this! Maybe that can be you :) I will be doing some sex shoots soon and I may definitely have to break this dress out … VBEG! So CLICK HERE and let me know what you think of burying your cock inside of me while I’m squeezed into my tight rubber dress!

BTW … thanks to the nice person who sent me this. It showed up from my Amazon Wish List but I have no idea who sent it :(

Up Close & Personal

Get Up Close & Personal With Me!

The other night hubby was with his band mates in the garage having practice and I knew we needed to update this weekend. So I tried to do something a little different. I recorded myself. Just listen to the introduction and that says it all … I imagined it was just you and I in the room and that we we got ourselves all worked up. I know I did for sure and I want you to get that cock of yours all hard and think about sliding it between my lips, tits, ass cheeks and then deep into my pussy! We can both cum! VBEG! So CLICK HERE and lets cum together in this 15+ Min HD Video!!