Sex at My House This Weekend!

I’ll Be Having Sex at My House This Weekend!

This weekend our son is going out of town so hubby & I will have the house all alone for a change. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to invite someone over for a little fun … VBEG! I know just what I’m going to wear. It’s this tight pink dress with the slits all over it. I love this dress but honestly as much as I’d like to, there is no way I can wear this out in public. I’d be arrested LOL!

So when the man arrives that I invite over I thought I would just answer the door wearing this little number.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I open the door and he sees I am wearing so little.  I’m horny enough that it won’t take long once he is in the house for him to be squeezing me and letting his hands wander in and out of all the slits in this dress. I just can’t wait until his hand runs down to my slit … hehe! Once his cock is all nice and hard I am just going to let him lay back and watch as I suck it into my mouth and work his cock and balls with my lips and tongue. But I won’t let him cum that way because before he does I want him to bend me over this bench and plunge his cock deep into my pussy. Fuck me like the horny mom next door I am and give me all his cum deep in my pussy. Do you want an invite … CLICK HERE!

p.s. Thanks to my member Al for the Dress :) *hugs&

Pantyhose Masturbation

I Cum In My Pantyhose!

I’ve had requests for more pantyhose pictures and videos so I decided to shoot one today. I was feeling a little extra horny before getting on CAM today so I put on pair of pantyhose and lay back on the sofa just dreaming of you guys watching me. I imagine you running your hands all over my nylon covered legs, ass and pussy! I worked myself into a frenzy and you can even hear my pussy juices flowing as I move my fingers in at out. WOW this 15 mins. of video really turned me on made me orgasm like crazy! I hope your hard, dripping and shooting your cum too! Be sure to tell me about the mess you made … you know I love hearing the details … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB AND LET’S MASTURBATE TOGETHER! FULL 1080P HD AND MOBILE VIDEO!

I’m Tight Again!

Dawn Marie in Tight Blue Fishnet!

Well guys here I am in a tight dress again. Well perhaps this one cannot be classified as a dress since it’s fishnet and completely see through VBEG!  However, lately I have had so many tight dresses sent to me off my wish list and the comments from my followers just don’t stop. Many of you have been telling me you want to see more of these tight dresses and outfits. I’m happy to oblige because I do like wearing them.  I’m not sure what it is about the skin tight outfits that meets your approval so much but I am glad you like them. Perhaps the tight outfits help to accentuate my curves or perhaps because they are revealing but still give you a tease? I think I need to go out some night wearing one of these tight outfits underneath my skirt and top and then reveal it to someone in a hidden spot inside the club. What do you think? Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak off in a club to a bathroom stall or dark secluded hallway to to have quickie? CLICK HERE!

Office Pantyhose Flashback!

Retro Pantyhose In the Office!

Ok guys this is an old picture set taken way back on 26-Jul-2004. However, back then I only posted 20 of the pictures and today I posted all 40 of them and they are all REMASTERED in todays larger resolutions!  I am posting this because I have a member who saw one of these pictures on the web somewhere but had never seen the whole picture set.

The thing I noticed most about these picture is look at the computers LOL! The old beige box and monitors running Windows.  A far cry from the fancy Macs we use today in our home.  But all in all this is a great picture set. As you know I just love wearing pantyhose and this day in the office I just imagined you coming up to me at work flirting and winking at me. I follow your lead and we sneak off to the back storage closet for quickie! You pull my dress up, rubbing your hard cock all over my pantyhose. Next I squat down in front of you with urgency so we don’t get caught and suck your cock until it is hard. I stand up and you spin me around bending me over and pull down the back of my pantyhose just enough to plunge your cock deep in my pussy. We fuck like rabbits right there in the storage closet biting our lips just enough so we don’t get busted. After you cum in my pussy I quickly pull up my pantyhose and we go back to our desks. I sit there doing my working feeling your hot cum inside of me as I work. CLICK HERE if this torrid office quickie is something you’d like to do!

Getting Off Outside

Dawn Marie Naked Outside!

I know for most of you, you think Phoenix is like Spring all winter long! But for us that live here it is finally the time of year that I can get naked outside again … hehehe! I put on this super sexy pink dress that I wore in my last video update and decided to shoot some pictures in the back yard. It always feels so sexy to have the breeze blowing over my naked body! In the backyard underneath my blooming orange tree I strip down and get naked taking off this tight, hole filled dress and I think of a man just taking me outside in the breeze. Believe it or not I’ve only had sexy outside a couple of times in my life and it is always an amazing experience!  So CLICK HERE and let’s get busy in my backyard! I know we both can get off!

Cum In My Holes!

Cum In My Holes I Want It!

I got this dress from a friend and it’s so sexy with all the holes in it. Just putting it on made me horny as hell. All I can think about is you filling my holes. I want your cock to fill me and cum inside of me. Imagine us in bed and me wearing this slinky little number! I’d slowly undress you and get out your nice hard cock. First I’d let you fill my mouth as I suck your cock to a rock hard rod! Then I’ll get on my hands and knees and let you slide that cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me and watch my ass bounce until you cum inside of me! So as I fill my pussy now you stroke your cock and just think of us together! Let’s cum! CLICK HERE!

Got My Heart On!

Heart On – Hard On!

I got my heart on and I want you to get a hard on … VBEG! I am ready to start doing some new sex shoots again and I cannot wait to get some new hard cock inside of me. I am normal housewife most of the time but I just love being a a naughty wife too and I am working on setting up some new sex shoots. There is nothing like having a new cock in my hand, in my mouth and most of all in my pussy! I love getting on top of man and riding his hard cock cowgirl style. Bouncing my butt up and down on his cock is something that really turns me on. So stay tuned because I promise I have some hot new sex shoots coming soon … hehehehe! I just love how this super tight red heart dress makes me feel. I get so horny in this dress and I cannot wait to climb in bed with you and let you pull the stretchy fabric as you get out my tits to suck on or pull up the bottom exposing my pussy! I want you to bend me over and just fuck me like it is the last day on earth. Watch my ass bounce from behind while you slide your cock in out of my pussy. What’s that ….. you want to cum inside of me? Well go right ahead because I love feeling a mans warm cum fill my pussy! So you got your hard on? Then CLICK HERE and let’s put it to good use!

Morning Sun

Come Enjoy The Warm Arizona Winter

I know that most of you around the country have had to endure a brutal winter this year.  So I thought I’d try to bring some sun light into your lives … hehehe! Winter here in Arizona does get a little chilly at times, but nothing like the freezing cold temperatures and snow that most of the USA and Canada has had to endure over this 2014 winter.  I went out one winter morning to shoot these pictures at the South Mountain Park in Phoenix. It was a little chilly but the morning sun sure felt warm on my body. Only wearing pantyhose, boots, and bra under my overcoat I was able to have the warm morning sun to bathe my body. It was so erotic getting naked and naughty out in the cool morning air with the warm sunshine. So are you ready to leave the snow and get naughty with me in the warm morning sun here in Arizona? If so CLICK HERE!

He Deserves a Blowjob!

He Deserves a Blowjob! 10+ Min. HD Video

Funny thing happened yesterday that spurred this totally impromptu update.  Yesterday morning I was getting ready to go on to live cam and hubby saw me getting ready. Suddenly he became very horny and in all fairness I’ve been lacking lately in my wifely duties.  After I saw he was getting a little worked up I invited him in the bedroom. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. He became so hard and aroused by my move that he whipped out is brand new iPhone 5s and recorded this full HD 1080p video. I’m glad he did it because he shot a huge load that hit right in the face and dripped all the way down on to my tits! Having one of these totally impromptu spontaneous encounters turned us both on and I was glad we captured it on video for you. Needless to say by the time I got started with my cam show I was horny as hell! CLICK HERE for this blow job video with BIG CUMSHOT!

Panty Raid

I Want To You To Raid My Panties!

Panty Raid: A panty raid was a 1950s college prank in which large groups of male students attempted to invade the living quarters of female students and steal their panties (undergarments) as the trophies of a successful raid.

Boy or boy if I would have been in a college dormitory in the 1950s the guys would of had a field day with panty drawer … VBEG!  I have more panties than I know what to do with .. hehe! I love a guy getting in panties but not necessarily my panty drawer, you know I keep things in there I don’t want anybody to see so … ssshhh!  However, if you want to get into my panties you know how to get a hold of me, it’s not hard to track me down. There is nothing more erotic than the first time I am with a man and he slides his hand under the waist band of my panties and his hand moves to my pussy. Just thinking about that sensation gets me all wet. So tell me, is that something that turns you on? If so CLICK HERE and get in my panties right now! I am waiting for your warm hand and fingers!

I’m Going To Surprise Him

I’m Waiting In a Naughty Outfit!

Is he ever going to be surprised when he walks up to the front door after work today. I’m here in this tight little revealing dress (btw … Thanks Brent … kisses) and when I see him walk up the walkway I’m going to the door to surprise him. Once inside I am go immediate get him on the couch and start ripping off his clothes so that we can immediately get busy and start having hit passionate sex! The anticipation is killing me as he should have been here by know and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. But I just imagine climbing up in his lap and putting my tits in his face so he can suck them while I ride his hard cock!  Does this sound like the kind of greeting you’d like after arriving home from work? If so … CLICK HERE!

Happy 40th Hustler!

Happy 40th Anniversary Hustler!

It’s hard to believe that Hustler Magazine is 40 years old! When it first came out I was little kid, but I remember all the controversy on the news. I grew up in Northern Kentucky and Larry Flynt is fellow Kentuckian.  But I remember him from the news. Where I grew up was right across the river from Cincinnati, Oh and Cincinnati was the first place in the country that tried to prosecute Larry Flynt for obscenity. It was crazy time and the Cincinnati prosecutor Simon Leis was on the news every night talking about he was going to take Larry Flynt down.

 Well i guess we see who had the last laugh. Simon Leis is long gone and Larry Flynt has built an empire that allows us all to enjoy the beauty of nudity. So in this update I’m wearing my tight white Hustler T-shirt with a mini-skirt and high heels. I imagine that Larry must be proud of the way the Internet has expanded sexuality and allowed so many normal housewife types like to me get online and have some XXX fun while enjoying our little sexual liberation!

So come and get me and strip me out of these pantyhose and let’s create our scene that Larry would be proud of!  CLICK HERE!

Business Girl Slut

Let Me Be Your Business Girl Slut

Well welcome home honey! I wanted to surprise you so I got out one of your business shirts and decided to dress in up in only a bra, fishnet, heels and your shirt. I thought that after a long day of work you could use some R&R when you got home. I’m super horny today and I want to take it out on you? Imagine me climbing on top of you with my fishnet covered pussy and grinding your cock as you unbutton the shirt I’m wearing so that you suck my nipples into your mouth.

 I do appreciate you working so hard to keep me happy & healthy and I want to reward you by being your little business girl slut.  So just sit back close your eyes and let me ride your cock like I’m the sexy young secretary in your office. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy coming home from work? If so CLICK HERE!

Spring Training

Tight Ass Shirt & Jeans for Spring Training!

I know this winter has been particularly tough for all you east of the Mississippi river but believe it or not,  as you are buried under the snow it is time for Cactus League Spring Training again here in Arizona. In just a couple of weeks the baseball games will start kicking up again!

I LOVE going to the Chicago Cubs Spring Training ball games and for this year I bought this tight ass shirt and jeans to wear out to the field. I hope I don’t cause to much of stir or distract the players LOL! I’ll probably have a few grouchy women stare me down but I don’t care it’s all about fun. The Cubs built a brand new facility that opens this year in Mesa and I cannot wait to go over there on warm sunny afternoon in this tight outfit and drink some beer in the stands. The Cubs Spring Training games are always such a party! I think that is why I like them so much!

 So CLICK HERE and join me at the ball park in a couple weeks and we can get our drink on. Then maybe you’ll get these clothes off me … VBEG!

Payback Anal

15+ Min. Anal Video (Mobile Compatible)

DEEP ANAL ACTION! Well now it’s payback time! If you have been following my site for a while you know that I run a football pool every year. Well last year I made a bet with hubby that if he beat me in the football pool I’d give up Anal to him. If I won he had to do the cooking for a month. Well that must of really motivated him because he studied up and beat me in total points at the end of the season. So here we are with the start of football season tomorrow I figured it was time to to pay off the bet. So I let hubby have his anal fun with me yesterday and we captured it all in pictures and video … hehehe! SO CLICK HERE AND WATCH AS HUBBY SLIDES HIS HARD COCK DEEP INTO MY ASS AND THEN PROCEEDS TO UNLOAD ALL OVER MY ASS CHEEKS AND ASS CRACK WITH HIS WARM CUM! I WONDER WHAT THIS YEAR’S BET WILL BE … *smile*!

Barely Covered

This Dress BARELY Covers Me … hehe!

Again I’m thanking Steven for this wonderful naughty outfit! This barely there, tight pull over dress that definitely covers enough to leave something to the imagination, however, it still reveals enough to make it very tantalizing.

I could think of many naughty things to do in this dress … hehe! Perhaps the best idea since it is still winter time is put this on under a top coat and go out partying, then only revealing it to the right man at the right time … VBEG! I can just imagine sitting at bar and some guy asking “why are you still wearing your coat” and then telling him in naughty kind of way that what I have on underneath cannot be revealed in public. That would get his imagination going, don’t ya think?  I love teasing men but I always please them too, I never leave a guy a hanging. So come out and meet me, you never know what I may be hiding underneath my coat! CLICK HERE!

Too Old for Tights?

Am I Too Old to Wear Tights?

I recently had this drunk woman tell me at a country bar “you are too old to be wearing that outfit” and what I had on is what I’m wearing right now; one of my favorite tops, short denim skirt, tights and my new boots.  I think this woman was a little jealous because I was getting quite a few looks from the guys and she was out trolling for men but they kept coming up and talking to me. She was at the table right next to me and I could she was getting frustrated with the attention I as getting. After she confronted me I just told her to mind her own business and I’ll wear whatever I’m comfortable wearing and it is none of her concern. It is always funny how women become the worst critics of themselves. I was just out having a good time laughing and drinking and she was jealous of me getting the attention. I mean come on and get a life. I was just using my womanly persuasive ways, one of my tricks is when I sit on high bar stool I spread my legs just enough for the guys to get an up skirt view … VBEG!  That always turns me on when I catch them looking and then I just wink back at them … hehe!

So what do you think?  Am I too old to dress like this when I go out in public? Would your female friend be jealous of me dressing this way? The way I see it is age is not an issue, but rather it’s your attitude and if you feel sexy flaunt it. Would you hit on me in bar if I was dressed this way? CLICK HERE!

Fun In The Tub!

Fun In The Tub 10+ Min. HD Video

Remember when you were a kid and you would play in the tub for quite a while with all your water toys? Well I have a new water toy and it’s still fun to play in the tub … VBEG! Come with me and join me for a nice bubble bath and not only will we get clean … we’ll get dirty too. I always get off when I know we are going to play together and today my water proof vibrator helps me do it! I get in the tub and I imagine us bathing together and it’s so exciting that I take out my vibrator and fill my pussy imagining the entire time it’s really your hard cock … hehe! So CLICK HERE and let’s bathe together! FULL 1080P HD and MOBILE compatible video in my club!

Easy Access

Tight Green Fishnet Mini-Dress!

A good web friend of mine sent me this tight bright green fishnet mini-dress and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I love it when a guy sends me gifts. I never ask for them nor do I expect them. I’m not one of those women that grovels for free stuff from her fans. So when something surprising shows up in my mail box it really makes me feel extra special. I never understood the women online that grovel for free stuff. The way I see it is that groveling makes a woman look desperate and if a man wants to spend money on you, he’ll do it. You don’t need beg a man to spend money on you.  I believe most men are turned off by web women groveling for free stuff. So thank you Steven for the nice surprise, you really made me feel special and this sexy mini-dress is just totally hot.

I fantasize about  wearing it and having a man take me and take advantage of my submissive nature. The thing that makes these stretchy mini-dresses so hot is that you can just slide them up or down to fully expose your tits, ass or pussy! It allows easy access for sure and there is nothing hotter than man just grabbing me, lifting my dress and giving me his hard cock right in my pussy! I love it when a man takes control and tells me what he wants! Does that sound like fun to you? If so … CLICK HERE!

Pantyhose In The Sun

Take Off My Pantyhose In The Sun!

I know that much of the country is stuck in a bitter cold snap with temperatures below zero degrees so I thought I’d share some of the Arizona sun with you.  One of the fantastic things about Arizona is in the middle of winter it is 70 degrees and sunny outside! I really want to warm you up so I put on my seamless white pantyhose and decided to get naked out in the sun. Thinking of you watching me from the frozen parts of the country as I get naked outside totally turns me on. Imagine me warming you up by wrapping my nylon covered legs around you. Or perhaps I just sit on your face and let you eat my pussy right through the nylon crotch of my pantyhose. I hope that I am able to raise your temperature because you surely raise mine! CLICK HERE and let’s warm up together by having some hot sex with each other!

The 5¢ Blow

How About a 5¢ Blowjob?

What would you say if I was to offer 5¢ blow jobs? Well after finding this tshirt I could not resist … hehe! I love sucking a mans cock and looking up into his eyes as he watches me suck his cock, fondle his balls and making him feel good. There is something so satisfying about working a man’s cock with my hands and mouth until the point that he is ready to explode. Even though it doesn’t make me orgasm it is very arousing and I always get my turn afterwards.  After all, once I make you cum with my mouth and then give you a little recovery time then we can fuck and you’ll last twice as long … VBEG!  So CLICK HERE and give me a nickel to swallow your cock with my warm mouth!

Red Leather Christmas

A Kinky Red Leather & Pantyhose Christmas

This Christmas I was feeling a little kinky … VBEG! So I broke out my red leather skirt, pantyhose and high heels in order to provide all of us with a kinky Christmas. I have been fantasizing what would happen if you came home and found me under your tree in this red leather skirt … the naughty thoughts just streamed into my head and I was getting all wet just thinking of you bending me over in this chair and ripping my pantyhose open. Just take me like the man you are, I am here to be your little submissive elf. Bent me over rip my pantyhose open and bury that hard cock of yours deep in my wet pussy! I am here to service you so that you can service my wet pussy! Now doesn’t that sound like a Christmas gift worth giving?  They say it is better to give than to receive and in his case it is most certainly true! After all we’re both giving aren’t we; I’m giving up my pussy and your giving me your hard cock! So CLICK HERE and let’s trade Christmas presents!

Playful In Pink

Ready To Fuck You In My Pink Lingerie … VBEG!

This sexy pink lingerie always makes me feel like woman on the prowl .. hehe! What I want more than anything right now is if for you to join me in my bed for a night of fun and playful antics. Imagine us in bed together passionately kissing as you fondle my my tits and butt with your hands over top of my lingerie. As we kiss we work ourselves into a sexually charged frenzy and then you pull down my top exposing my tits and hard nipples. You suck on my nipples to make them really pop inside your mouth. I am now massaging your cock as you suck and nibble on my tits.  At this point things start happening fast as our passion grows uncontrollably.    I roll you over on your back taking off your boxers and climb on top cowgirl style, I begin grinding my wet pussy on your hard cock! Finally I raise up and slide your hard cock inside of me bounce up and down on you as you cup my bouncing ass cheeks with your hands.  Where we go form this point is all up to you … I want you to drive me hard … CLICK HERE!

I Kissed Santa (and More!)

Yes I’ve Had Fun with My Secret Santa!

Well I kissed Santa this year but there is a funny twist to this story. I sort of have my own personal Santa who takes care of my gifts and fun sexual activity that nobody knows about. I keep him hidden away from public view and he likes it that way. It’s funny having my little naughty gift giving Santa on the side … hehe! He likes to stay well out of view and that is fine with me because he is my naughty Santa and the gifts he gives along with all the naughty pleasure is something every girl needs. I mean what is better than a naughty Santa friend that takes care of you with no questions asked! Let’s just say it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. I give him what he wants and he gives me what I want … VBEG!  Are you the type of man that likes to play Santa to the girls? Do you provide your girls with fun presents and hard gifts too? If so perhaps I have gift I can give in return … CLICK HERE!

Does Santa Visit Bad Girls Too?

Yes I’ve Been Naughty … But In a Good Way!

You see I have to tell Santa whether I’ve been naughty or nice, so if I have been out being a “bad girl” what is he going to think? I suppose if I’m out being a “bad girl” in a good way then it should be OK for Santa to visit me on Christmas, right? CLICK HERE and let me know if you think being a “bad girl” all year ‘round still qualifies me for a visit from Mr. Claus!