Great weekend

Had a great weekend here in Phx..  We had a friends daughter graduate from HS and they had a party that we went to.  It was super hot, but great to hang out with friends.  We have a really great group of friends and it is always nice to spend time with them..  No bs, no drama, no one needing to be the center of attention.  Look forward to getting together with them soon.

Last night I made an amazing pasta salad, probably the best I have ever made..  I’ll post a pic below, but this was what was in it…  Bowtie pasta, those little tomatoes, fresh parsley, fresh spinach and the tossed with a vinaigrette dressing and then I served it with crumble feta and choice of toasted walnuts or pine nuts.. It was really good.   For the party I made a Caprese pasta salad.. pasta, little tomatoes, basil and those tiny mozzarella pearls they are called and toppped it with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Just believe it is!!!

Pre-party… Yes always the DD.

Love this girl like a sister!

My yummy salad!

Best thing ever..

Is being a Grandma!!  I love my kids, but there is something about grandkids that is just different.  I’m not sure what it is, it may even be seeing your kids with theirs, but it is amazing.  I hope I don’t bore y’all with Grandma talk, but I just can’t help myself.  So I said in a previous post that I was trying to figure things out so that I could make the trip to Chicago in July and I will in fact be doing so.  I will be there for my Birthday, which is just 39 days away in case you live in a cave.  I want to thank Marc and Mtnman for their generosity in sending me Southwest G/c for early bday gifts, y’all ROCK and you make my heart feel good and I am so thankful!!

Thank you Marc for the gift! I can’t wait to use this, it leaves my feet so soft!!! xoxo

If you live in NKY or have driven through it, you know about this.. I’m getting myself one these!

My new color on my fingers and toes!!!

A onesie I got for my Grandson, I told my kids it was his outfit for my Bday. I am always stealing Grandma kisses when I am with him.


Great show to watch..

I am kind of a TV head,  and Rob and I love to find a good show that we can watch an episode here and there and of course I have my weekly regulars..  Right now we are watching a show on Amazon called “The Killing”.  We are near the end of season two and I still am not sure who killed the girl.  Every time I think I have it figured out, BAM, something happens..   (If you would like other shows we have watched, let me know and I’ll give you a few suggestions.  And if you have suggestions for away.   With that said, I do not do aliens or vampires and some sci-fy is hard for me to get into, LOL…

Now my weekly shows that are still on regular tv, some I watch myself and some Rob and I watch together..

I watch all the Chicago shows, Fire, PD, Med and for the time being Justice, not sure if I really like this one or not.

Rob and I watch Modern Family, The Americans

So, yep I’m a tv head…  let me know what you like!!!

More snakes…

Ok, this snake situation is really starting to piss me the hell off!!!  Incase you live in a cave and you don’t know this… I HATE snakes, I mean I really HATE them..  I have never liked them and to me there is no good snakes.  I really do not care if they eat the bugs or whatever.  I don’t care that they are harmless.  I don’t even care if it is a dead snake..  I don’t want any part of any snake.  

In the last twenty-four hours our cat Tucker has brought in two snakes, this makes about 5 or 6 this year!!  This cat is seriously looking for a new home I think, LOL..    If you pray, say a prayer for Tucker, because he is about to become homeless…  

Where did May go??

So where did May go?  It just flew by us… well two weeks of that I was in Chicago with my fam and LOVING every single minute of it.  I’m just going to up it out there and say I have one of the cutest grandsons around, and he is so good and always smiling.. 

I am hoping I can get tickets & airbnb worked out so that I can go again in July.  This trip is one that was unplanned, so was not in my travel budget, LOL.  We will have to see if I can make it happen.  We already have an LA trip planned for the end of July, but that is easy as we will drive…  Fingers crossed we work it out.

I do want to say a couple of thank yous…  And yes, I am updating my wishlist as I have had a couple people ask me about it since my birthday is right around the corner, 48 days to be exact!!!


Thanks for the Amazon Card Marc, you are so thoughtful!!!

Thank you Marc for my new bracelet!! Daisies are my favorite and were my Mom’s favorite too!!! xoxo

Now this is hilarious! Friends found this in an antique shop and though to me and my collection.. It has a snow making machine inside, LOL . (Thanks again)

Eric thanks again for the dress, I love it!!! You are always so sweet!!

One of my new favorite cups & Swedish Fish too from dear friends.








On my soap box!

One of my BIGGEST and I do mean BIGGEST pet peeves is when people do not use manners!!  Sometimes I believe it is just me and I have had this discussion with Rob, I think I expect too much from people sometimes.   But damn it, common curtesy should not be one of those things…   

I try my very best to be a grateful person and I believe I have passed that onto my kids.   If someone does something for you, you should express your gratitude to them.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the work place or in your personal time, manners has no boundaries. 

If you would like someone to do something for you, a PLEASE is always helpful.  Again, it doesn’t mater if it is in the work place or your personal life…no boundaries in good manners.   When you simply ask for something without adding a please or a thank you, it can come across VERY condescending.  And I am going to call you out on that shit..   

Now like I said, I may expect too much, using good manners should never be expected, it should just be how you live your life and you teach your children.

Ok, I’m over my rant for now… but in the next month you know you are going to see some Words Of Wisdoms regarding this, LOL…. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant… 

Cheers, DM 

Some late Thank you mentions!

I am always flattered by peoples generosity when sending me gifts.  There is nothing like getting a little surprise in the mail every once in a while that you were not expecting.  So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, y’all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU!!!  The clothing I will be using in a couple of weeks, Rob and I have a picture day planned at a local hotel!!!


I am always flattered by peoples generosity when sending me gifts.  There is nothing like getting a little surprise in the mail every once in a while that you were not expecting.  So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, y’all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU!!!


Wreath for the Veteran’s

My sister asked me to make a wreath for her for a contest she was in for the Aux of her VFW.   She threw in comments about it being for the Veteran’s and to make our Dad proud, how was I to say no??  So I sent her the wreath about two weeks ago.  She text me today that we were nominated to go to state to be judged, which is in June!!  woohoo!!   So here is our wreath, we had to include Poppies in the wreath.


Just wanted to update you on my cam schedule since there are some changes coming up.  I try to give you as much heads up as possible, because your time is as important as mine and I truly appreciate you!!!  Remember all my shows are on AZ time, so google it if you don’t know.  And all you have to do is follow the VNAlive links in the Members Area of my site.  AND JUST IN CASE you didn’t know.. as a member of my site, you have access to ALL THE SHOWS on the VNA network, you just log in the same way as if you were watching one of mine.  #takeadvantageofthatshit #membersbenefits

April 14 . 5 PM

April 17   4 PM

April 24  5 PM

May 1  5 PM

May 8 & May 15,  No cam, visiting my family

May 22  5 PM

May 26 . 5 PM (make up for one of the weeks I’m on vaca)

May 29  5 PM .  (Memorial Day)

Be sure to put me in your calendar and I hope to see you all in cam!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


My latest DIY project.

I have been wanting to find these old metal chairs for my yard, like chairs I had in my yard growing up.  Well I found two on craigslist and then kept searching for two that I really remembered growing up and I found them.    So, I had four chairs to clean, sand, repair rust marks/holes, sand again, clean and take apart to paint…  I so LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way the turned out..  Below is before and afters of the chairs, also a baker’s rack we have on the porch..

Spring is almost here…

Can you believe Spring is almost here?? I know some of you just got hit this past week with tons of snow and cold weather, we are HOT here..  today I think it was 96 degrees.

We have a busy week ahead of us again… Monday I have my Cam show, Tuesday we are shooting BBG, Wednesday we are shooting for our new sites and I’m meeting someone for drinks and Rob will join after he is done with the shoots.  Thursday we have the Phx Forum and looking forward to some down time on Fri/Sat and then pool day with my g/f.

Are you watching the Madness??  Do you have a Bracket??  Is it busted???  I have one team left in the Championship game… GO KENTUCKY!!  LOL

Hope you all have a fantastic week and if you are free Monday 5 PM AZ time, remember to join me for cam.

Hugs & Kisses, Dawn Marie

Apology to my Members

I want to sincerely apologize to my Members.  I offer my Members a weekly cam how as part of their Membership and this past week I had to cancel.  I had to cancel because of a Dr’s appt.  I know things will come up, just as they do for you, but when I promote cam as part of your membership, you deserve to be updated when it is not going to happen.  

Last week my schedule was all out of wack!!  I cancelled on Monday with notice on twitter as we were going to a Spring Training game.  I rescheduled that cam for Thursday.  On Tuesday I call my Dr’s office to confirm my lab appt on Wednesday and my maintenance treatment the following day.  Some how my Thursday appt got mixed up and they had me for the 16th.  That would not due as it would then throw my May appt off and I am going to Chicago of the 6th.  As you know I go every 8 weeks for maintenance treatment.  The treatment is to slow the growth of any cancer cells I may have.  Anyway my appointment time got pushed back to later in the day and I am literally at the office for like 5 hours and knew it would be rush to get home and get set up, so I rescheduled for later in the month.  I was hoping to get something posted, but I was just not able to and for that I apologize.    

By the way, my lab work all looks great!!  Once I hit the two year point, they will monitor me with labs and scans, woohoo!!  But I am doing GREAT and FEELING great.

Anyway again I apologize, you deserve to get what you pay for and to just cancel last minute or week after week is unacceptable.   Below is my schedule for the rest of March and I hope to see some of you there!!!

Monday  3/13 5 PM (AZ time)

Monday  3/20 5 PM (AZ time)

Monday  3/27 5 PM (AZ time)

Thursday 3/30 4 PM (AZ time)  this is my rescheduled show from the week of 3/5

Remember you have access to ALL the VNAlive shows every single week, not just mine.  All you have to do is log into the Members area of my site and follow the VNAlive links.

Thanks for all your support!!!

XOXO Dawn Marie

Keep your word!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me they are going to do something and then they don’t.  It doesn’t matter if it is friends, family or a business, it jus really irates me.  My Drs office changed boy appt for my treatment this week because of a miscommunication between on of their office people and myself.  The thing is, I was never even told about the new appt, which was changed from the 9th to the 16th.  I can not push my appt out a week as it will through my May treatment off a week and that is when I am suppose to be in Chicago with my grandson.  I went into the office yesterday and did my labs, they were going to call me by their end of day and I heard nothing.  So now I have to be that pain in the ass patient that has to call back in today to find out when my appointment is…  I love my oncology nurses as you know, I bake them cookies every time I go in for treatment, but sometimes things fall through the cracks, I just can’t be one of those things, LOL.

Another thing while I am ranting.. It really bothers me when someone says, “I’m sorry I have just been to busy It takes not even a minute to text and say that and it is much for courtesy than just blowing someone off and tell them that after the fact.

Ok, done ranting for the day..

Dawn Marie

March Madness Anyone?!?!

If you follow me at all, you know I like sports and March Madness is one of them that I like.  I don’t really follow my team, KENTUCKY or any college games until it is time for the tourney and the I am all in!  I have had a March Madness pool for about 15 years and it is open to anyone that wants to play and if you are reading this, that includes you!  

The pool is at and it is College Bracket Challenge it is a public group.  Now the brackets are not set until the 12th, but sign up and I will send an email out to the group when it is time. 

Good Luck!!

Dawn Marie

I’m officially a Grandma!

I officially became a grandmother on January 28th.  Our little Logan was 11 days overdue and came into the world weighing 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 22 inches long.  Mommy, Daddy and baby are great and enjoying time as a family.  I was very fortunate to enjoy the first two weeks with them in Chicago.  I even extended my visit by two days at their request.  Now I may be bias, but my grandson is simply amazing..  So cute with two big dimples like his mommy.  He is a very good baby so far, they are very blessed.  They are discussing a visit in March for Spring Training and I will be back in Chicago in early May to help them with the transition back to work.

This week we have a very busy schedule, I’m doing two Members Cams, shooting pics for my site and then shooting a BBG Tues & Thursday and shooting content tomorrow night for two new sites we are working on.

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, anything fun planned??

What a new year…

Well guys, so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time, shame, shame on me..  I am up all by myself right now and I had to turn the heat on, LOL, it was 67 degrees in here, that is chilly, lol.

So, what has been knew with me??  If you follow me on twitter than you know, if not, I’m going to fill you in on the last week…

Sunday Morning Rob and I made the most difficult decision and we said goodbye to our beloved Leo, I often called him Leo-Kitty.  Leo was our very first can we welcomed into our home and from there we ended up with four.  Leo was a sweet kitty, but became ill the last few years.  He started pulling his hair our in big chunks.  After two visits with two different vets if was determine that Leo had serious gum disease.   Even with surgery that was the upword side of 2K and they were not sure that was even what was causing it we decided to put our 10+ year old cat down..   It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I was there with him until the very end.

Then there was the Cowboys game, ugh!!!  We played a good game, just came up a little short this year.  I am so very proud of my team and I look forward to next year!!!  No I hope Atlanta can win it all!!!

As you know, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly in 2015.  The peace sign has kind of become our symbol for him.  He snuck and got a tatt of a peace sign on his legs and hid it from my parents.   So I had a niece and nephew that got tatts last year and I decided to go out the other day and get mine.  It is a little larger than what I wanted, but I let them talk me into it, LOL.  The color will lighten up a bit as it heals they told me..  But I love it!!

Lastly, yesterday was the official due date of my new grandson.  This is our first and I am so truly excited I can not wait!!  I am headed to Chicago next week to either wait for his arrival or meet him.  And if you join me for my Members Cam, I am cancelling the show on 1/30 and the week after I rescheduled for later in the week..  

Now if you notice I have gone more than a week posting to my blog, please send me an email and give me some shit about it, LOL..  I’ll send you a special pic and then get right on a blog post!!  

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope the recent move from Dreamnet to was difficult for anyone.  Rob and I are now 100% on our own. is going very well and we have two other sites that we are currently building.  So we are very hopefully that 2017 will be a very good one for us..  and good for us is good for you.

Until next time…..


Holidays are here..

Just wanted to share some random pics with you.  I promise you I will try to be better with my post, things have just been super busy.. 

My Sincere Thanks!

I truly want to thank all of you for your generosity, I’m flattered and feel completely blessed to have such special people in my life.  Also, thanks Paul for my throw and Southwest g/c..


Creamy Crock Pot Corn

I tweeted that I was making this dish for Thanksgiving and was asked to share it..  I made it last year and it was yummy!  Enjoy and if you make it, let me know what you think….


2 pkgs frozen corn (12 oz)

8 oz cream cheese

2 TBS Sugar

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp salt


Place corn in crock pot.

Cut butter and cream into cubes and place in crock pot.

Add sugar, salt and pepper.

Still well, cover and cook on low for 4 hours or high for 2.

Stir at least once halfway through.


Day 1 (of 7) of Thankfulness

Since Thanksgiving is just a week away, I thought for the next week I would post something everyday for which I am Thankful.  Where else is there to begin than with all of you?!?!?

I started my site way back in 1998 and NEVER would I have imagined I would still be here today sharing with all of you.  I have said it before, but will say it again… it is because of all of you that I am still online. 

I appreciate your support and your encouragement, not only of my site, by my health and my personal life.  You all have been there through many highs and lows with me and when there were times perhaps you should have run for the bushes, you stayed and supported me.  I only hope I have given back to you what you have given to me.

I have met some amazing people while being online.  Some of them have becoming my very best friends.  Friends not just of mine, but my family.. 

So, thank you so very much to everyone that has interacted with me online or have supported me in anyway what so ever, I am forever grateful!!!


Hey everyone, sorry for my absence..  October went by so quickly, actually this entire year has flown by.

First thing I want to talk about is the Cubs!!  Oh my gosh what a great World Series?!?!  Rob and I watched every Post Season game.. And we were in a bar for game 7 and it was AMAZING!!!  GO CUBS GO!!!  I am so happy for the Cubs Organization and for the city of Chicago.

Now, How ’bout them Cowboys?!?!  OMG I can not believe how well they are doing, but trust me, I know there is still a LOT of football left.  I know how my team loves to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory, lol..  But Dak and Zek are doing great.

This weekend I am headed to Chicago for the Baby Shower for my future Grandson.  To say I am excited about this little boy is a HUGE understatement.   And then for Thanksgiving Angel and her hubby Devil are coming for a week.  We will be having just 7 people for dinner this year, which is nice to have a smaller group.  

I am attaching a few pics from my phone.  

Answer me this..

I have started posted a new question every day to my twitter for anyone to share their answer with me and twitterverse.  I have decided I will also post and share all my answers in this blog post…  So I will add my answer each day here so that you can see them all in one place….  If you have a question you would like to know the answer to, just post it here…

What is your favorite swear word?  Fuck, but I have noticed that when I am drinking I have found out that I like to say “What the fuck ever”

What do you like on your Pizza?  Pepperoni, mushroom, onion and spinach.

Do you have a dream car?  1966 Red Ford Mustang Convertible.

What was the first concert you attended?  Billy Idol

Can you play poker?  No

Do you collect anything?  Yes, snow globes.

Something not right!

A couple of weeks ago I thought I would put a pair of shoes of mine on Craigslist.  I have a pair of Tom’s wedges that Rob gave me and I had only wore them once so I figured, why not someone may want them…  so this is what transpired from my ad!  

So I am thinking this is not right!  There is no woman that is going to talk like this or randomly send some stranger pics.  I even Text Angel and was like, I think I have a guy with a foot fetish texting me about a pair of shoes.  Then I decide, let me search this number.  It was a 973 number which I knew was NJ, but figured they could be here in Az, let’s see… and in the meantime they continue to text! 

Now I’m convinced this is not a woman!!

LMAO!!  Now if this was truly the case, this person was not local as the business has a NJ address and I don’t think if your number is on the website for your business you are not going to let your sister use that phone, lol.  So after that I blocked the number and removed the shoes, I think I’ll keep them LOL.

Need some help!

I am in need of some assistance.  I would LOVE to find this onsie for my future grandson.  On the Peeps website they only have a 24 month size.  I am looking for anything 9 months or smaller and a color for a little boy, so this yellow or navy.  There are three Peeps Store, one in MN, PA and MD if you live near one, you are what I need!!

So, the history of the Peeps and why I want this for my grandson.  My Mom LOVED Peeps, and that really doesn’t seem to convey how much she loved them.  My older son shared that love for them with her and she would mail him Peeps at different holidays when they would have them.  My Mom passed away in Sept 2011 and I would love for my grandson to share in this love.   Plus it would be a reminder of her whenever I see it on him.

So, if you live near one of these stores and could run in and look for me, that would be AWESOME!!!



Hey guys!!  So, what have I been up to lately??  Well I had a girlfriends weekend with Angel a week ago.   She flew into town and we drove up to Flagstaff for the weekend.  We had some great conversation and LOTS of laughs.  Just love her!!!

Rob was given tickets to see Hall & Oates on Wednesday for his Birthday.  Trombone Shorty & Orlean’s Street was amazing!!!  Need to get some of his music as I loved it and he is a cutie too.

And of course, there is my latest video with DFW Knight.  I didn’t realize it had been 10 years since we last shot together.  He is a super nice guy and we had a some great conversation before the video and I told hime we should not wait another 10 years, and he agreed.

Lastly, I have decided to open my SnapChat up to anyone.  I joined the SnapChat community kicking and screaming.  Rob really wanted me to do it and I just didn’t see the benefit.  To me it was really no different than twitter and I was right.  So, with that, I will open it up and I will TRY to post more pics there.  I will interact with you there, but PLEASE don’t just send me dick pics..   My id is dawnmarieaz