Mother’s Day, Keychain and Memories

As you know, my Mom passed away almost 8 years ago and I think about her every single day.  I sent my younger a Mother’s Day Msg on Sunday and told her that Mother’s Day is the hardest day for me, more than Mom’s Bday or even the anniversary date of her death and she agreed.  I think it is because everyone is celebrating their moms and mine is gone.  

I’m sharing two pics with you today.. one is of me, LOL.  I am sharing this pic of me, because it reminds me so much of my mom as I resemble my mom more so than my other two sisters.  I took this pic to send to my grandson as he loves pictures and carries them all around the house.  He found my mini polaroid camera and we took pics with him that he carried all around when he was here, so Rob and I are sending him updated pics.   But something about the pic reminded me so much of my mom.

The second is my keychain.  When I was home in January and we were going through some things of my parents, you may have seen the post about my Dad’s lighter I brought home for my son.   Going through the things I discovered this little gem.  When I was young I was in the Brownies & Girl Scouts, while a brownie we made necklaces for our Mom’s.   So the necklace was a bunch of paper clips that we connected and covered in contact paper, corny I know but as a 6 year old super cool, LOL.  This was in a book of odds and ends and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was and I immediately put it on my keychain when I arrived home.  So every single time I see it, it is another reminder of my wonderful mom.

Lastly I want to thank everyone for the Mother’s Day Wishes that were sent to me, I truly do appreciate them so very much.  Mother’s Day is one of the most important days to me, even more so than my own bday and y’all know how I love my Birthday.

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Catching up!!

I know it has been a minute since I updated you guys on my WW journey. Good news is that I am still on my journey :) . As of Saturday I am 11 weeks into my weight loss journey and I am down 25.6 pounds. I am super excited by the results and I am even more excited for the future.

I’ll try to be more active here with my updates and post in general, I do have some pics to share.

Again as always, thank you for your support and encouragement!!!!

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

Getting Personal (week 7)

Wow, what a slacker I am!!! Here it is almost Saturday and I haven’t posted for last Saturday yet. Well as you know, I had fam visiting last week and they always want to go out to eat, but I was good and made good choices… And I am down another 1.8 pounds for a total of 16.6!!

I have been doing really well with my walking challenge, I’ll attach a pic when I am done if I can remember how, LOL. I have exceeded my goal every day except two..But overall, I’m over it steps. Monday I start incorporating weights, figured I should use the membership I have been paying for the last 5 years, LOL.

Again, you all have been great with your comments and I really appreciate them :)

Until tomorrow when I weigh in again…
Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Getting Personal (week 6)

Hey everyone, so sorry for the delay in posting from my Saturday weigh in, but I have family visiting.

I had another successful week, down 2.8 for a total of 15 pounds in 6 weeks. I started a walking challenge last week, the steps differ everyday and I have been crushing it every single day and reaching my goals.

My family has been very supportive of my journey and all of them willing to go on walks with me so I can get my steps and just overall in my corner!!!

So, thanks again for all your encouragement, y’all mean the world to me!!!

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

Getting Personal (week 5)

Today I was a bit nervous about my weigh in. We have the Phoenix Forum this weekend and I had a few drinks and had food at the Forum, but I tried to track as best as I could and we had pizza last night. I did go with a thin and crispy crust. With all of that I was still down for the week. I am down an additional 3.2 for a grand total of 12.8 pounds in 5 weeks. #superexcitedthisweek

Oh I got another charm for my key chain for losing 10 pounds, the next one is at 25 pounds.

I did walk more this week, just not where I want it at yet. But baby steps is my motto, LOL.

Again, thanks for all your support!!!


Getting Personal (week 4)

Another week past and I was 2.8 pounds for a total of 9.6 pounds. And no, I did not get my steps in yet. I did do more walking this week, just not what I had planned. So instead of trying to get them every day, I’m going to aim for three times a week.

Hugs & Kisses ~ DM

Getting Personal (week 3)

Well I had my weigh in today and I was up .2 pound. Not bad and honestly I thought it would be more than what it was. I have been very stressed this week and probably not tracking as well as I should have and I DID NOT start my walking.

This week I WILL get my walking in for sure!!!

I’m not bummed by the slight gain, I know it will be up and down at times. My son told me today that he was proud of me and to remember it is a process and that is how I am looking at it. My thoughts are if it is a little harder to get it off, then perhaps I will appreciate it more, LOL.

I’m going to start using the hashtag #gettingpersonalDawnMarie and then anyone wanting to see my journey will be able to with the hashtag.

Again I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement. The comment mean the world to me and in a way is a bit of accountability for me.. Thanks!!
Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

Getting Personal (week 2)

Original post for Getting Personal:

Getting Personal

Well it is Saturday and that is my weigh in day and did I mention it is at 8 a.m.? UGH .

So there were really no changes in what I did this week, just eating better and staying on plan. Even when Rob wanted to grab fast food, I looked on the app and looked up what I could eat given my points and I made it work.

I have been drinking LOTS of water, good thing I like water. Also, that means I have had NO coke!! And I LOVE coke and before you say it, no I can’t do diet.

This week I have set a goal and that is to get my 10,000 steps in every single day, not matter what is going on. I’ll keep you posted.

As of my weigh in today I am down 7 pounds!!! Woohoo.. :)

Oh and I got a little key chain with a charm for my first 5 pounds.

And I want to thank those that replied to my blog and those that emailed me, I truly appreciate your support and for being on my team.

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

Getting Personal

Ok, this is something I struggled a bit with sharing, but then I decided it was the right thing to do. I was thinking, I have shared everything else with you guys, my regular life, my Lymphoma diagnosis and such and why not share this with y’all.

As we all know and can see, I have put on weight over the last year and a half and finally I decided to do something about it. I had done Weight Watchers like 10 years ago and it was successful for me, so I decided to sign up again. So on Saturday April 23 I signed up and went to my first meeting. Now I’m not comfortable enough telling you what I weigh, LOL, I have decided to share my journey with you, all of you that read my blog. With saying that, I would like to keep any weight discussion to my blog or email me I DO NOT want to discuss this on my Twitter, so please refrain from asking about it on twitter. Sometimes I think some people share too much of their every day daily life and I myself become bored with those peoples timelines and I don’t want to constantly be talking about it on twitter and boring everyone else with it.

So, I go to my Weight Watchers meeting every Saturday morning where I weigh in and we discuss different topics. At this point, I have only adjusted my eating habits and have not introduced exercise into my routine. I will be doing that as I know I need to get up and get my blood flowing and working out my body.

At the first meeting I signed up and they show me how the program works now as things have changed since the time I did it before and they weighed me and gave me my start weigh (remember that is a secret, LOL). This past Saturday was my first “official” weigh in and I’m down 2.2 pounds. I am happy with this, I appreciate every single ounces and pound as they come and I’m perfectly happy with taking baby steps.

So I will post here, good or bad the results of my weigh ins and I know, like always I can count on your support and encouragement.

Oh, one last thing.. don’t go think I’m going to get skinny and lose all my curves, that will never happen, hehe.. Just need to get healthy!!

Much Love ~ Dawn Marie


Time to catch up.

I think, with Rob’s help I have figured out the blog again, LOL.

It has been a bit since I posted and things are going well. Rob and I spent two days this weekend painting the back room at the studio again and it looks great!!!

We have a busy first of March, it always feels like the first quarter of the year is so busy for us. We have a couple basketball games, maybe a spring training game and I’m shooting a video or two with an old friend.

What have you been up too?? I promise now that I know how to post pics again to the blog I will do better, LOL.

Until then, Dawn Marie


Got the phone call from my dr office and my CT Scan came back great!! There are no signs of an issues going on, woohoo.. Almost 4 years to the date I was officially diagnosed.

I did go back to my GP for the cough, I just can’t seem to get rid of it. She gave me a breathing treatment yesterday and gave me an inhaler to use for the next 10 days. Fingers crossed that this clears it up, thankfully I do not feel bad, just an annoying cough.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Catching up!

Been a minute since I updated y’all and what is going on with me, so here it is. Not a lot is new, I had a great visit with my family and Ky and Chicago. I have NOT been in cold weather like the Chicago weather in a very long time. I did get home the night before the big freeze, lol. I also go to meet my little nephew in Ky, it was so bitter sweet.

We watched the Super Bowl with our friends, a low key day and a boring ass game, LOL.

Thinking about doing a contest for Valentine’s Day, who will be my special Valentine??

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Things are going great!

Just wanted to update you all on my recent check-up with my oncologist. All my blood work looks great. My Vit D is GREAT, so that is a little different. When my current script for Vit D is out I will go to Over the counter. My iGg levels are still low, which is expected and they are going to try to get a treatment authorized by ins, especially since I got sick last month. Lastly, they are going to see if insurance with authorize a CT Scan as the last one I had was March last year, just to make sure there is nothing going on that doesn’t show in the blood work.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, y’all mean the world to me!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


Happy Holidays!! The holidays, especially Christmas are always so special to me as that is how I was raised. My Mom LOVED Christmas and she passed that on to her kids and grandkids. And it is not about the presents, more about Family, the decorations and sounds. Many years ago my Mom sent me a book of photos of me sitting on Santa’s lap as a child and some with some of my other siblings. So, I LOVE Christmas.

I want to thank everyone that thought of me and sent me something during the holidays. You all know how to make a girl feel special. I did have someone tell me my list needs a little updating, so I’ll do that soon.

Hope you all had a splendid holiday!!!

Winter Cold!!

As you may know we recently went to Chicago to have Christmas with some of our family that lives there.  We arrived on a Wednesday evening and came home Tuesday morning.  Thursday we went to ZooBrew which is like our Zoo Lights, except your ticket include beer samplings.  Oh and did I mention it was in the low 20’s and I have Arizona blood?

Friday morning I woke up sounding like I gargled with sand and like I was trying to cough up my lung.  I was sick the entire rest of our trip.  I was in my dr within two hours of arriving home.  She game me scripts and said if I didn’t feel better within four days, give her a call back.  So yesterday I called back and now I’m on my second antibiotic and cough suppressant.  And Rob started getting sick on Tuesday.

We had our Annual Ugly Sweater Party scheduled for tonight and we had to postpone it.   Kind of hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you are not feeling well.

Well what do you know, it is December!!

I can not believe how quickly this year has gone by and now we are in the midst of all the holidays!!  I am just not ready for Christmas this year at all.  I’m not sure what it is, but I just feel like the older I get, the more I am not ready for it, LOL.

We have had some busy weekends recently and more coming up.  We had a 50th Bday party at our house for our friend Robert.   We have been to a few basketball games.. oh and there was Thanksgiving for 7 at my house and I did all the cooking.  This weekend was no exception, we went to a Sun’s game on Friday, yesterday we went to a Balloon Festival with friends and today we went hiking with some of our other friends.  And I’m not going to lie, the hike kicked by butt a little bit, lol.  But it was so nice to get up and get moving so early.

We are doing an early Christmas celebrating with some family and then next weekend we have our Annual Ugly Sweater Party.  So yes, busy, busy busy..  

What do you have going on over the holidays??

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Need some input!

We are invited to a 50th Birthday Party this weekend for a friend.  It is a Redneck Theme party and we are asked to dress up.  Well I HATE dressing up in costume, even for Halloween.  I will not be dressing up, but I am taking a “Redneck” gift basket and this is where I need your input..  NOW if I am offending anyone, I’m sorry..

This is what I have for the basket so far…

Pork Rinds

Slim Jims

RC Cola


Vienna Wieners


Redneck Payday (candy corn & peanuts mixed)

Redneck Margarita (Mt Dew & Tequila)

Redneck Back scratcher (Paint stick with soda lids glued on it)

Redneck Tattoo Kit (package of markers)

If you have any ideas to add, please do so.. Remember to keep it to something I can pick up at the grocery store or Angel’s favorite store Wal-mart…

Thanks a bunch…


This is the Redneck Goodies we gave our friend.

Good Evening.

I’m sitting here watching the Cowboys/Giants Game as I type this and fingers crossed my boys can get the win.

Most of you are heading into fall and we are still in the midst of summer and will be until at least mid October, we are still over 100 in temps.  I sure miss fall and the cooler weather with changes of color.  Football doesn’t even feel right in these temps.

Friday night we had a couple of friends over for dinner.  Lee who is one of our BBG guys that have become a very good friend of ours brought over and cooked marinated steaks on the grill.  Our friend Robert joined us too..  Such a fun evening with great friends.

Saturday was a chill day and we watched F1 Qualifying and a couple of movies.  Today, Sunday we watched F1 race and my guy won!!!  Woohoo #TeamLH and I went and got a pedi and now we are watching the game.

I started a new book that my friend Wendy gave me and so far it is a good book.

Friday I also went for my labs, I have my dr appt tomorrow and we shall see how they are then.  Good news is that they were able to get me with one stick!!

Rob’s wish has come true after 33 years!

I’m sure that you are thinking it is something sexual, LOL, but it is not.  Rob has always had a complaint about the mess I make of our bathroom sink.  He has tried to get me to get a vanity for as long as I can remember.  Well I started looking around for one that I could do and make a project of and last week I found one.  It was in pretty good shape and painted a dark grey and missing two drawers and it cost me a whopping $15 so how could I not get it.  

So below are the before and after pics and now Rob has no mess all over the counter..

Catching up.

Summer is nearly over, can you believe it?  I am so ready for cooler weather I can not wait.  I’m ready to get out of the heat, I told Rob I would deal with real winter weather to just get out of this heat.  

We were recently in Chicago and we had amazing weather.  Great time spent visiting with the fam and saw the FOO FIGHTERS at Wrigley, which was amazing!!!  Although when I came home I had a head cold :(  I’m about 90% over it, or I think I am.  We have no other travel plans and I’m looking forward to getting some things done around here.

What have you done this summer??

My Favorite Toy, besides my fingers, LOL

I had added this Shibari toy to my wishlist after coming across it last year.  I LOVE this toy, it gets me where I am going and it typically is not very loud.  I recommend that if you have a special lady in your life that you get them this toy.    I actually added another one to my wishlist as I broke the one I have :( 

You can check it out on Amazon.


What is up with this fucking weather?  It is so hot, it is miserable outside!!  I went to my g/f’s today and was going to lounge in the pool a bit.  I got all set up, lotion on, raft in the pool, grabbed my book and got on the float.  I think I was there maybe 15 minutes and then was like I’m out, this is too damn hot!!

CHANGE on Comments on Site & Blog.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding comments on my site.  We are no longer using Disquis (not sure of the spelling) for comments.  I will have to approve everyones FIRST comment and then after that, you can post freely without awaiting approval.  

Why are we doing this??  Some comments were not be posted and such.  This way we believe if you have something to say, you can post away.

Thanks so much for your interaction y’all!!!


What do you do to relax?

What do you do to relax or in your downtime?  Rob and I watch a bit of tv in the evenings together.  I love reading, I just need to make it more of a priority.  Thinking I need to set a time in the evening and just read for like an hour :)

Do you listen to music?  If you have spotify, do you have playlist that you like?  I have a few I love.

Share what you do.. besides checking out my site, LOL


I’m back…

From a wonderful trip of 10 Days in Chicago with my family.  I am so blessed to have such a happy, healthy and loving family.   My DIL told me when I was there that she sometimes feels bad because people are always talking about what horrible MIL’s they have and she has such a wonderful one.  I had a good teacher, mine is the best!

We went to see Desus and Mero while I was there, they are so funny.  If you get the chance look them up on Youtube or on the Vice Channel.

I can’t believe this is June already and all next week we are “suppose” to have temps in the 90’s, we shall see.  I am soooo over the summers in AZ.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far…  

XOXO ~ Dawn Marie