Who knew?

How is it I have went my entire life not know this fact?  Did you know that on 2% of the population worldwide have green eyes??  Most my siblings have blue eyes and I kind of always wanted them too, until now, LOL.  I never knew I was so unique..   My grandson was born with blue eyes and they have started to change color.  My DIL said she would love if they were green like mine…  I don’t think they will be, but very sweet of her to say…   So here is to the rest of the 2% of green eyed people out there!!!!

Ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!

WOW I just checked the pool and this is my 15th year of having a pool, woohoo!!!  If you do not or have not participated, it is easy and open to everyone!!  All you have to do is pick the winning team of each game every week AND be sure to include your tie breaking points.  Now I don’t do pre-season but it is there and will zero out pool points when the regular season begins the second weekend of September.

Go sign up, www.poolhost.com  The group is Dawn Marie’s Pool 

I will have to think of something special for the winner this year since it is our 15th Year!!!

Good Luck!!

Go Cowboys!!

Had to share.

On our recent trip to San Diego, I chose to ride in the back seat because I wanted to take some selfies for my Saturday Selfie Updates.    While sitting in the back seat I noticed a very special view and decided to take a picture of it.  In a post in July I shared with you the special meaning of the Peace sign and my little brother Nic.  I also shared a sticker I have on my car, a little reminder of him and I snapped this pic from inside the car.  I had Rob flip the pic for me and I wanted to share that with you.   Sunday 8/13 will be the two year anniversary of Nic’s passing and I figured this one as good of time as any to share with you!!  Thank you all for your continued support, y’all mean so very much to me!!  XOXO

Friends Trip

As you know, I recently took a little trip to San Diego and I didn’t go alone, LOL..  Rob and Angel went with me and we had such a great time.   One of Angel’s friends suggested we go see the Seals and Sea Lions in La Jolla.  (Thank you Windsor, it was amazing)  We checked into our hotel and then headed over to the beach.  It was amazing seeing all of the seals and sea lions and them moving about the beach and making noises..  I am so glad we went.

Day two we had drinks with a friend of ours and then headed off to Cardiff Beach for a bit before heading back to our hotel to get ready for the concert.   The concert was so much fun, but I have NEVER been around so much second hand pot smoke!!   After the show we hung out with our friends at the bar of their hotel for a bit before heading back to our hotel.  

It was a short trip, but so much fun with great friends!!

Changes on my site (AND a special)

I thought it was time to make some changes to my site and I am hopeful that you will enjoy this news.  As you may or may not know, I have had my site for 19 years and I have met some truly amazing people through my site.  People that I know will be with me long after I am no longer on the web… Now don’t get nervous, I am not going anywhere, LOL..    I just thought it was time that I give back to my members, for those that have supported me over the years and even those that might have just found me.  So what are the changes I am talking about???  MORE updates….

Starting in August, I will now be updating my site THREE times a week, yep you read that correctly…  Let me tell you what my plans are for us..  Starting with my update that will go up later this week, my regular update will be on Thursday.  So every Thursday I will have a new set of pics or video for your enjoyment.   

In addition to my Thursday updates, I am going to be doing Selfie Saturday!  Every Saturday I will post a set of selfies, it might be a series of pics that I took or a compilation of pics I have taken.  Now the selfie sets, could be 40 pics or it could be 15…  It will vary, but will be something new EVERY Saturday..

Lastly, another addition… Member Monday!  Member Monday will kind of be like what we use to do as a Picture of the Week.  This might be a free pic with like 10-15 more on the club side or it my be a short video.  Not a full video like my regular updates, but like a 3 – 4 minute thing.  I don’t think it is fair to you as a paying member of my site to get a four minute or less video for a regular update, you deserve more than that, at least I think so..

REMEMBER… I do an hour cam every Monday for my members and as a member of my site, you get access to ALL the cam shows on the VNA site.

I started an OnlyFans page recently.  Here I will be posting outtakes from old sets that were never posted as well as recent out takes and selfies that I do not include in Selfie Saturday.  

As always, you can reach me via email or twitter (I have closed my SnapChat)… so please, don’t be a stranger, I am here for you, hehe.

Now that is a LOT of Dawn Marie to take in during one week, LOL, hope y’all can handle it, hehe.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement, without you there would be no site!!!

Oh, if you are not a member of my site and have been on the fence.. I have a special for a couple of days… SIGN UP TODAY  for just $12.95 and then just $15.95 monthly afterwards..

I don’t get it..

Now this is just my own opinion, but I do not get how some people post things I find to be degrading and demeaning.  I get it, some people are submissive sexually, hell I am, LOL.  But I would NEVER be treated like a piece of meat or allow someone to “use” me or my body.  Fuck that shit!!    Now I am not just talking about men that post things to women, but women that post things about themselves and their relationships.    I would love to ask them, if you had or have a daughter, would you want her to be in that type of relationship or with that type of partner??  I would bet their answer would be no…  I get there is different strokes for different strokes but come on, women should NEVER be treated like this, EVER!!  

Now if you are someone that is into this and I have offended you, then I am sorry, but like I said this is my opinion and I am entitled to that and it is my blog, LOL…  If you are into this and don’t mind explaining, feel free…  

Many thanks!!!

As my Birthday Month is coming to an end I wanted to thank so very special people for making me and my day so very special!!!

I want to thank everyone for the special birthday wishes!!  Thanks to hm for the amazon gift card, I bought a new book.  dmm for the egg I used in my last update/video and the Cowboys gear..  Eric for the bra, a video will be posted next month :) (and thank you for being so very generous to me).

Monsoon Season!

The weather in AZ is unlike anywhere else I have ever lived.  The summers are brutal, like most peoples winters I say, but it actually last longer.  We typically have HOT temps in mid March and that can last well into October.  But the Monsoon Season is something completely different.  We get thunder & lightening storms, typically with very little rain.  But when the rain hits it HITS.. it falls fast and hard!  And then there are the dust storms which to me is the scary shit, a wall of dust headed for you….  Haven’t scene any of those as of yet…. 

The other night a storm was brewing and I tried to take some pics for you, sorry I couldn’t get any really good ones.  We had a tiny bit of rain, nothing measurable I don’t believe…   Also, if you are interested, here is an article that tells about the season… Monsoon Season

Conversations with Siri today.

Me: Siri get me the number for Santan Chevy in Gilbert

Siri: I have San Tan Chevy on Gilbert Road, is that the one you want?

Me: Yes

Siri: Is that the one you want?

Me: Yes

Siri:  Is that the one you want?

Me:  You are a cunt!

Siri:  Hey now..

…..different convo…..

Me:  Set an appt in my calendar for July 26 for 7 am for an oil change

Siri:  Setting up appt for tomorrow 7 a.m. for oil change

Me:  cancel appt

Me:  Set appt in my calendar for July 26 at 7 am for an oil change

Siri:  I can not set up an appt for a time in the past..


Me:  Set up appt for JULY 2-6 at 7 AM for oil change…

She finally got it and I’m fucking done with her for the day!!!

In the words of my dear friend Angel when talking about Siri…  A cunt is a cunt is a cunt and Siri is a cunt.


Peace sign…

Ok, if anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea for me, this would be one that is not on my wishlist.. 


Let me give you some backstory on the Peace sign and the meaning behind it for me.  I am one of 11 children, yes you read that correctly.  My youngest brother and baby of our family Nic was 13 years younger than me and we were super close growing up and drifted a part a bit when I moved away, but always had a connections.  When Nic was 21 he was in a serious car crash.  With his injuries and everything he was dealing with, he most more frightened about my mom finding out he had a tattoo on the top of his thigh.  Nic had gotten this tattoo years before, but was always able to keep it hidden because of shorts.  Now he lays in his hospital bed with a broken back and afraid of what my mom was going to have to say about his Peace Sign tattoo…  So, when Nic passed away unexpectedly almost 2 years ago now at the young age of 36, the Peace Sign kind of become our symbol for him…    This is why I got the Peace sign tattoo on the wrist earlier this year, just reminds me of him…  Oh and the blue is because Nic was a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat fan.


Job well done!!!

Most of you that know me, know of the issues I have dealt with regarding my health the little over two years now.  I have been poked so many times, nearly every month if you think of the multiply times in a month I am poked.

Today I went for labs for my yearly physical and the nurse looked at my arms and said you have no veins.  I said I guess that is what the past two years has done to me.  She ask to see my hands and I showed her, dreading that she might want to drawl from the top of my hand.  She patted my hand, and decided that is where she was going…  bam!!  one tiny little prick and she was taking my blood.  Now I have had iv’s and such in my hands and they hurt like a motherfucker, but this girl got me with no problem!!!  Now I love my nurses at my drs office, but this girl was a rock star!!!

Hats off to those that choose to take care of others as their occupation, I for one appreciate you!!!


New Summer Salad Recipe

I made this and loved it!!!

Summer Corn Salad

3 TBS Olive Oil (divided)

1 TBS lime juice

1/4 tsp salt

1 1/2 C fresh or frozen corn, thawed

1 1/2 C cherry tomatoes, halved

1/2 C finely chopped cucumber

2 TBS minced fresh basil

1/3 c crumbled feta cheese

2 TBS Italian Dressing (optional, I used it)

Whisk together 2 TBS of oil with lime juice and salt in a small bowl and set aside.

Cook corn in remaining oil until tender.

Pour corn into a large bowl, cool slightly and then add tomatoes, cucumber and basil.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Right before serving, drizzle with dressing, feta and Italian dressing (if desired) .


The heat is on..

OMG our weather last week was crazy!!  I mean come on, 120 degrees is insane and it is bad when you look at the forecast and you are looking forward to a day at 104 degrees, LOL.  But I don’t live in AZ for the summer, so I will be miserable for a few months and then LOVE our weather, LOL.

So, what is going on???  We are super busy with our sites and expanding them, if you haven’t checked them out, please do so as I’m sure you will find something or someone you like.  Dawn Marie, Our Naked Secrets, Blow Bang Girls and Bathroom Creepers and another site coming very soon…

Something new I have been doing is OnlyFans it is a membership based site that I share some everyday life pics that I will not share anywhere else and also outtakes from Photo shoots that were never posted on the web before..  So this is exclusive content for OnlyFans.

I’m going to Chicago in a couple weeks, I’ll be there for my birthday.  Can’t wait to see my family and my grandson, he is getting so big.  The end of July we are going to San Diego to see the Violent Femmes, super excited about this show as it is always a great show.   We have a trip in early Sept to LA for a graduation and other than that, no other summer plans that I am aware of at this moment, but that is always subject to change, lol

We had a break from the snakes in the house for about two weeks.  Tucker somehow ripped one of his claws off and that kept him laying around the house.  That ended yesterday when I looked outback and there he is with a snake…  UGH!!!!

If you are reading this, please take a moment and answer my new poll question to the right, LOL..

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer, stay cool and hydrated!!!

Great weekend

Had a great weekend here in Phx..  We had a friends daughter graduate from HS and they had a party that we went to.  It was super hot, but great to hang out with friends.  We have a really great group of friends and it is always nice to spend time with them..  No bs, no drama, no one needing to be the center of attention.  Look forward to getting together with them soon.

Last night I made an amazing pasta salad, probably the best I have ever made..  I’ll post a pic below, but this was what was in it…  Bowtie pasta, those little tomatoes, fresh parsley, fresh spinach and the tossed with a vinaigrette dressing and then I served it with crumble feta and choice of toasted walnuts or pine nuts.. It was really good.   For the party I made a Caprese pasta salad.. pasta, little tomatoes, basil and those tiny mozzarella pearls they are called and toppped it with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Just believe it is!!!

Pre-party… Yes always the DD.

Love this girl like a sister!

My yummy salad!

Best thing ever..

Is being a Grandma!!  I love my kids, but there is something about grandkids that is just different.  I’m not sure what it is, it may even be seeing your kids with theirs, but it is amazing.  I hope I don’t bore y’all with Grandma talk, but I just can’t help myself.  So I said in a previous post that I was trying to figure things out so that I could make the trip to Chicago in July and I will in fact be doing so.  I will be there for my Birthday, which is just 39 days away in case you live in a cave.  I want to thank Marc and Mtnman for their generosity in sending me Southwest G/c for early bday gifts, y’all ROCK and you make my heart feel good and I am so thankful!!

Thank you Marc for the gift! I can’t wait to use this, it leaves my feet so soft!!! xoxo

If you live in NKY or have driven through it, you know about this.. I’m getting myself one these!

My new color on my fingers and toes!!!

A onesie I got for my Grandson, I told my kids it was his outfit for my Bday. I am always stealing Grandma kisses when I am with him.


Great show to watch..

I am kind of a TV head,  and Rob and I love to find a good show that we can watch an episode here and there and of course I have my weekly regulars..  Right now we are watching a show on Amazon called “The Killing”.  We are near the end of season two and I still am not sure who killed the girl.  Every time I think I have it figured out, BAM, something happens..   (If you would like other shows we have watched, let me know and I’ll give you a few suggestions.  And if you have suggestions for me..fire away.   With that said, I do not do aliens or vampires and some sci-fy is hard for me to get into, LOL…

Now my weekly shows that are still on regular tv, some I watch myself and some Rob and I watch together..

I watch all the Chicago shows, Fire, PD, Med and for the time being Justice, not sure if I really like this one or not.

Rob and I watch Modern Family, The Americans

So, yep I’m a tv head…  let me know what you like!!!

More snakes…

Ok, this snake situation is really starting to piss me the hell off!!!  Incase you live in a cave and you don’t know this… I HATE snakes, I mean I really HATE them..  I have never liked them and to me there is no good snakes.  I really do not care if they eat the bugs or whatever.  I don’t care that they are harmless.  I don’t even care if it is a dead snake..  I don’t want any part of any snake.  

In the last twenty-four hours our cat Tucker has brought in two snakes, this makes about 5 or 6 this year!!  This cat is seriously looking for a new home I think, LOL..    If you pray, say a prayer for Tucker, because he is about to become homeless…  

Where did May go??

So where did May go?  It just flew by us… well two weeks of that I was in Chicago with my fam and LOVING every single minute of it.  I’m just going to up it out there and say I have one of the cutest grandsons around, and he is so good and always smiling.. 

I am hoping I can get tickets & airbnb worked out so that I can go again in July.  This trip is one that was unplanned, so was not in my travel budget, LOL.  We will have to see if I can make it happen.  We already have an LA trip planned for the end of July, but that is easy as we will drive…  Fingers crossed we work it out.

I do want to say a couple of thank yous…  And yes, I am updating my wishlist as I have had a couple people ask me about it since my birthday is right around the corner, 48 days to be exact!!!


Thanks for the Amazon Card Marc, you are so thoughtful!!!

Thank you Marc for my new bracelet!! Daisies are my favorite and were my Mom’s favorite too!!! xoxo

Now this is hilarious! Friends found this in an antique shop and though to me and my collection.. It has a snow making machine inside, LOL . (Thanks again)

Eric thanks again for the dress, I love it!!! You are always so sweet!!

One of my new favorite cups & Swedish Fish too from dear friends.








On my soap box!

One of my BIGGEST and I do mean BIGGEST pet peeves is when people do not use manners!!  Sometimes I believe it is just me and I have had this discussion with Rob, I think I expect too much from people sometimes.   But damn it, common curtesy should not be one of those things…   

I try my very best to be a grateful person and I believe I have passed that onto my kids.   If someone does something for you, you should express your gratitude to them.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the work place or in your personal time, manners has no boundaries. 

If you would like someone to do something for you, a PLEASE is always helpful.  Again, it doesn’t mater if it is in the work place or your personal life…no boundaries in good manners.   When you simply ask for something without adding a please or a thank you, it can come across VERY condescending.  And I am going to call you out on that shit..   

Now like I said, I may expect too much, using good manners should never be expected, it should just be how you live your life and you teach your children.

Ok, I’m over my rant for now… but in the next month you know you are going to see some Words Of Wisdoms regarding this, LOL…. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant… 

Cheers, DM 

Some late Thank you mentions!

I am always flattered by peoples generosity when sending me gifts.  There is nothing like getting a little surprise in the mail every once in a while that you were not expecting.  So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, y’all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU!!!  The clothing I will be using in a couple of weeks, Rob and I have a picture day planned at a local hotel!!!


I am always flattered by peoples generosity when sending me gifts.  There is nothing like getting a little surprise in the mail every once in a while that you were not expecting.  So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, y’all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU!!!


Wreath for the Veteran’s

My sister asked me to make a wreath for her for a contest she was in for the Aux of her VFW.   She threw in comments about it being for the Veteran’s and to make our Dad proud, how was I to say no??  So I sent her the wreath about two weeks ago.  She text me today that we were nominated to go to state to be judged, which is in June!!  woohoo!!   So here is our wreath, we had to include Poppies in the wreath.


Just wanted to update you on my cam schedule since there are some changes coming up.  I try to give you as much heads up as possible, because your time is as important as mine and I truly appreciate you!!!  Remember all my shows are on AZ time, so google it if you don’t know.  And all you have to do is follow the VNAlive links in the Members Area of my site.  AND JUST IN CASE you didn’t know.. as a member of my site, you have access to ALL THE SHOWS on the VNA network, you just log in the same way as if you were watching one of mine.  #takeadvantageofthatshit #membersbenefits

April 14 . 5 PM

April 17   4 PM

April 24  5 PM

May 1  5 PM

May 8 & May 15,  No cam, visiting my family

May 22  5 PM

May 26 . 5 PM (make up for one of the weeks I’m on vaca)

May 29  5 PM .  (Memorial Day)

Be sure to put me in your calendar and I hope to see you all in cam!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


My latest DIY project.

I have been wanting to find these old metal chairs for my yard, like chairs I had in my yard growing up.  Well I found two on craigslist and then kept searching for two that I really remembered growing up and I found them.    So, I had four chairs to clean, sand, repair rust marks/holes, sand again, clean and take apart to paint…  I so LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way the turned out..  Below is before and afters of the chairs, also a baker’s rack we have on the porch..

Spring is almost here…

Can you believe Spring is almost here?? I know some of you just got hit this past week with tons of snow and cold weather, we are HOT here..  today I think it was 96 degrees.

We have a busy week ahead of us again… Monday I have my Cam show, Tuesday we are shooting BBG, Wednesday we are shooting for our new sites and I’m meeting someone for drinks and Rob will join after he is done with the shoots.  Thursday we have the Phx Forum and looking forward to some down time on Fri/Sat and then pool day with my g/f.

Are you watching the Madness??  Do you have a Bracket??  Is it busted???  I have one team left in the Championship game… GO KENTUCKY!!  LOL

Hope you all have a fantastic week and if you are free Monday 5 PM AZ time, remember to join me for cam.

Hugs & Kisses, Dawn Marie


Apology to my Members

I want to sincerely apologize to my Members.  I offer my Members a weekly cam how as part of their Membership and this past week I had to cancel.  I had to cancel because of a Dr’s appt.  I know things will come up, just as they do for you, but when I promote cam as part of your membership, you deserve to be updated when it is not going to happen.  

Last week my schedule was all out of wack!!  I cancelled on Monday with notice on twitter as we were going to a Spring Training game.  I rescheduled that cam for Thursday.  On Tuesday I call my Dr’s office to confirm my lab appt on Wednesday and my maintenance treatment the following day.  Some how my Thursday appt got mixed up and they had me for the 16th.  That would not due as it would then throw my May appt off and I am going to Chicago of the 6th.  As you know I go every 8 weeks for maintenance treatment.  The treatment is to slow the growth of any cancer cells I may have.  Anyway my appointment time got pushed back to later in the day and I am literally at the office for like 5 hours and knew it would be rush to get home and get set up, so I rescheduled for later in the month.  I was hoping to get something posted, but I was just not able to and for that I apologize.    

By the way, my lab work all looks great!!  Once I hit the two year point, they will monitor me with labs and scans, woohoo!!  But I am doing GREAT and FEELING great.

Anyway again I apologize, you deserve to get what you pay for and to just cancel last minute or week after week is unacceptable.   Below is my schedule for the rest of March and I hope to see some of you there!!!

Monday  3/13 5 PM (AZ time)

Monday  3/20 5 PM (AZ time)

Monday  3/27 5 PM (AZ time)

Thursday 3/30 4 PM (AZ time)  this is my rescheduled show from the week of 3/5

Remember you have access to ALL the VNAlive shows every single week, not just mine.  All you have to do is log into the Members area of my site www.dawnmariesdream.com and follow the VNAlive links.

Thanks for all your support!!!

XOXO Dawn Marie