Extremely surprised and excited!

So if you read my blog, you may have come along this post:  http://www.dawnmariesdream.com/sw/peace-sign/

So when my little brother passed, he was engaged to his girlfriend of five years, but the knew each other from High School.  Since Nic’s accident he had lost control of all function from the waste down.  He and Has G/f decided they wanted to try to have a baby.  So they went through the process of insemination and had tried it prior to his death but it did not take.  Apparently they still had samples at the drs office and his g/f after a lot of counseling decided that she wanted to give it another try.  

I had no clue they still had samples and today was over the moon when I got the call from family that she is three months pregnant.  So I am going to be an auntie in November.  

Feeling Blessed,

Dawn Marie


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