Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Dawn Marie Thanksgiving Selfies!
(100% unedited. From my iPhone to You!)

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!! I have been running around the last few days preparing things for Thanksgiving and then I realized, I needed to post some new pics for you. So in the midst of cooking dinner I went outside on this lovely Sunny day in AZ and show a set of selfies. So tell me, would you want to come over to my place for what I am serving up? I promise you it will be nice and warm and of course very wet! CLICK HERE AND CHECK OUT WHAT I’M SERVING UP! GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



  1. Joe Ketta says

    Would love to “stir” that dinner up to some orgasmic levels!

  2. Would rather eat and tongue that perfect ass of yours any day over turkey.

  3. I’d love to eat you for Thanksgiving :)

  4. Think I’d give you food coma? hehe

  5. I would have loved to have thanksgiving dinner with you! And for the night cap, a nice romp session in bed with me serving up some icing for dessert for you to enjoy!😉

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