Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Dawn Marie Thanksgiving Selfies!
(100% unedited. From my iPhone to You!)

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!! I have been running around the last few days preparing things for Thanksgiving and then I realized, I needed to post some new pics for you. So in the midst of cooking dinner I went outside on this lovely Sunny day in AZ and show a set of selfies. So tell me, would you want to come over to my place for what I am serving up? I promise you it will be nice and warm and of course very wet! CLICK HERE AND CHECK OUT WHAT I’M SERVING UP! GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



  1. http://Joe%20Ketta says

    Would love to “stir” that dinner up to some orgasmic levels!

  2. http://sg says

    Would rather eat and tongue that perfect ass of yours any day over turkey.

  3. http://Jason says

    I’d love to eat you for Thanksgiving :)

  4. Think I’d give you food coma? hehe

  5. http://Corey says

    I would have loved to have thanksgiving dinner with you! And for the night cap, a nice romp session in bed with me serving up some icing for dessert for you to enjoy!😉

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