Hope This Doesn’t Get Me In Trouble

Secretly I Love Office Hook Ups!

I sure hope this doesn’t get me in trouble but then again … the risk is half the fun :) I have a guy at work that knows about my site and he told me how he loves it when I wear pantyhose. So today I wore these black pantyhose into work … I teased the best I could without getting in trouble. Then I whispered into his ear … “watch my website because I’ll go straight home today and take pictures so you can see me all naked and naughty in my pantyhose” …. you get to see a lot more than my office worker saw at the office!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



  1. http://Andrew says

    You are an absolute goddess in pantyhose. Is your office hiring? I would re-locate in a heartbeat if I had the chance to witness your sexiness in person.

  2. http://Jason says

    You always look so hot in pantyhose

  3. http://George says

    another old set

    • George, I get it.. but sometimes it can’t be helped. But would also be nice is to get some type of feedback when there is new things posted?!?

  4. http://Big%20Haus says

    Nothing more I’d like to do than rip out a nice little hole in those pantyhose and fill you up where you could go back to work with a nice gooey mess inside you for the rest of the day.

    Please post more of these throwback hose sets. :-)

    • Well thank you so much Big Haus!! Your idea sounds like a LOT of fun!!! Thank you so much for the support.

  5. http://sg says

    I want to go down on you in the office so bad to start.

  6. http://Joe says

    I can’t believe he hasn’t asked you to a hotel room yet.

  7. http://George says

    another repost?

    • http://dmdadmin says


      This is Rob, Dawn’s hubby. Thanks for you support but also lighten up a little. We have been posting new content for 20+ years on Dawn’s website. There are few sites out there you get this much content from a woman. Yes, sometimes we post older things. Dawn is traveling the past 10 days being a grandmother so we posted a repost … for many it is all new stuff.

  8. http://Chaz says

    Hope your friend didn’t need to get up from his desk and move about the office much! Might have been hard…oops…I mean difficult! ;0)>

  9. http://Jack says

    I hope to see you sitting on his face wearing these exact hose one of these days

  10. http://Richy says

    I think you’re mailing it in at this point. You’re doing a solo photo shoot about every other month and maybe 2 videos a year where you actually fuck someone. Why would someone pay for membership if you’re going to be this lazy?

    • Well thanks again Ricky for your opinions, thing about it is that you have never supported my site, so telling me how I am doing things, doesn’t mean much coming from you. And like the say, there is someone out there for everyone, good look with the type of girl you are looking for…

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