Missing Snow Globe

I have mentioned before that I collect snow globes.  Every year I get a new one and sometimes I get them from friend from places they have been or live.  Back when I started collecting them, my mom gave me two that she had.  One was very special…  Our tradion on Christmas eve was all of us kids and my mom watching the movie White Christmas.  We would have snacks an alls sit around and watch the movie before the younger kids (myself) had to go to bed.  It is actually a tradition I started with my boys, except we watched Miracle on 34the Street.

Anyway, My mom gave me a snow globe of White Christmas.  Over the years it had started to leak and without thinking that perhaps it could be fixed, I threw it away.  I have recently discovered a couple of them on ebay..  Gift idea for someone? 




  1. Awwww, I watch that movie – every – year! This year it’s on December 21st, don’t know the time, but on AMC. You are welcome!

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