My fall!

So I mentioned on twitter recently having a problem with my knee… Here is what happened, LOL.  Three weeks ago we were headed to TN to celebrate an 80th Birthday.  When we go to the airport, I was teasing my son because he was not TSA approved and would have to go through the regular line.   So while talking shit, I turned my ankle and went straight down to the floor.  There I was completely face down in the TSA line, LOL.  Thankfully it was not crowded and no one else was there to laugh at me and my son crawled under the lines to help his mom.

Originally I thought I only hurt my ankle, which is fine now, but I also hurt my knee/leg.  So I went this week for an MRI and then off to see an Orthopedist.  He thinks I have strained my hamstring.  So this week I start Physical Therapy and I will be going twice a week for 6 weeks and then we will see how things are after that is done.  

So there you have it, me being lippy caused my fall, LOL.

Hope you all have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!


  1. Hope the healing process is quick for you :)

  2. lonestarangel says:

    LOL! You have me laughing at the reason for the fall. Now, that might have been karma, but I have to say, you raised your son right. He did not laugh, but crawled under the ropes to help his mom who was laughing at him in the first place. That has to be an amazing feeling, despite the injury.

    I hope physical therapy is the solution and you do not need anything else. *hugs*

  3. Oh and good news… the PT guy thinks I should only need four weeks of PT and not 6 WOOHOO!!!

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