Peace sign…

Ok, if anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea for me, this would be one that is not on my wishlist..

Let me give you some backstory on the Peace sign and the meaning behind it for me.  I am one of 11 children, yes you read that correctly.  My youngest brother and baby of our family Nic was 13 years younger than me and we were super close growing up and drifted a part a bit when I moved away, but always had a connections.  When Nic was 21 he was in a serious car crash.  With his injuries and everything he was dealing with, he most more frightened about my mom finding out he had a tattoo on the top of his thigh.  Nic had gotten this tattoo years before, but was always able to keep it hidden because of shorts.  Now he lays in his hospital bed with a broken back and afraid of what my mom was going to have to say about his Peace Sign tattoo…  So, when Nic passed away unexpectedly almost 2 years ago now at the young age of 36, the Peace Sign kind of become our symbol for him…    This is why I got the Peace sign tattoo on the wrist earlier this year, just reminds me of him…  Oh and the blue is because Nic was a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat fan.



  1. redrhino1924 says:

    Someone once said, “There is no other love like the love for a brother. There is no other love like the love from a brother.” Peace to you Dawn

    • Thanks hun!! I had four brothers and have two older brothers left.. all of them are and were pretty special.. I was Nic’s Dawn-Dawn :) thank you so much for the kind words, but then again you are always a sweetheart!!! xoxo

    • lonestarangel says:

      That is beautiful!

  2. lonestarangel says:

    I have always admired the love that you have for your family, and how open you are with your emotions. It is one of your most endearing qualities. *peace*

  3. Thank you Marc for the necklace, I LOVE IT!!!!!

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