Dear Santa … Let Me Explain!

Let Me Explain My Naughty Behavior This Past Year

Dear Santa … I know I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but please let me explain. You see there is naughty good and naughty bad. Naughty bad is the kind of bad you do when you are not nice to others and do not treat others the way you want to be treated. That is certainly not me, I always try to treat people nice. I have been the “good naughty” girl. I can tell you that all the naughtiness in my life is providing enjoyment for me and for all the other adults in my life … VBEG! How is this you say? Well lets just say that the men who have provided me enjoyment through fun sexual encounters, those that get me off by looking at my website and those that give me orgasms by allowing me to ride their stiff hard cocks are all happy because I’m naughty. As a matter of fact just last week I went over to meet a guy and I rode his cock until we both orgasmed. So you see Santa all the naughtiness from me is to provide people with good feelings not bad … CLICK HERE!


Does Santa Visit Bad Girls Too?

Yes I’ve Been Naughty … But In a Good Way!

You see I have to tell Santa whether I’ve been naughty or nice, so if I have been out being a “bad girl” what is he going to think? I suppose if I’m out being a “bad girl” in a good way then it should be OK for Santa to visit me on Christmas, right? CLICK HERE and let me know if you think being a “bad girl” all year ‘round still qualifies me for a visit from Mr. Claus!

Santa’s Dirty Little Secret

I hope I’m not blowing the image of Santa Claus here but this is my story. Growing up we all learned to leave Santa a little gift or snack to show our appreciation for all the hard work he does each year coming to all our houses to deliver all the wonderful gifts. Well since I started on the Web way back in 1998 I have started a new tradition. I wanted to gift Santa a little something extra each year and not just cookies and milk. So I started staying up late on Christmas eve and wearing this cute little one piece Santa lingerie outfit. When Santa shows up at my house I peer around the corner and then surprise him in my little outfit. I know Ms. Claus would be quite upset but I also know men and men like to see a little strange every now then. So when I started surprising Santa all those years ago in this outfit I could see the pleasure I was providing. Santa would leave me little gifts and I’d give him images of vitality and sexuality that he can carry with him through the night. But there is only one problem … Santa is not the cheating type and he would never go behind Mrs. Claus’ back.
sexy milf dawn marie at So I need a more mortal man to help satisfy my sexual urges in this little outfit. Would you be willing to come by my house on Christmas Eve and surprise me with your nice warm and hard cock? Just imagine us together and I lift up my little outfit revealing a present that we can both share together. If this sounds like something you would enjoy for Christmas CLICK HERE and you can be my back door Santa!

P.S. Please don’t tell Mrs. Claus about Santa enjoying me in my little outfit. He has his reputation you know.

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I Believe …

Finally, we’ve been in our new house long enough that the place is setup and I can start shooting pictures around the house again. This is my first photo shoot in our new kitchen. Since Christmas is coming soon and it’s always my favorite time of the year I just put on this simple outfit of cut off shorts and my red “I Believe” T-shirt. I do believe in Santa Claus! Well maybe the not the actually man flying around in a sleigh but I do believe in the spirit of Santa Claus and it represents … a world of joy where people actually care for each other and get along. It’s seems since the global housing crisis started in 2008 all we hear is bad news. There are wars, people starving, too many people out of work, occupy Wall Street, UK civil employees on strike, the horrible tsunami in Japan, the Arab uprisings in the middle east and yes … ANOTHER presidential election in the USA. But through of these negative things I believe the world can be a better place.While I know there are many that would not believe this, I believe that my little corner of the Internet helps to make the world a better place. Let’s face it, porn has been around since very early civilization and it’s going no where. I help to put a smile on the faces of my followers and hopefully people a little bit of joy in their lives. No I don’t proclaim to be mother Theresa but I do believe you and I have fun together. You make me smile and I make you smile, it’s a 2 way street of enjoyment for the both us! So HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your loved ones no matter what Holiday it is that you celebrate. Let’s just all work to put smiles of the faces of the world. Now enough of my personal philosophy and viewpoints! CLICK HERE and enjoy my naked body and waiting pussy, after all that is what we’re both here to share … VBEG!
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Retro Merry Christmas

Hi guys … for my “old picture” this week I found a really old but appropriate picture for the Christmas Season. This picture was taken on 22-Dec-1999 just two months after moving to Arizona.  It was first Christmas here and something really special. Hubby shot this set of me in front of our Christmas tree in our first Arizona house!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season not matter what you believe. Although Christmas was primarily started as Christian holiday, I believe Christmas has evolved into a world holiday where we can all set aside our differences and just take a moment to love each other. I know that is an idealistic view but hopefully it’s true!

Hugs, Kisses & Happy Holidays ~ Dawn Marie

Christmas at 2

Hey guys I was scanning some of my old Christmas pictures that my mother had given me to have a digital copy of them. I came across this one from 1968 and thought it was so cute.  I’m only 2 years old!  I’m hoping you guys get a kick out of it. Yes I was a little toe head as kid :)

May you all have warm and happy holiday season!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

I Believe!

Contest Info: I am running a contest from now through December 23rd. On December 24th I will announce and email the winner. Guess the number of Hersey kisses in the vase and the closest, without going over, is the winner. In case of tie I will have hubby draw the names for a hat! IMPORTANT: You must be a member to win and email me from the club side of my site on the top of the “I Believe!” picture set page. Good luck and the winner will receive either one of my actual DVD’s mailed to your or I will make a 10 minute custom video just for you!

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Yes Yes I believe in fantasy :) And Santa Claus is my favorite fantasy outside the sexual ones LOL! I just love the idea of Santa Claus and the joyful memories it brings from when I was a kid, so I choose to believe. I mean … what can better than a man coming down your chimney and showering you with gifts :) It’s just awesome!

You all know my site by now. It is a mix of fantasy and reality and it is that belief in fantasy which gets us all so charged up. I mean what would life be without fantasy, it would be one long boring reality without escape. Whether you live in the middle of crowded city in the country, fantasy is what allows you to “take a trip and never leave the farm” so that is why I like it!


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Holiday & Black Friday

So I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you did as well. I cooked dinner for 8, we had our family and my sons girlfriend and of course Faith, Jack and her Mom. It was nice to have them over to celebrate the day with us. But then Rob went home with them as I had to be at work at 2 a.m. to work on Black Friday!! Now I typically work part time, about 15 hours a week, well I worked 12 hours on Friday. And I must say this year people were more rude than years past. People tend to expect everything when they shop on Black Friday, like it is any normal day, duh!!!

I was in bed early on Friday as I had to work at 5 a.m. on Saturday. I only worked a couple of hours on Saturday and then I cam home and put up my Christmas tree and then started fighting with Roger kitty to stay out from under the tree, ugh.

Today I am making my list of those I need to buy for and what I have or want to get. I also have three birthdays to buy for in December, my baby is going to be 18 on December 7. So who is on your list?? Have you started your shopping? I really have not, but going to really start working on that this week.

Hugs and Kisses,
Dawn Marie