Time to catch up.

I think, with Rob’s help I have figured out the blog again, LOL.

It has been a bit since I posted and things are going well. Rob and I spent two days this weekend painting the back room at the studio again and it looks great!!!

We have a busy first of March, it always feels like the first quarter of the year is so busy for us. We have a couple basketball games, maybe a spring training game and I’m shooting a video or two with an old friend.

What have you been up too?? I promise now that I know how to post pics again to the blog I will do better, LOL.

Until then, Dawn Marie


  1. Teddy Covers says

    Don’t forget March Madness Dawn! Go Kentucky!!! I’m a Miami fan but we don’t have a chance in hell, so I’m rooting for your team! 😉
    Are you doing a March Madness pool?

    Take care beautiful!

    Teddy 🤗😘

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