Want some DM Memorabilia?

Rob was cleaning out some things in his office and we came across a few magazines that I have been featured in as well as a deck of cards.  I have decided to part with some of the items and these are ALL I HAVE.. When these are gone, they are gone!!!  

40 Something (Score Special #93) 7 pages of pics (the interview the magazine made up & pics were taken for this magazine and never posted as an update for my site.)

OVER 40 October 2003 6 pages of pics and interview (pics taken for this magazine, never posted as an update on my site.) . BTW.. This is my favorite, I LOVE the pics and I’m on the cover!!

Lastly, a deck of cards from a site that use to be online called Breast King.  These have NEVER been used… 

Let me know if there is any interest and I can do a silent auction here on my blog.  I will personally sign the items too…



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