Winter Cold!!

As you may know we recently went to Chicago to have Christmas with some of our family that lives there.  We arrived on a Wednesday evening and came home Tuesday morning.  Thursday we went to ZooBrew which is like our Zoo Lights, except your ticket include beer samplings.  Oh and did I mention it was in the low 20’s and I have Arizona blood?

Friday morning I woke up sounding like I gargled with sand and like I was trying to cough up my lung.  I was sick the entire rest of our trip.  I was in my dr within two hours of arriving home.  She game me scripts and said if I didn’t feel better within four days, give her a call back.  So yesterday I called back and now I’m on my second antibiotic and cough suppressant.  And Rob started getting sick on Tuesday.

We had our Annual Ugly Sweater Party scheduled for tonight and we had to postpone it.   Kind of hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you are not feeling well.


  1. Sending good, healthy vibes your way. Get well soon.

  2. Sexy ;-) you’re doing better than I am :-/ Because on Sunday the 16th, my sciatic nerve REALLY flared up, I was in agony ALL day Sunday. A Chiropractic adjustment mid the NEXT morning is helping, along with BioFreeze, an Rx muscle relaxer and a heating pad. Then Tuesday I discovered I have gunk in my nose and throat. I’m treating that with Alavert and mouthwash. Christmas Day I was SUPPOSED to drive to Humble. I’ll be staying HOME – – – :-( Hope you and Rob, have a Merry Christmas :-)

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