Getting Personal (week 2)

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Getting Personal

Well it is Saturday and that is my weigh in day and did I mention it is at 8 a.m.? UGH .

So there were really no changes in what I did this week, just eating better and staying on plan. Even when Rob wanted to grab fast food, I looked on the app and looked up what I could eat given my points and I made it work.

I have been drinking LOTS of water, good thing I like water. Also, that means I have had NO coke!! And I LOVE coke and before you say it, no I can’t do diet.

This week I have set a goal and that is to get my 10,000 steps in every single day, not matter what is going on. I’ll keep you posted.

As of my weigh in today I am down 7 pounds!!! Woohoo.. :)

Oh and I got a little key chain with a charm for my first 5 pounds.

And I want to thank those that replied to my blog and those that emailed me, I truly appreciate your support and for being on my team.

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie


  1. Oh my gosh, all that H2o! Don’t get far from the bathroom!! Well 5 pounds, woohoo!!! Hope you’re withdrawl symptoms weren’t to bad, on the Coke. Plus how come you can’t due diet??

    • Gary,

      I have lost 7 pounds total, just got a charm for the first 5, LOL. And the withdrawls were not bad and I HATE the taste of diet soda.


  2. DM stay away from soda, the sugars will kill you. Also, watch the carbs as well. Try for 135 grams per day. When you look at a package, take the total carbs, subtract the fiber, and that number is the real total carbs.

    You will crush this and hang in there

    • Yeah, as much as I LOVE Coke, I know I can’t really have it. I have a cup of tea in the morning, which is decaffeinated. Several months ago I learned to enjoy my tea without sweetener and then the rest of the day is LOTS of water.

      Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.


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