Getting Personal (week 2)

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Getting Personal

Well it is Saturday and that is my weigh in day and did I mention it is at 8 a.m.? UGH .

So there were really no changes in what I did this week, just eating better and staying on plan. Even when Rob wanted to grab fast food, I looked on the app and looked up what I could eat given my points and I made it work.

I have been drinking LOTS of water, good thing I like water. Also, that means I have had NO coke!! And I LOVE coke and before you say it, no I can’t do diet.

This week I have set a goal and that is to get my 10,000 steps in every single day, not matter what is going on. I’ll keep you posted.

As of my weigh in today I am down 7 pounds!!! Woohoo.. :)

Oh and I got a little key chain with a charm for my first 5 pounds.

And I want to thank those that replied to my blog and those that emailed me, I truly appreciate your support and for being on my team.

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie


  1. http://Gary says

    Oh my gosh, all that H2o! Don’t get far from the bathroom!! Well 5 pounds, woohoo!!! Hope you’re withdrawl symptoms weren’t to bad, on the Coke. Plus how come you can’t due diet??

    • Gary,

      I have lost 7 pounds total, just got a charm for the first 5, LOL. And the withdrawls were not bad and I HATE the taste of diet soda.


      • http://Gary says

        Up to 7 pounds!! :-) Glad the withdrawls were not that bad!! :-/ Bummer on the taste of diet :-(

  2. http://Axe says

    DM stay away from soda, the sugars will kill you. Also, watch the carbs as well. Try for 135 grams per day. When you look at a package, take the total carbs, subtract the fiber, and that number is the real total carbs.

    You will crush this and hang in there

    • Yeah, as much as I LOVE Coke, I know I can’t really have it. I have a cup of tea in the morning, which is decaffeinated. Several months ago I learned to enjoy my tea without sweetener and then the rest of the day is LOTS of water.

      Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.


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