Hot Date

Frisky in Fishnet and Hot Date! Taken 07-Feb-2020!
(100% Unedited Selfies)

True Reality Update: I have held up posting these Fishnet Selfies and there is a good reason. I had a follower setup a date with me on one condition, if I took him a set of selfies wearing my pink fishnet body suit. So, I took these pictures in and sent them to him in early February. He followed through and the date night actually happened, therefore, it is time to post the selfies … VBEG! He is traveling businessman so I cannot post the pictures from our date on my website, but it was really a huge turn on for me. He recently visited Scottsdale for a convention and had a room at a very fancy Scottsdale resort. He arrived on Wednesday and the anticipation was killing us both because he didn’t have free time until Friday evening. I have never “escorted” before; however, this meet up with him kind of felt that way and really had me feeling erotic. I drove up to his hotel wearing my normal everyday clothes but underneath my clothes I was wearing his favorite pink fishnet body suit. We sat in the resort bar for a bit and got to know each other. After a couple of drinks, we started feeling the alcohol. It was at that point he invited me up to his room and from there I could not turn back. We were so excited from nearly a month of anticipation that we started ripping each other’s clothes off and some seriously passion sex ensued. As we stood there making out, he was nude, and I had his cock in my hand stroking it. I was only wearing my fishnet body suit. We quickly moved to the bed and he started sucking my tits, never taking the fishnet off of me. I went down on him taking his hard cock into my mouth. After some fun oral I climbed on top for and rode his cock. He never wanted me to take off my pink fishnet and I left it on the whole time. This man really had some stamina and we fucked in several different positions and I orgasmed a few times in our long fucking session. Finally, he pulled out of my pussy, shoved his cock in my mouth and I took it all in. It was so erotic and fun. We ended up falling asleep for a bit and when I woke up, I kissed him goodbye and that was it. I must say going out on a “date” like this was quite exciting and who knows perhaps it will happen again. Would you be willing to take me on a date? Let me hear your fantasy meetup. CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Dawn Marie is one Misbehavin’ Wife!

OMG I so have this song from Righteous Gemstones stuck in my head (if you haven’t watched this show, you should) so when we started working on my update all I had on my mind was misbehaving, LOL. Would you like to meet me at the studio sometime for a little misbehaving? I could just sneak away one afternoon and meet up with you there for a little no strings fun and noone would be the wiser, hehe. What do you say, you up for getting naked and spending the afternoon with me?  CLICK here and see how much fun I can be when I get naked. GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Hotel Hookup

Hotel Hookup Selfies! Taken 31-Jan-2020 – (100% Unedited Selfies)

On my recent trip to Chicago I had a rendezvous hookup with a very nice man. On my last night in town I had a very nice man wine and dine me in fancy downtown Chicago hotel. We hung out that evening and had dinner and some fun talk. Eventually we made it up to our hotel room and for a night of blissful romantic and sexual fun. We had some great sex that night, unfortunately he cannot be in pictures or video, however, the next morning after he left for work and I was still in the room I took these selfies pictures. After a night of fun sex, I was still turned on and the memories of the naughty fun we had were still in my head. I was quite turned on again as I was taking these pictures and you will see that in the images. There is always something super sexy about meeting a man for a no-strings-attached rendezvous that gets my sexual energy going. Perhaps next time it could be you, are you interested?  GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


It’s That Time of Year!

Time for Spring Training. Hit a Home Run with Me!

Well it is that time of year again! Tomorrow is February 1st and that means spring training starts in Phoenix! Woo Hoo! It is always a fun time of year and every year we go to some of the games. As you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter, I am Cubs fan! I have known people in the organization in the past plus I have family in Chicago, so I always support them. I also realize that much of the country is still dealing with freezing temperatures, however, in Phoenix it has already reached the 70-degree mark. So, I decided it was time to shoot some fun photos in the backyard enjoying the sun while supporting my team. I go out into the backyard sporting my Cubs shirt and panties and strip down totally naked for you … VBEG! The warm sun gets me all excited and I am wondering if you would like to do a lap around the bases with me. Think you can hit a home run with me?. Let me know because 2nd and 3rd base is a lot of fun, but we really want a home run!  GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Can I Be Your Distraction?

Let Me Distract You in My Black Dress and Pantyhose!

With all this Impeachment stuff on every TV channel and constantly be inundated with interruptions I thought maybe I could be your distraction from what is going on in Washington. So, today I thought we could meet up! I plan on wearing this little black pullover dress and black pantyhose with me heels. It would be the fun for the both of us. Just imagine a fun erotic encounter between the two of us at a nice local hotel. You could strip me out this dress and my pantyhose and I would return the favor by stripping you down. Then we proceed to the bed for the oldest form of entertainment. I want to suck your cock, and have you fuck me as we worry about nothing going on the real world. Sounds like a distraction plan from all the drama in politics. Let’s do it! GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


New Year – New Selfies

New Year – New Selfies! Taken 10-Jan-2020
(100% Unedited Selfies)

I get many request for the Selfie Updates and for pics in bra and panties, so I decided to combine the two!! I grabbed my new selfie stick and snuck off to the guest room and shot these for you. Perhaps you can come sometimes and shoot a set of pics of me with my phone? Think you would be up for the task? Think it would get you hard taking pics of me? Well I would do my very best to make it difficult for you to get through an entire set, we may just have to sit the phone down and take a break. CLICK HERE and watch me get taked just for you!! GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Anal Step Up

Christmas Selfies – Taken 17-Dec-19
(100% Unedited Selfies)

So most of you guys know that I am not a big anal girl. While I appreciate your love of anal and my hubby’s love anal it is just not my favorite thing … LOL! But I do it once or twice a year just to put a smile on everyone’s face … VBEG! This set has me doing the “anal step-up” … what I mean is that I start out with my finger in my ass, then a small toy and finally I get to a pretty large vibrator sunk into my warm ass. I can say that doing the “anal step-up” is certainly easier than when hubby just plunges right in LOL!

So sit back and just imagine your hard cock inching deep inside my waiting ass and the warmth of me wrapped around you as you slowing move your cock in and out of me and hang on to my hips at the same time. Finally, you let loose and I hear you moan as you cum deep inside my waiting ass!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Christmas Selfies

Christmas Selfies – Taken 17-Dec-19
(100% Unedited Selfies)

Well it is that time of year again. Another year in my life is almost over and it’s Christmas 2019! I have always loved Christmas and now I love it more than ever. With a grandson it makes it so fun, yes you can call me a GILF LOL! But also, Christmas always fills me with love for our family. Unfortunately, I have lost both my parents many years ago, my mother was way to young when she passed, and Christmas always fills me with such fond memories of her because she loved the Christmas season so much. Her favorite song was “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee and I play that often because it always reminds me of her.

So, I bring you this naughty selfie set in front of my Christmas tree! As I get naked and naughty, I hope you do the same and reflect back on all the fun times we had together over 2019! I still enjoy getting naughty with you and I hope you still enjoy me. My naughty wife life is approaching 22 years online and we will celebrate that in February. So for now, let’s celebrate the love of the Christmas season and bring each other some naughty joy!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Hugs & Kisses & Merry Christmas ~ Dawn Marie!


Curvy Moms

Remembering – Curvy Moms!

Recently I have been going down memory lane and remembering the old days. That was such a fun time and the beginning of nudity online. We had a fantastic community of women that all worked together to make getting online naked a super fun and community experience. Unfortunately, with the fracturing of Internet cause by social media and people all moving off into their own corners of the online world keeping that community together was just too tough to maintain and it all had to be closed down. The other bad thing about modern internet is the trolls. The trolls caused many of the online housewives to close their sites because idiots would out them to their hometowns. But myself, I have stayed, and nobody has been able to chase me offline.

This is the first of a start of new series on my website in which I will share some very old picture sets from the early days of and In this set Dreamnet Nikki came to visit for a week in April of 2002. She was from the south eastern USA and it was first time in the desert. We did this fun picture set in my bathroom that had a wonderful view of the open desert. Enjoy our curves because we both are definitely curvy moms and we get naked showing off every inch of naked bodies together!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Business Attire with a Twist

Inappropriate Stockings with Business Attire!

I get so many comments when I wear a businesswoman’s outfit … you guys just love seeing me dressed as I would be at the office. I think it has to do with the fantasy we all have, the fantasy of a hot office rendezvous that we keep secret from everyone. The thought of sneaking off with your co-worker to take a long business lunch or dinner and then hooking up with them is a real turn on! No-strings-attached sex with someone you find hot is a fantastic erotic experience. Well to tease even more I decided to wear fishnet stocking pantyhose under my business skirt. I just imagine you looking at me in the office with that devilish look on your face like you can’t wait to fuck at our lunchtime rendezvous. Would you be willing to take me out at lunchtime for a quickie so we both can satisfy our appetites?

CLICK HERE and tell me what you would do to me sexually and how I could satisfy you.   CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


High Heels: Grab On & Take Me For a Ride

Grab My Heels and Fuck Me!

If there is one thing my hubby has a fetish for it is definitely blue jeans. So I surprised him and put on this pair of blue jeans with my a nice tight white shirt sleeveless shirt. But to spice it up a little bit I put on these deep blue high heels.

What is it about high heels? Wearing high heels always makes me feel a little more naughty and provocative. Not sure why but I do like the feeling they give me. Heels just seems to spice up my attitude and I do things in high heels I would not do in flats. For example, I can fuck with my high heels on but you’ll never see me fucking in flats LOL! But guys seem to love when my legs are up in the air and they can hold on to my heels. I must admit it is an awesome feeling when a guy is hold my legs by the heel as you slides deep inside of my wet pussy! I’m a submissive girl so I love when the man takes control and drives me home so to speak … VBEG!

Strip me out of my jeans and I promise to leave my heels on … grab on take me for a ride!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Afternoon Delight with the Stock Broker

I Fuck the Stock Broker!

I went to meet a stock broker friend of mine for lunch the other day! With moving house and all the changes with our kids growing up I needed to make sure I was on the right path with my future. Well let’s say we didn’t get much accomplished regarding investment advice. We ended up having a nooner and the wild passion sex was just what I needed after working two weeks straight moving! I forgot about all the work I had to do and getting laid by my stock broker friend just fit the bill. This friend of mine is like a machine too .. he can go forever as I just rode his cock, sucked his cock and let him fuck me hard for over an hour. Finally he gives me what I needed … he pulls out just in time to cum all over me and WOW did he ever come a HUGE load! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Business Woman in Stockings

Do Me on the Desk!

I have a LONG time follower that is not only a follower but has become a very good friend. His name is Patrick and not only does he support me online but he even comes to visit me in Phoenix a couple times a year. Such a cool guy!

Well Patrick has a thing for stockings and has sent me many pairs of stockings over the years. But unfortunately I’ve never been a big stockings girl so Patrick this one is for you!

Would you be willing to fuck me on the desk when I’m wearing my stockings, high heels and business attire? Let me know because I want it now! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Short Hair Don’t Care

Short Hair – Don’t Care Selfies – Taken 15-Oct-19
(100% Unedited Selfies)

Just last Friday I got a new hairdo for the first time in years. As many of my long-time followers know a few years ago I contracted lymphoma and had to do chemo. (Note: I’m fine now and all is good). It really caused my hair to thin out and not grow. Well, one of the benefits of me going through that process is now my hair is growing faster than ever, and I am loving it. So, last Friday I decided to go and get my hair cut in a new style and got a Bob. I am absolutely loving it and thus far the reviews from friends and family have been fantastic. This is the first time sharing my new hairdo online. I hope you like.

What is more fun and sassier than redhead with shorter hair. Nothing I say! This redhead is feeling spicy and back in the grove of things now that I have lost a bunch of weight and cut my hair into a new modern cut. I’m ready to really share my new upbeat attitude with you. I’m ready to get down and naughty again and have many fun things planned to come up. Would you be willing to take this middle age MILF for a night of fun and frolicking! Let’s do it! Show me what you got, and I’ll show you what I can do with it … hehehe! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Pattie and Dawn Marie in the Hot Tub!

No Bikini’s in the Hot Tub!

 IHere is how it all came about! One afternoon Faith, Pattie and myself where taking photos at Faith’s house I decided to get into the hot tub near the end of the day. Well I made a mistake when getting in … I had my bikini on and Faith was like “NO BIKINIS IN THE HOT TUB!” … i.e. you have to be naked in Faith’s hot tub LOL! So as I proceeded to get naked in the hot but while hubby was taking my photos, the sexy Pattie comes up totally naked and gets in with me! Well of course Hubby kept shooting photos and was totally excited to see me and Pattie in the hot tub together! Well one thing lend to another and before you know it, Pattie and I were being a little naughty! See Pattie and I naked in the hot tub in these never before seen pictures on my site! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Cat Scratch Fever

Dawn Marie Has Cat Scratch Fever!

 I get to scratch that itch :) I purchased this lovely black catsuit with an Amazon Gift Card a follower gave me. I was wearing this for pictures just prior to having a friend come over and meet me for a photo shoot I could barely control myself. I was getting so horny in this outfit and knowing that he was to arrive soon had me in such a state I was ready to cum without him even touching myself.

So lay back and enjoy and get your cock out with me because soon I’ll have one in my hand and we’ll all get off! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Classic Classy

Classic Can Be Sexy!

When we think of sexy clothing, we normally think of tight clothing that shows all the curves or the lingerie and stockings that everyone loves. However, sometimes a classic dinner dress can be just as sexy and really can provide a lot of stimulation to the erotic part of our brains. Leaving things to the imagination can really stimulate our sexual desires. The mental part of sexuality is so important, and men like to fantasize about “what is under there” when a woman is fully dressed. I am wearing a classic dress in this photoset with some heals and I strip out of it, so you get the slow reveal. Would you be willing to go on a date with me in this dress? Just think, you could slip it off at the end of the night and have your way with me … BEG!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Talent Scout

It’s Fun Being a Talent Scout!

Well yesterday was the first day of the 2019 – 2020 football season and I am happy camper. My Dallas Cowboys kicked butt in their first game of the season. I’m glad my team has listened to me over the years, after all, I am talent scout. I have been scouting talent for years and I truly enjoy checking out the talented NFL players … hehehe! After all, most of the NFL players are hunks and what woman wouldn’t want to play with them under the covers LOL! I’ve had one NFL player on my site, and it was really naughty and a blast. I’m always looking for new talent and you don’t have to be an NFL player or some seriously ripped guy. I just like guys that like to please me and guys that can take it slow and sexy. Hot sex is all about the connection and that is the talent I am looking for, a guy I can connect with and have some naughty fun. Do you think you have the connection with me? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Happy Selfies

Happy Selfies – 80+ Photos!
(100% Unedited Selfies from 27-Aug-19)

It’s been 2 months since my last all Selfie update! So, this one is particularly large and contains over 80 selfies! I was so happy shooting these and it was such a turn on that I just kept snapping! I love sharing these 100% candid and unedited photos with you. Straight from my phone to you. I got so horny taking these pictures for you that I always end making myself cum. Just thinking of your hard cocks and cumming for me makes me wet! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Oiled and Ready

I am Oiled & Ready!

I don’t know what it is but this seems to be a growing turn on for a lot of you. I have had lots of requests for this type of set the past few months so I have decided to go ahead and do it by popular demand!

I have to admit being all oiled up like this is really quite the turn on. Rubbing oil all into my skin made it so soft, moist and shiny! I only wish you were here doing the oiling. Having your hands all over my body massaging oil into every crevice would be amazing. Just imagine where yout hands could roam … all over my tits and squeezing them as you moved along. Then rubbing the oil all over my butt making sure you get deep down into my butt crack as not to miss anything. Then you could oil up my thighs as I sit and watched.  Finally you reach my pussy and that’s when neither of us can take it anymore and we had to get busy with you fingering my pussy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


I Need Some Dick

I Need Some Dick … You Up For It?

Currently seaking some good looking guys that want to suck and fuck … VBEG! I admit it has been way to long but it was just one of those life things you cannot control! I cannot wait to jump in bed with some hot guy and get busy while hubby takes pictures and videos. Just the thought of a nice hard dick sliding between my lips and into my wet pussy is enough to drive me crazy at this point.  I am so looking forward to some fresh new cum! So today I just had to satisfy myself and used this fat vibrator for some good fun and orgasms! You gotta nice hard dick for me? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


See Me in a New Light

I’m in a New Light and Everyday Clothing!

Here I am … in my everyday normal clothes. Many times, when I shoot photos you see me in lingerie or some fancy outfit. Today I am in everyday normal clothing like you would see me running around town. There is something a little different about this photo. Hubby has really been working on his lighting and photography skills lately, so we did a little experimentation with these photos. Please tell me what you think of the color and lighting of the photos. Not just your normal all white light. Do you think it is sexy seeing a wife and mom in her everyday normal clothes? I know my hubby loves it and is always checking out women when we go to places like the grocery store. So, I thought I’d let you see me in my everyday clothes and let you fantasize about stripping them off of me.  Just take me quickly, unbutton my shirt and jeans and let’s get busy hehehehe! Are you ready? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Thank You! I Don’t Beg!

We All Enjoy Gifts But I Don’t Beg!

I want to thank Eric for sending me this outfit along with a few more in a big box of lingerie fun. I am a woman that appreciates a nice gift from my followers. However, I am not one of those women that “beg” for free shit. Yes, I have an Amazon Wishlist and you are welcome to use it. But you will never see me begging for money or gifts on my Twitter, Website or Email. I just appreciate you supporting me in any way you can. It cracks me when I see women flat out asking for gifts or trying to get guys to send them cash on online. We all have to work for our money. This is the work I chose, and I love it!  You’ll ever catch me begging, well unless I want your cock in my mouth or pussy … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Bathroom Selfies – Au Naturel

Bathroom Selfies – Au Naturel and Short HD Video!
(100% Unedited Selfies from 30-Jun-19)

The comments and feedback I get on my “selfie updates” is just incredible. It really makes me happy that you guys enjoy these self-shot photos so much. It truly makes me feel sexy and appreciated that you give me so much love on these updates. These selfies I shot in my own bathroom after taking a shower and getting cleaned up. No fancy makeup and zero photoshop editing. These pictures are straight from my iPhone to you! Do you like my peach bra and panty set?  Just imagine peeling my bra and panties off of me before we climb into a warm wet shower together. Is that something you would like to do? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Interracial BJ and Big Titty Cumshot

Watch Him Cum all Over My Tits!

I was really a naughty wife on this day for sure and you know how that turns me on. Hubby was out of town and I invited over a friend of mine I had been talking too for quite a while. He had been wanting me to suck his cock and I kept leading him on and teasing him. So, I decided to let him come over and cum all over me while hubby was away.  I guess the anticipation was building because he squirted an enormous load of cum all over my big tits! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!