I Guess I’m a Cougar

25+ Min. Video all re-mastered in FULL HD!

Have you heard middle-aged women referred to as “Cougars” in the last couple of years. It’s kind of a hot term and here is a definition according to Urban Dictionary “Noun. A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. “. Well the other night I had my own cougar experience hehehehe! I was surfing on Fling and this nice young college boy contacted me and said he was game for some fun :) So I went over to his 1 room flat and WOW did we ever have a good time. We were so naughty and played for a long time :)


Anal Cumshot

Payback Anal – Remastered in Full HD!

DEEP ANAL ACTION! Well now it’s payback time! If you have been following my site for a while you know that I run a football pool every year. Well last year I made a bet with hubby that if he beat me in the football pool I’d give up Anal to him. If I won he had to do the cooking for a month. Well that must of really motivated him because he studied up and beat me in total points at the end of the season. So here we are with the start of football season tomorrow I figured it was time to to pay off the bet. So I let hubby have his anal fun with me yesterday and we captured it all in pictures and video … hehehe! SO CLICK HERE AND WATCH AS HUBBY SLIDES HIS HARD COCK DEEP INTO MY ASS AND THEN PROCEEDS TO UNLOAD ALL OVER MY ASS CHEEKS AND ASS CRACK WITH HIS WARM CUM! I WONDER WHAT THIS YEAR’S BET WILL BE … smile!


Naughty Wife Fun with BBC

Quickie at His Place – Remastered in Full HD!

A couple weeks ago my friend Xaiver called me and was all hot and horny! I was feeling that way myself that afternoon and when he gave me the invitation to come over, so I immediately jumped in my car and headed to his place because I craved his hard BBC! We had a real afternoon quickie. I went in and we jump in his bed with no small talk :) It was one of those fast and furious times … I sucked his cock until it was hard and then we simply fucked like rabbits LOL! We didn’t stop until he pulled out and shot his cum all over my BUTT!


Huge Dildo Video

The Fattest Dildo I’ve Ever Used!
Full HD Video w/Lots of Close-Ups

Guys this is a HUGE dildo. I typically don’t use them this big, but I wanted to stretch my pussy and feel a huge cock inside of me. I couldn’t fuck a cock this big all the time, but occasionally it feels fantastic. There is something about us women when we can really feel your pussy filled up. Wait until you see how wet I get in this video and cum for real, no fake orgasm here! Come along for the ride and watch me from both the front and back. You get to get to see my big full ass bounce up and down and this dildo as I ride it good! Get your cock and cum with me!


Re-Mastered in Full HD

I Like it Black in the Morning!
First time-ever, this video has been full re-mastered in Full HD!

A few weeks ago I stayed all night in a local hotel for a little Covid getaway and to have some fun taking photos :) Well late on Saturday night after several hours of shooting I was feeling really horny and started texting one of my buddies. He said he couldn’t come over that night but he would be happy to come the next morning. Well I thought, I like it black in the morning so he showed up at 9am Sunday morning and this was much better than breakfast in bed … Not much I can say about this guys … we fucked for a good long time and his hard cock filling my pussy was very very exciting. Fucking this early in the morning is really kind of wild because it something I don’t normally do. Then to finish it off tasting his warm cum … yummy it was fun :)


The Age Old Question

Spit – v- Swallow Blowjob Video – HD Video

What is the age-old question a woman gets asked? Do you spit or swallow? I have been asked this question many times in my 25+ years of being a naughty MILF. Both men and women have their preferences. Some like facials, some like an oral creampie and some like to swallow. I have heard from men that love to see a woman swallow cum and some men prefer to see a woman slobber out the cum or get a facial. Well, I certainly have my preference. Watch the video and you will get the answer.


Stepmom Spanks

Stepmom Spanks Her Bad Girl – Full 4K Video

Stepdaughter Aurora was bad girl and sneaking out of her bedroom and night to go meet boys. Always vigilant stepmom Dawn Marie catches her one evening and makes her pay the price. Dawn Marie goes into full mom mode and decides she needs to teach Aurora a lesson. Aurora lays across Mom’s lap and she gets spanked good and hard. Dawn Marie lectures her on the evils of sneaking out with boys and wants to prevent her from becoming pregnant. She spanks her hard with her hand, then to provide more punishment moves to spanking her with a large paint stick. Listen as she gets her ass slapped hard and hear Aurora whimper as she gets spanked and complies with her punishment.


Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI

Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI – Crystal Clear Video!

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you a BRAND NEW video. During the Quarantine Rob received an offer from Go Pro to upgrade to the latest Hero 8 version of their camera with very substantial discount. He jumped on it! This is the first video shot on the new camera, and it is beautiful 4k footage.

After my last Jackoff Instruction video, I received many more requests for fun JOI videos. It truly gets me off knowing you are getting off to these. So please email me and telling me how you like them. This video it is a little different because I actually use a realistic cock dildo while talking to dirty to you! You see me stroke it, spit on it, suck it and rub it between my tits. All the while, I am talking dirty and encouraging you to jackoff to me and cum on my big squishy tits! So, CLICK HERE and cum for me in either HD or 4K video! I wanna hear about it too!

Free Trailer

BBC and Mature

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

There is nothing I like more than big black cock and pantyhose! In this update I get to combine both of them together. My newest black friend Jay has a love of pantyhose and when he revealed that to me I knew what the perfect scene would be for us. So this past Sunday I put on a nice skirt, blouse, heels and pantyhose and then invited Jay over to my house. I was getting so horny anticipating his arrival I could hardly wait. Once he walked in the front the door it did not take long until we were go at it. We started making out on the couch and it wasn’t long before I was ripping his clothes and he was doing the same to me, however, the pantyhose NEVER came off of me. Jay just ripped them open and ate my pussy until I orgasmed and then we fucked some more! It was so damn hot … hehe! When I took his big black cock into my mouth I could feel it growing harder and harder between my lips. We had so much fun sucking and fucking … I finally finished him off and let him come right on my lips!


Before JOI

A Full 4K Video recorded in 2022!

There was just me! I am a humble person and I rarely brag or toot my own horn; however, I must say after being online since 1998 I have seen so much change! When I started making videos and pictures for the Internet there were no tube sites, clip sites, cyber lockers, or any free porn for that matter. And the thing that most certainly did not exist was all these niche categories. Like everything else in our world porn videos have become divided into 1000 categories. I was thinking that when I used to make these solo masturbation videos, they were always jack off instruction videos even though the term did not exist. We didn’t call them that, however, that is how we used them. When I make these solo masturbation videos it is always but “us” and making sure we both get turned on and get off. After 24 years online I am flattered you still want to look at this older lady LOL! But I do appreciate it and I want you to jack off while I masturbate. After all, the whole point is for us both to cum! So, grab your cock and I get off with me using this little finger sized vibe! Lots of dirty talk and encouragement!

BTW … I want to thank my longtime friend and follower Carl for this vibrator. This thing hits the spot perfectly!


Guest Fuck!

Neighbor Needs a Place to Rest – Pictures & Video

Hey guys I think you’ll like this one .. you remember my neighbor coming over and needing a place to say then me surprising him right? Well I ended the first party with me sucking on his huge fat Latin cock! Well this is the really naughty part. I climbed on top of him and rode his hard cock like there was no tomorrow. I’m normally not this straight forward but I was so excited I just couldn’t control myself or my passion. Here is the really wild part. I had a HUGE ORGASM right on top of his cock. That is something that rarely happens to me and only happens when I am super excited! I guess being with my neighbor who I’ve fantasized about in the past was just so exciting that it sent me flying over the edge .. hehehe!


Interracial BJ and Facial

Working to Keep My Job!
15 min. video remastered in HD!

Ok many of you will not believe this but I actually do have a real job outside of my home. After all a lady has to have a back up plan … hehehe! Well recently my boss was in town conducting yearly reviews and well … let’s just say things got a little messy .. VBEG!

In all my life I have never been put into such a precarious position. I love my real world job and the people I work with … at first I was going to just walk out and walk away. But the offer he made me was very erotic and satisfying for both of us. And best of all we finished our interview and I might even get a raise since I was a good team player and we both orgasmed like crazy! I even let my boss give me HUGE FACIAL!



100% True Life Real Naughty Wife Story! Full 4k Video!

OMG you guys this is a crazy and funny story! So, if you have followed me for a while, you know I have Lymphoma (don’t worry I am fine), however, I do get treatment once a month to boost my white cell blood count. This treatment happens in my home and the guy that gives me the treatment always texts me about 2 hours before he arrives. The day I shot this video I did was the day of treatment, I did it because I was getting ready to go out of town and wanted a new video to post. You’ll notice this video is two parts and that is because I’m about six and half minutes into the video my doorbell rings and it my nurse, yikes! I had to jump off the bed, get out of my porn clothes and pull myself together before answering the door. In my mind it was so funny because that is “naughty wife life” because he has no clue that I have website … haha! After we are done with my IV and treatment he leaves and I go back to my naughty clothes and finish what I started. And let’s just say it was one amazing orgasm and I hope you are ready to get off with me because I had a lot of fun, and I am always about us both having fun! Full 4k video!


Anal Fun

Filling My Phat Ass – Full HD Video!

I think one of my best assets according to followers is my ass, no surprise I am always getting request for anal. So I decided to indulge y’all with a little bit of anal play. With my ass in the air, watch as I fill my tight ass with an anal plug and then start to play with my pussy. Thinking about having you deep in my ass and playing with my pussy is kind of hot!! Take your cock out and think about filling my ass with your cock and cumming deep inside me as I work myself to an intense orgasm with my toy. Watch me slowly pull out the plug as I come down from my orgasm. 🍑 😁


Remastered in Full HD

Cheating with Big Black Cock! Never before seen in full-HD!

What is that quote? ”It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”. I received an email from a man saying he really enjoyed my videos and that he thought we should do one together. I started talking to him and thought it really wasn’t going to be an option as he lives hours from me. Well to my surprise he was coming to Phoenix to house sit for a friend and would have the place to himself and he asked me if we could get together. So hubby was at a motorcycle event and I decided to pack up the camera and visit my new friend and tell hubby about it afterwards.

This video is shot by just the two of us, myself and my friend. We start with the video camera on the tripod and the two of us on his friends bed making out. Watch me pull his big black dick out of his pants while he kisses me and stoke him until he is nice and hard. And yes you know me I just couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth. I sucked his big black dick and got him nice and hard while he fingers my wet pussy. We get the camera off the tripod and he holds it and zooms in while I suck his dick and balls into my mouth. I couldn’t wait to climb on top of him and ride his black dick. If you like my butt you will enjoy this part as my butt wiggles and jiggles in front of the camera. My friend then takes his turn and slides his nice hard dick deep inside me and fucks me until he is ready to cum. Watch him pull out and shoot his hot cum all over me. This was a very hot afternoon with a new friend and who knows maybe I will see him again .. hehe!


Cum Stuff Me

Thanksgiving Day Pics & 4k Video!
100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 25-Nov-2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! This Thanksgiving we get to spend the holiday at our son’s girlfriend’s family so I have all morning free! I thought it may be fun for you come stuff me … VBEG! Give me the hard cock and of yours and get off with me in this 8 min. 4k Video!


Doing a Man 30 Years Younger

Mom Does The Young Man!
Nothing Like Hot Sex with Guy 30 Years Younger!
Pictures & Video!

Well guys this is another true story in the crazy life of Dawn Marie … so one day I was out on a social media site and I get a message from this guy Jason. I go look at his profile and it’s this hot looking 24 year old guy and low and behold he wants to play with me .. hehehe! This always amazes me, but I’m certainly not going to turn him away LOL! So after talking and getting to know him for a few weeks we set it up. He pops by my house like at 10am one morning and we went straight to the couch. Man he was like the energizer bunny I tell ya’ .. he just kept going and going until he fulfilled me and then squirted his hot warm cum all over butt. Don’t miss this one I have it in both pictures and 15+ minutes of video :)


CFNM Handjob and Blowjob

Video shot so that you can put yourself into the scene! Shot in 4k!

Brand new video shot in 4k! If I learned anything in all the years of having my website is that men love to lay back and just receive. When playing one-on-one quite often the man is the one in charge and driving the sexual energy. While I love a man that takes charge, it is also fun for the man to just lay back and let the woman take charge in bed. This video is a total CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male) handjob and blowjob until he launches his cum into the air and you get to see it all! Watch as I make eye contact with you and talk dirty until he cums big time. Would you lay back and receive from me?


Vacation Vibes

Vacation Vibes 4k Video!

As many of you know that follow me, I recently took a short vacation getaway to Palm Springs, and it was truly a relaxing time. Hubby and I had a cute little bungalow with a nice swimming pool nestled up against the base of mountains in Southern California. It was so chill just having a few days to hang and do nothing. On the second day of the trip, I was feeling a little frisky and asked hubby to grab the camera as I grabbed my vibrator. I decided I wanted to get off and think of you watching me as I do it. Even after all these years of getting naked online I still get a big thrill out of cumming for you on camera. I use my vibe in this video to work my pussy until it cums. I hope that you will get your cock out and get it hard for me because the thought of you jacking off and cumming while I cum simultaneously with you is a huge thrill. So, let’s think of us fucking each other in real life and cum together!


Ready to Cum

Back in the Saddle and Ready to Cum – HD Video!

Hey guys I know I have been light on new video lately, however, as of today I am back in the saddle. Between health, traveling and my side gig I have had my butt kicked I have missed making new pictures and videos with you and you have my word there is more coming. I deeply appreciate the support from each and everyone of you. As you can imagine, I have been doing this for 23 years and sometimes you just need a break.

There is not a big extravagant story to this video. It is all about both you and I cumming together. I use my fingers and you can use your hand to get off. So, as I play with my pussy and clit, I want you to stroke your cock for me and bust a huge load that will turn us both on!


Meet My Secret Stud

Me and My Secret Stud in Pictures and Video!

@azgigolo has a very professional career and I had to make sure his face was not showing in anything that we’re posting. Because of his big time career we had to meet in secret. Him and I had been talking for months online and FINALLY we were able to hook up :) As many of you know a few weeks ago I setup a night to shoot in a local hotel room to ensure I had new pictures for the Holidays when everything gets so crazy.

It was on this night that I invited @azgigoloto my hotel room. And WOW am I glad I did! I knew he was a handsome man but I had never seen him naked before, but after all the talking online neither of us could wait to get naked hehehehe! It didn’t take long before we were passionately kissing and going at it. And imagine my surprise when I took his pants off and laid my eyes on his huge black cock! It was so nice looking and couldn’t wait to get in my mouth. I squatted down on the floor in front of him and started sucking away … VBEG! Well things happened fast and furiously and it was not long until we were in bed and he was sliding his big cock into my pussy. It filled me up to the max as I took it all the way in. This night was one of those quickie sex nights and we both had huge orgasms! YOU GET TO SEE IT ALL … He pulls out just in time and squirts his warm cum all over my butt!


Bullet Into the 2021 New Year!

Bullet Into the 2021 New Year! 100% (Unedited Selfies with 9+ min. 4K Selfie Video!)

A Special thanks to ClownMan who purchased me this sexy red lingerie!
Well, it is a new year, and we are all hoping 2021 will be a lot different than 2020! I am ready to get out and shoot with some new men and men I have not met before, however, I must wait until this Covid crap is over! So, for this update I decided to shoot a 4k video on my iPhone along with some iPhone selfies. Everything in this update I shot 100% on my own and you are getting it all unenhanced or edit. Just raw video and pictures of me having fun and dreaming of you climbing into my bed. Are you ready to come and have a rendezvous with me in this red lingerie? I’d love to have you join me, I am seriously hoping to hook up with some strange cock soon!)


Slap That Ass

Married Mature Wife Gets Younger Man BBC! w/Video and Cumshot!

A few weeks ago a new friend of mine came over for some good ole’ fashion afternoon sex! I was very excited for him to come over as we had been talking online for quite a while. But there was one thing he had never told me … he likes to slap ass while he’s fucking. We got busy very fast and after sucking his cock a bit I climbed on top to ride his nice cock. Then all of sudden SLAP!!!! His hand hit my ass with such force that I almost fell off of him LOL! I have to say that it got me way more excited and fired me up much more than I anticipated, so as we continued fucking I let him keep slapping my ass. I have no idea why it turned me on but for some reason this time it was making me more and more excited! Who would have thought that at my age I would have found something new to turn me on … VBEG! Enjoy this full set of pictures and see the red marks he leaves on my big ole’ butt! And watch as he pulls out and cums all over my tummy! CLICK HERE and SEE ALL THE HOT INTERRACIAL ACTION!

Join Me for Some Dildo Fun

Dildo Fucking and Wanting You! HD Video!

Usually when I’m at the studio we are shooting scenes and there are tons of people around. I am rarely there by myself. But on this day, I had some of my own peace and quiet at the studio. I had to be at the studio for several hours because someone was coming by to change the locks, so I took down my favorite dildo and decided to have some fun. I love when I get to be alone to masturbate. I really get to let my mind wander and fill my head with fantasy. My mind always goes to meeting you for a rendezvous and all the naughty things we could do together. I just imagine you fucking me hard on this futon. Watch and you will see the HUGE orgasm I have as I masturbate and fuck my pussy with this dildo with you on my mind. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Free Trailer

Alone with You

All Alone with You! With 10+ Min. HD Video! (100% Unedited Selfies)

I was home alone all day today as hubby was out of the house working. Over quarantine we have not had that much time apart. Being home alone got my mind wandering and I was feeling quite frisky. So, I decided to allow my frisky mind to take me where it wanted to go. And where was that? It was being alone with you. I just imagined us together in bed getting down and dirty with each other! A lot of kissing, feeling each other up and then moving to some good ole’ hot sex with blowjob, pussy eating and fucking? With hubby gone I get to play as I like and playing with you gets me soaking wet. So, join me for these pictures and 10+ minute video while we have a good romp in my bed! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!