Cum on My Tits JOI

Cum on My Tits JOI with Dirty Talk and Stroking! HD Video!

I know many of you love my big natural tits. I have had a lot of men ask me for more JOI videos and tell me how they want to cum on my tits. I must admit watching a man jackoff all over my tits is a big turn on for me! So, in this video I do a lot of dirty talking and give you simulated stroking as well as I play with my big tits and I beg you to cum all over my tits. I really enjoy watching a you cum on my tits then I like to rub all the cum into my tits with my hands as the you watch in satisfaction as I play with your cum! CLICK HERE TO JACKOFF ON MY BIG MILF TITS!

Homemade Porn

Nothing Like Homemade Porn
Blowjob with Facial Video!

Back in the 90’s when I started my site it was because hubby started surfing homemade porn when he was traveling and sleeping in hotel rooms all the time. Well eventually he came home from one of his trips and showed me online porn. Well I got into online porn and the thing I liked was it was just couples making porn in their own homes with their amateur equipment!

Well this video is a throwback to those times. Hubby and I shot this on our little Flip Video camera and it is in HD but it’s as homemade as homemade can get. I started out on my knees sucking his cock and then the light bulb blew out and we moved to the bed. Hubby is holding the camera and it’s a little shaky at times especially right before he cums and shoots a big load all over my face LOL! But you get to see it all in this episode of homemade porn just like the old days. We just shot this last night but it is a throwback to the early online porn days of just couples having fun online! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Christmas Quickie

Christmas Quickie – BBC for Christmas! HD Video!

Well it is Christmas time and what girl doesn’t want a little BBC for the holidays. I had my buddy @azgigolo come over and we had ourselves a little quickie. Not a lot to say about this other than quick fucking and quick cumshot right on face! A fun Christmas break during this busy time of year! Happy Holidays … VBEG.CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND HD VIDEOS!


Fun with BBC While Hubby is Out!

I Have Fun with Big Black Dick While Hubby is Out! 1080p HD Video!

Hubby was out for the evening, so I invited a friend over to shoot a video with me. I set the camera up on the tripod and away we went. I got right between his legs and got his big black cock in my hands and then my mouth. I start stroking and sucking on his cock getting it nice and hard. Of course I had to take off my shirt off to give him full access to my breast and eventually wrapping them around his big cock. Check out this video and watch me suck and stroke his cock until he unloads in my mouth. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND HD VIDEOS!


First Encounter

First Encounter – 1080p HD Video!

WOW … this was my first encounter with my new friend and I definitely think we’ll be hooking up again. I rented a room at a hotel specifically for this meeting and the anticipation was overwhelming! We had tried to get together before but for this reason or that reason it fell through. This time it worked out and I have to say it was blast! Brandon met with me and because of all the anticipation for tweeting, texting and flirting we were ready to rip each others clothes off and that is pretty much happened VBEG! It wasn’t long after we were in the room that the sex was hot and heavy! Cock sucking, pussy eating, fucking and cum … it all happened! There is not a lot to say for me in this story! I wanted some big black cock and Brandon wanted some big white booty! We made it happen and the fucking was amazing! Enjoy this 20 minute 1080p HD video that is both computer and mobile compatible. I hope you are as satisfied as we were hehehehe! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


I Like It Black In the Morning

Early Morning Interracial – 30+ min. HD Video!

A few weeks ago I stayed all night in a local hotel for a little weekend getaway and to have some fun taking photos. Well late on Saturday night after several hours of shooting I was feeling really horny and started texting one of my buddies. He said he couldn’t come over that night but he would be happy to come the next morning. Well I thought, I like it black in the morning so he showed up at 9am Sunday morning and this interracial romp was much better than breakfast in bed! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Dirty Cum Encouragement

Dirty Cum Encouragement 4K Video!

Before I describe the video, I want to tell you this is my first 4K video. I want to hear your feedback on whether you want videos in full 4k or if HD is fine. Please email me and tell me your thoughts!

There is no big story with this video. Bottomline is I was really horny, and you were on my mind. I masturbate and give you lots of dirty talk because all I can think about is you cumming inside my wet pussy. I give you cum encouragement telling you how I want your hard cock inside of me. Straight to the point and straight to the fun.  So, let’s get off together. Would you be willing to cum inside of with a nice messy creampie? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Slap That Ass

Slap That Ass – 22+ min. HD video!

A few weeks ago a new friend of mine came over for some good ole’ fashion afternoon sex! I was very excited for him to come over as we had been talking online for quite a while. But there was one thing he had never told me … he likes to slap ass while he’s fucking. We got busy very fast and after sucking his cock a bit I climbed on top to ride his nice cock. Then all of sudden SLAP!!!! His hand hit my ass with such force that I almost fell off of him LOL! I have to say that it got me way more excited and fired me up much more than I anticipated, so as we continued fucking I let him keep slapping my ass. I have no idea why it turned me on but for some reason this time it was making me more and more excited!  Who would have thought that at my age I would have found something new to turn me on … VBEG! See the red marks he leaves on my big ole’ butt! And watch as he pulls out and cums all over my tummy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Backporch Orgasm and Selfies

Backporch Orgasm and Selfies Pictures and HD Video!
(100% Unedited Selfies from 29-May-19)

Hey guys … I’m back after a long vacation that was much needed. I have a special update for you today. 100% unedited Selfies and masturbation HD Video. I shot these myself while hubby was out getting some errands done. It always gets me so excited doing selfies! I shoot them as if we are together one on one! I just imagine us together getting off and having fun in real life. I hope you envision these selfie updates that way.  All I can think about is sucking and fucking your hard cock! Give it to me! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Dawn Marie Pounded by @AZgigolo

(Interracial Creampie HD Video!)

Recently I had the pleasure of hooking with up my old buddy @AZgigolo and I have to say it was an amazing time! One thing I love about him is that there is no big song and dance with hooking up. He comes over and we fuck, and we fuck hard! Do you like hearing ass slapping against a man’s body? Well, you will definitely hear it in this video. @AZgigolo fucks me and fucks me hard. I also suck his cock and he eats my pussy. He pounds me from behind and gives me a big creampie! No big story for this video, just good ole’ fashion interracial fucking and fun! Don’t miss this 20+ minute HD video and watch me get fuck hard with a creampie ending. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Getting Off and Cumming in the Park

Public Nudity and Masturbation. Construction workers close by!

Well now … I’m back after a little break with my kids and grandson. This video was really fun, it has been a long time since I shot a video outside in a public place. I went to public park near our house and got off with guys only about 100 feet away eating in their work trucks. In this particular park lots of blue-collar guys that drive construction trucks stop for their lunch breaks. It was really erotic fingering my pussy and pulling out my tits in a public place where I could definitely get caught. As a matter of fact, I am certain they saw me. None of them walked up close to me though. Would you walk up and watch if you saw me with my tits out making myself cum in public park?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Sneaky and Quickie Blowjob

I Give Our Friend a Quickie Blowjob in the Garage! HD Video!

This week we had an out of town friend over for a visit. Him and I had always had a little flirty thing happening between us. It just so happened when he was here, hubby was going out to a basketball game. So, when hubby went to take his shower, I grab our friend and took him out to the garage for a sneaky and quickie blowjob. Of course, I had to video the experience. It was definitely a sexually charged atmosphere giving him a blowjob knowing hubby was showering in the other room. I quickly get down on my knees and suck his cock until he cums on my mouth and tits. Not much to say about this other than it was super fun and hubby had no idea until I showed him the video the next day. So, enjoy this as he gives me his warm cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Valentine’s Day Encouragement

I’m Your Valentine’s Day Warm-Up! HD Video!

With Valentine’s Day coming this week I thought I would give you some encouragement so that you’re all worked up for your girl come Thursday. I tease you with my big tits and I beg for you to fuck me in this video. I worked a glass toy in and out of my pussy as I ask you to stick your cock deep in my wet pussy. When I fuck there is nothing like laying on my back and feeling a nice cock slide in and out of me. Are you willing to give me your hard cock?  I want you worked up for Valentine’s Day so let’s get worked up together and both cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Let’s Ring (or Cum) In the New Year

Are you ready to ring in the New Year and Cum Together? HD Video!

Well I hope your Holiday Season has went well. Mine has been quite relaxing and I really enjoyed spending time with family this December. But now it is time for the New Year and 2019 is going to be exciting. We have several things planned to ramp up Dawn Marie’s Dream and well as our other websites. Exciting news coming in 2019!

However, for now I am ready to ring in the New Year with you. Or, should I say, “cum in the New Year”, I am ready for an orgasm and I hope you are too. Get your cock out and join me as I finger my pussy and I want you to stroke that nice hard dick of yours for me. Let’s cum together and bring in the New Year with a feeling of bliss. I give you lots of jack off encouragement in this video because I want your cum. Does that sound like a good celebration to you?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Impromptu Orgasm

I Wanna Watch You Jack Off! Cum with Me! HD Video!

Hubby and I were getting ready to go out to lunch and have a couple of Saturday afternoon drinks. Suddenly he says let’s shoot a quickie video on your iPhone. So, I grabbed my new toy to try it for the first-time and wow did it ever make me cum hard! Oh my gosh the orgasm was intense. I was thinking of you standing in front of me stroking your cock … I like watching men stroke their cocks. Would you be willing to stand in front of me and jackoff while I play with my pussy? I want to see you cum. Let me know it would be fun!  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!

Note: This is full HD Video shot in vertical view!



Cum Inside Me Encouragement

I Love Creampies and I want one from you! HD Video!

One thing I always like when fucking another man besides my husband is having him cum inside my pussy. Creampie’s turn me on LOL! There is something that always feel so naughty about getting a creampie. In this video we get to live out our fantasy. I beg you to cum inside of my pussy. There is lots of dirty talk and encouragement to give you what you need to pop your large warm load of cum inside of me.  Come give me my fantasy and I hope it’s your fantasy too. Would you be willing to give me a messy creampie?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Hubby Gets Punked

I Punked Hubby with BBC Interracial Video! 40 Mins. of sucking and fucking my black friend!

Hubby and I planned a trip to San Diego, and an old friend and I set up a little surprise for hubby. Our friend came over to the hotel and I sent hubby to get something I left in the car. As soon as he left, our friend and I started making out. We wanted to surprise hubby when he came back to the room. I guess hubby kind of got us, as soon as he came back to the room he grabbed the camera and started filming us. Now you are the lucky ones.. you get to watch me suck his big black cock, watch me fuck him and him fuck me from behind …  CHECK OUT this interracial video and let me know, would you be mad or would you grab the camera like hubby?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Naughty Trip to His Condo

Hot Interracial Fun In His Condo! (HD Video)

I was really a naughty wife on this day. I took my video camera and snuck off to his condo one afternoon and we caught the whole thing on video. This is a self-recorded video with just the two of us in the room. I really surprised hubby when I brought this video home for him to see. You know me, sneaking out with strong black men is my thing and this day was fantastic. I start out by giving him a POV blowjob then we move on to some hot fucking. He cums right in my pussy. After fucking me from behind. Not a big story for this video.  Just me out being a naughty wife and enjoying some bbc! Hot interracial video for sure! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Filling My Phat Ass

I Use an Anal Plug and Vibrator to Cum! (Video)

I think one of my best assets according to Members is my ass, no surprise I am always getting request for anal. So I decided to indulge y’all with a little bit of anal play. With my ass in the air, watch as I fill my tight ass with an anal plug and then start to play with my pussy. Thinking about having you deep in my ass and playing with my pussy is kind of hot!! Take your cock out and think about filling my ass with your cock and cumming deep inside me as I work myself to an intense orgasm with my toy.  Watch me slowly pull out the plug as I come down from my orgasm. CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Cheating with Big Black Cock

I Cheating on Hubby with Big Black Cock! (26 min. Video!)

I had been talking to this guy that lives in Vegas about shooting a scene for my site. He told me he was coming to town to housesit for a friend and asked if I would be able to meet him. Well it turns out that hubby was going out for the day riding his dirt bike, so we made plans to meet. After hubby left I headed over to his place, we set up the camera and started making out. Well you know me, it wasn’t long before I had my hands around his cock, in my mouth and in my wet pussy. Watch me ride his cock before he has me on my back with my feet in the air … CHECK OUT the video and see him pull out and spray his warm cum all over my stomach. CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Cum Instruction JOI with Dirty Talk

I Give You a Dirty Talking Big Tit Cum Instruction JOI! (HD Video!)

Hey guys I did something special this week. I self-recorded an HD Video on my iPhone and I share my big 38ddd tits with you and give a dirty talking JOI. If you have known me over the years you know I am not the biggest talker on video. But in this one I give lots of jackoff instruction and squeeze and drop my tits. I also give you jackoff hand motions and do my best at dirty talk to make you cum! It was fun doing it by myself because I always feel freer to talk dirty when nobody is watching me live. Plus, it’s really erotic doing stuff by myself as if only you and I are in the only ones in the room. So, come and watch this video and let’s get intimate with each other and you can blow that load for me. CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Dawn Marie Gets Fingered

I Get Fingered and I Cum! (HD POV of my pussy!)

If you know me at all, you know that I always say, my favorite toy is my middle finger! I can always get me going where I need to go, LOL. On this day I had help with someone else’s fingers. He rubs my pussy through my panties, before finally taking them off for direct contact to my pussy. You get to watch up close as he fingers my pussy and rubs my clit until he makes me cum. Do you think you could replace my favorite toy with yours? CHECK IT OUT and let me know. CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!



Big Titty Suck and Cum

I Get My Titties Sucked and I Cum! (HD POV)

If you have followed me for a time you know my nipples are super sensitive. I love getting my tits sucked on! So, this day it’s my turn to be treated, instead of the one giving head. Hubby just lets me lay back and he sucks on my tits while I pleasure myself. Hubby sucks my tits, slaps them and wiggles as you watch me really get off on the feeling of having my tinder nipples sucked. Imagine if you were sucking my big natural tits … is that something would turn you on? It would certainly turn me on. By the end of this video I end up cumming and it was nice for me to just lay back hehehe! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Look Up at My Big Butt

Look Up at My Big Butt (A POV of My Ass)

Have you ever wanted to bury your face in my butt? If so, here is your chance! In my 20 years online, my BOB (Big Ole’ Butt) has consistently gotten the most comments from you! So, I made a special video for this week … in this video you are able to get a close-up point of view of my ass. This was shot using a GoPro wide angle view to make you feel as if you are right there! I give you jack of encouragement so that you can cum, whether you want to cum with your face in butt crack or blast you warm cum on my ass, either way I want you to cum for me. I talk dirty, slap my butt, wiggle my butt and spread my cheeks so that you get the true feeling of being with me. CLICK HERE and have your way with my big ole’ butt and for all my pictures and HD videos!



Sneaky BJ

I Sneak Out and Give Him a POV Blowjob! HD Video!

I pulled a fast one today and surprised the hell out of my hubby! I arranged with a friend of mine that I have never shot with before to meet me down at the studio we use for BlowBang Girls. It was just a normal Tuesday morning and hubby thought I was going out to run errands. I even the snuck the video camera out of his office. Well, when I came home a couple hours later hubby was amazed and at what I had done. I gave my friend the video camera to hold and he shot a POV style of video of sucking his big black cock. It was awesome and so fun. I get off on being “naughty” and sneaking around. However, I will say I always come clean at the end of the day with hubby. But the sneaky part always gets me excited, I guess it is just the fact that I am doing something I am not supposed to do. Watch by friend cum on my tits and in my cleavage after I suck his cock! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and HD videos!