What has been going on since my move?

Most of you know that we decided to relocate to Kentucky, leaving Arizona last summer. The first couple months were good and then I started having health issues. To say that Ky welcomed me with warm open arms would be a lie, LOL.

The beginning of September the hits started.. I ended up sicker than I think I ever have been with a kidney infection. I was down for about a week with that and three or four days were REALLY rough with multiple trips to the dr and one to the ER. I finally go on a round of antibiotics that turned things around.

Next was a sinus infection from HELL!!! If you have followed me for a long while, you know that 2015 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and the Chemo messed up my immune system making it so hard for me to fight off infections or sicknesses. Put that with the fact that I had to fight with my insurance for an IgG infusion (this boast my immune system and helps me fight illnesses) for three months… The sinus infection lasted for four months with so many visits to the dr, CT Scans, seeing an ENT and of course the ER.. so many antibiotics and steroids and finally mid February I finally got rid of it..

Lastly.. I went in December for my annual mammogram, which thankful I keep up on mine. They called me and said they would like me to have a Diagnostic Mammo and possibly an ultrasound. This is nothing new for me as I have dense breast and it is sometime hard for things to be seen on a regular Mammo. After these test I actually spoke with a Radiologist and was told there were two spots they were concerned about and would like me to have an MRI.

I had a biopsy where they placed these markers on the two areas of concern and withdrew some tissue from the area and then sent me for the MRI. The MRI they were able to see the two spots of concern and determined that the larger one that kind of concealed the other was really nothing, but the smaller spot was in fact Breast Cancer. From here, I had a lumpectomy and they were able to just go in and remove the tumor which was approximately 4 cm. They also removed three lymph nodes which where sent out to be tested. The cancer was clearly removed and the nodes came back negative. From there I met with a Radiation Oncologist and determined I will NOT need Chemo, which was a great relief. I will undergo radiation and that is right now scheduled to start the week of April 8th. I will have radiation Mon – Friday, every day for four weeks and it only last like 5 minutes a day. Other than that, I am just dealing with a bit of nerve main from where they did the surgery.

So this is where I have been and why I haven’t been shooting content, I have had major things going on and pics were not at the top of my to do list. With that being said, I want you to know that I am OK!! I am in a very good headspace and I am ready to get this radiation started so I can get this next chapter in my life going.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.. if you are a woman reading this, or have women in your life, I can NOT stress how important your annual mammos are as that is how this was detected. So PLEASE have your mammos done!!!

LASTLY, I am asking for your support. Starting April 1st, I am participating in a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society and will be walking 100 miles in the month of April, yes while also undergoing radiation, but I know I can do this. If you are able to and would like to donate, ANYTHING would be appreciated. I can not share the actually sign up page because of personal info on that site. I WILL however make the donation for you and screen shot the donation for you. I have several ways for you to donate and they are listed below..

Paypal: dawnmarie@dawnmariesdream.com
Venmo: Dawn-Marie-175
Cash APP: $DawnMariesDream
(there is a process fee of $1.50 on the charity site, just an fyi))

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you take away nothing else from this post, please take away that I AM OK!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
Dawn Marie

Happy Friday from Chicago!!

I have been in Chicago for the past two weeks and I’m headed home this evening. First let me say, I get a lot of people reaching out to meet when I am here. Truly all of my time here is spent with my family, sorry. I have been here being the best Gigi I can and helping with my grandson. He had a two week break between Pre-k ending and camp starting. I have been making daily trips to the parks and doing crafts, playing LOTS of Crazy 8 and Old Lady (Old Maid), making tie dye shirts (first time ever) went to the movies yesterday, doing tball practice and a game and swimming lessons and we threw in a Cubs game.. so it is go, go, go when I am here and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I’m also ready for some down town. LOL. Gigi life can be exhausting! Oh and did I mention the HEAT?!?!? There have been at least three days over 100 and with the humidity, YUCK!!! Although my allergies/sinuses have been great here.

This coming week I have an apt for an MRI on my knee and xrays of my spine, lower back and Coccyx. 5 years ago when my grandson was born I slipped and fell on their basement steps right on my tailbone. The pain finally went away, but came back about a year ago and the pain is crazy. About two months ago I started experiencing pain in my knee and lower back and decided we should have it looked at to see what is going on. I realize my age and weight doesn’t help, but we gotta start somewhere.. The pain in my knee and back has been CRAZY!!

I also have my IvIG infusion this week, but have no clue what day as I haven’t heard from anyone. And I have my quarterly check with my oncologist, just to check labs that I am having drawn on Monday.. So bust week ahead.

Tomorrow my bff is having a pool party. I don’t get home until late this evening, so we will see how long I can last without wanting to go home and go to bed as I’ll still be on Chicago time.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ DM

I’m still here!

Hello and Happy Hump Day!!! For those of you that think or thought I feel off the surface of the earth, LOL.. I did not, I’m still here. I want to apologize to anyone that reads my blog for my lack of post. It is no excuse, I simply have had a crazy past 6 months. We did a lot of traveling last year and I did quite a bit the beginning of the year. I’m not making excuses, just letting you know. I have a two week trip to Chicago in June and other than that, I have nothing on my books.

I have also been working very diligently to get my “side hustle” up and running, and we are soooo close.

I WILL be shooting new content in the up coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!! What do you want to see? And remember if you are reading this, you know my limits.. I’m not doing g/g or anal, LOL.

Have a splendid day!! I’ll be back soon.

XOXO ~ Dawn

Tattoo & meaning..

A few weeks ago I got a new tattoo and I posted on Twitter that I was going to get it. I have thought about this tattoo for a long time and new what it was going to be. And I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. If you have followed me and you must if you are reading this, you know I lost my Mom 10 years ago and April will be 10 years since we lost my Dad. Years ago when going through some of my parents things, we came across an old school note book and this was written on the inside in my Mom’s writing. I took a pic of it and have had it in my photos for years. I decided that I didn’t know when I was going to do it, but this would be my next tattoo. So now I have my parents with me every single day and I LOVE seeing this on my wrist…

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Cincy Visit

This has been such a busy year for us, both personally and with our business. My side hustle “cozie business” is really taking off and keeps me busy several hours each day. We also are awaiting approval of a new “super” site, which will contain the solo video and pictures we have taken of girls over the years since starting the Blowbang site. We have a Gloryhole site that we are still building and it will be submitted soon and we are working with a friend to host his videos as well.

We went to Cincy over the holiday weekend and spent time with family there and to celebrate my Mom. September 3rd was the 10th Anniversary of her death. While there we went to a High School football game, I have a great niece that is cheering and we went to support her. We also partied in Bellevue and watched the WEBN fireworks, which we have not seen since like 1989 or so..

My younger sister and her hubby are coming back for a visit in October and I can’t wait. I think we are going to go to Winslow while they are here. And of course we have Disney World at the end of October and we have added Chicago for Christmas to our travel to close out the year.

Hope this finds you doing well and I’ll post again soon, I promise :)

Dawn Marie

Oh wait, I wanted to share this story, LOL. So when in KY I was given one of my yearbooks from a family member that had it for whatever reason. Below is the pic for 1981 when I was in the 10th grade and also entries made in that yearbook and a couple other of my yearbooks from one teacher. He would NOT be signing a yearbook like this today without getting into some serious trouble, LOL. He was the same age as my older brother,14 years older than me, they went to school together.


Howdy everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and you all remained healthy. We have been very fortunate and able to do some traveling. Today takes us on another trip. Today we are headed to Kentucky, I was last there February 2020 right before all hell broke lose, LOL. This trip is going to be a very sentimental one. My siblings and I are going to celebrate my Mom as tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of her passing. My Mom was truly the rock of our family and I miss her every single day. And I so wish she could have met my DIL and Grandson, she would have LOVED them. After this, we are home until the end of October when we go to Disney World with Fam…

Well time to get to the title of this post… Friendship!! I have some AMAZING friends in my life and I love them dearly. But sometimes things change and sometimes for no reason at all. People sometimes come into your life or you come into their lives for a reason. Perhaps to help them get through something, or to help you get through something and then it is time to move on. Sometimes you will miss those friends and other times you will not even realize you have lost contact, but the purpose of their/your friendship was served, and you have to be ok with it. But it is so important to keep the core of your friendships close to you and cherish those. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime!!

Please stay safe and I’ll post again soon!!

So, so very behind in my Blog and I’m sorry!!!

So I am so behind in posting, that the layout is completely different and I’m not sure if I’m even doing this correctly or that anyone will see it, LOL.

I want to thank EVERYONE that reached out to me on my birthday with wishes, I’m so very humbled and flattered. I had a wonderful day that started out with taking my grandson to swim class and then McD’s for lunch as this is his Saturday ritual. We came home and then went to the park and home to get cleaned up for dinner out for my Birthday. And then we were home to watch the Sun’s lose another game, UGH!!!!

The Sun’s.. y’all know I love sports and in the last few years I have become a Sun’s Fan. I mean we were going to games when they only won like 12 games a season. Now they are playing for the Championship, so just being there is great, but a win OMG would be awesome.

If this post, I promise I will do a better job posting in the future. If it doesn’t, LOL, I’ll just have Rob show me how.

If you are taking the time to read this, THANK YOU!!

Dawn Marie

Rolling with the punches!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know about my trip to St John in the USVI. Rob and I were going with some of our family and we were so looking forward to the trip. The USVI require a negative Covid test taken within 5 days of your travel. We took our test last Wednesday and Friday Morning I received my results which said I was positive for the virus.

Yep, I was shocked too!! So I went out Friday and had another rapid test and it came back positive too!! So, with that we had to cancel our trip.

To say we were shocked with the positive test was an understatement as I have ZERO Symptoms. I am asymptomatic, with not a fever or anything. So in the big picture, if this is how I am going to get the virus, I’m good with it. Perhaps the IVIG treatments for my immune system has helped me out.

Rob and I have been very careful with always wearing mask and not going to places that were not taking the necessary precaution and we really limited our circle of friends to a small handful that we knew took the virus as seriously as we were. But the virus is out there and some how I caught it, and have no idea when or where I caught it.

Now the CDC says you should isolate yourself for 10 days from the date of a positive test, so that will be Saturday. Rob has been staying at our studio. I am going to go tomorrow and be tested again to see if I am still testing positive.

If you are reading this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful and make sure you ALWAYS wear a mask…

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

Welcome 2021!

OMG, how terrible have I been with my blog? Damn it, y’all are suppose to hold me accountable, LOL. So how has your 2021 been so far? We are what, in out second week? I myself think 2021 is going to be a great year, well at least I am going to do everything I can to make it that way.

I get to have the Covid Vaccine in the next stage, 1C here in AZ. Since I have low IgG levels, that puts me in this category and I plan to take advantage of it. Not sure when that will happen, LOL as 1B just started today. My Dr did say I had to wait two weeks after an IVIg infusion, so I’m sure it will not happen before February.

Speaking of February, I will be getting on a plane for the first time since this time last last year. Last year I went to Chicago to visit family and then onto KY to visit with family and then Covid hit in the spring :( We are going to Saint John’s on the 1st until the 9th and I cannot wait!! We have never been before, and we have a place with an amazing view and private pool. So I’m looking forward to plenty of rest and relaxation!!

I have new updates coming soon, a selfie set and then a set in a black nightie that a member sent me for Christmas. He asked when he was going to get to see me shaved, so this might be happening, LOL. Stay tuned… And I will be sure to get some pantyhose pics in too, lots of request for them.

Until next time, Stay Safe!!!

Dawn Marie

Greetings from the Road!

We are someplace in Texas on our way home from a very much needed vacation. We drove to TN to visit with family since we have not been able to visit/fly since Covid.

I very much needed this break, mid July I got the Covid Blues and was very much missing my family. So we decided to get in the car and drive and we took almost two weeks off. It was so nice to unplug and just visit and enjoy the time we had.

I do want to apologize for the lack of new updates, but promise something new will be up in the next few days. I want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement, y’all need the world to me.

Hope you are all staying safe!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Birthday Month!

If you live in a cave and don’t realize it, yes my Birthday is in July! I normally go over the top in discussing and talking about my birthday, but this year was different. I’m thinking the virus as something to do with it. I have been feeling so melancholy since the beginning of July. The Fourth of July time was the worst of it. I reached out to family and said I need a zoom call, I need to connect with those that I love and haven’t seen in a while. It was nice to connect with them and felt better afterwards.

So for my birthday this year, we celebrated with two of my very best friends. And the week before we went up to Flagstaff with my g/f for a get away with our hubbies. It was nice to get away.

I do want to thank those of you that sent me wishes or gifts for my day, I really do appreciate you all so very much.

Update on my weight journey, I’m up 8 pounds from before the Pandemic. That is not too bad, especially since I have had pretty much no exercise. Our heat is crazy right now and even getting up at 5 am to walk it is in the high 80’s and I just cant really walk in that weather. But not to worry, I’m still on my journey and have a bit to go until I hit my goal.

I hope you are all stay safe and wearing your damn mask!! If you don’t want to wear a mask, just remember you are wearing it for people like me, not for yourself.

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie

I made this t-shirt for a niece of mine :)

Catching Up!

WOW, it has been a minute since I updated my blog and shame on me. Actually I wasn’t doing anything worthy of sharing, LOL.

I hope everyone is doing well and are still taking precautions when venturing out. We have been to a couple of places, but we never leave home without our mask.

I have been getting my IVIG infusions to boast my levels and they are helping. In February my levels were in the 300’s and last month they read in the 600’s which are within a normal range. But I am continuing with them and in fact I am scheduled for one on Tuesday.

I scheduled a few Trivia Cam Shows on VNA, if you are a member of my site, you can view the show free!! Just follow the VNA links in the Members area. My regular cam show will be Monday, June 22nd!! Oh and I have prizes for Trivia Cam.

Ok, I promise I will start taking more pics to share on my blog and watch for a HOT new video to come soon!!!

Take care of yourselves!!!

XOXO ~ Dawn Marie

How are you doing?

If you are reading this, you must be in some type of lockdown like me. I have pretty much been in the house for about three or four weeks now. I do go on my walks as I’m able to do that without being in contact with others. Last weekend we did a couple happy hours. Friday we had our single female neighbor over and we stayed more than 6 feet apart and Saturday I went to my g/f Wendy’s house and again did the same thing. Tomorrow we are having the three of them here and keeping our distance. It is hard not seeing others and the five of us are pretty much isolated from others.

I’m kind of treading water as far as my weight, no real loose or gain. I need to kick my ass in gear and not let this pandemic derail the progress I have made.

And be sure you are checking my site for Trivia Cams, I’m doing a couple each week to help all of us pass some time..

Please take care of yourself and those you love.

Hugs from a distance, Dawn Marie


I have been so blessed to have received gifts in the last few weeks and I needed to take this time to thank them. During these difficult times, I want you to know that I appreciate you thinking of me.. Much love to you all, and PLEASE be safe and take care of each other.

If there is something special you would like to see me in, just let me know and I can add it to my wishlist.. View my Amazon Wishlist!

Hugs and Kisses, Dawn Marie

Past due catching up!

Well I’m a little late in posting since my little get away. With that said, I did have a great trip visiting with my fam in Chicago and Kentucky. I also was able to sneak in a last minute visit with a “friend” the night before I left Chicago, you might have seen the update on my site of the selfie I took the morning after?!?

Where am I in my weight loss journey? I had a slight gain, less than two pounds during my two weeks of travel, but I’m back on track. My meeting on Saturday I am down a total of 50.8. I am actually meal prepping for this week so that I know I will stay on track. As always, I thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Lastly, I wanted to talk a minute about my overall health. I realized this past week that I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. It really does not feel like it has been 5 years, but here we are!! I must say, I feel better today than I can ever remember and I am so very blessed. I know there are sooooo many people out there that have it so much worse than I ever did. But with that said, that first year was life changing and it really makes you think about like and the choices you make. Right now I am getting checked every three months, I go in and draw labs to check all sorts of things, LOL. Since I came back from Chicago/Ky sick my Dr had me go in for an IVIG which is a treatment that helps boast my immune system and I’m having another one in March. My levels are always low and just a side affect of my cancer. I go in and I’m there for like four hours getting the IV. This treatment I had a couple side affects, which are normal for this drug.. two days after I had a horrible headache and the chills. But like I said, I can’t really complain.

I have had a couple people ask about my wishlist, so I went and updated it with a few items.. some are personal and some I will shoot in. I have been very motivated lately and shooting a lot of new content, so if you want to see me in something special, send it to me. CLICK HERE FOR WISHLIST

Just checking in, not much to share.

Hello and happy Monday!! I am sorry, but I don’t have a lot to share today. I am currently in Chicago visiting with family. When I leave here I am heading to Kentucky to visit with my siblings and their kids. Only my younger sisters daughters know I am coming, it is a secret for everyone else, so shhhhhhh. We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I am still doing my WW thing, just kind of taking it easy with traveling. I’m not going off the rails eating, but not eating as structured as I would be at home. I won’t be home until 2/3.

Lastly, just want to take a moment to say, remember to tell your loved ones just how you feel about them, never leaving them with any type of certainty. With the passing of Kobe Bryant and the rest of the people that were on the helicopter with him, it just makes you re-evaluate things. So very sad for all the lives that were loss and my heart just goes out to all the friends and family members.

As always, I thank you all for all your continued support and encouragement, you all mean the world to me.

I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

WOOHOO I did it!

I had my WW weigh in yesterday and I hit the 50 pound total weight loss, well actually 50.6!!!  I really was not expecting it this week, but I am so happy!!  I think I have 25ish more pounds to go..  So my one year with WW is February 23rd, that is just 6 weeks away.  I think my next goal is a pound a week and of that two weeks I will be traveling, ugh. 

As always I thank you all for the support and encouragement, it means so much to me!!! 

Did you see my last Update?   New Year – New Selfies?  Think you could handle taking pics of me??  Check them out and let me know what you think. 

Remember you can always connect with me through any of these medias:

Twitter:  @dawnmariesdream

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SextPanther:  Dawn-Marie

Text with a friend!

My very first Podcast!

Ok, my very first Podcast has been published.  After Christmas I sat down in my kitchen with my friend Dr. Dave aka AzGigolo on twitter.  I met him many years ago and last year he decided to start a Podcast The Stage’s Stable @Stagstable .  So when he asked me to do his podcast of course I said yes.  We discussed how I started in the “lifestyle” and such.  I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ON THE PODCAST and let me know what you think.  You can find his podcast on most platforms… The Stag’s Stable.

The Stag's Stable









Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Weekly Check in

I think I am going to surprise you all with how organized I am going to be in 2020!!  I said I would check in after my weigh in and I put it on my calendar to do that today and look at me following through with shit, LOL.  

Ok, so I had a pound weight gain, not bad for a holiday week, but now it is time to get down to business, LOL.  I am 3.2 pounds away from my next goal of 50 pounds.  My goal is to be there by my weight in before I head to Chicago and that will be on the 18th and this is totally doable, just have to make the right decisions.  

Also, I wanted to let you know that Thursday is our ONE HOUR FREE MEMBERS CAM for any member to my site.  All you need to do is follow the VNALive links inside the club area!!!  PLUS you know you get access to ALL the VNALive shows with your membership, right?  So not just mine but any of the ladies that do cam shows on the site, so take advantage of that!!!

I got my hair done on Saturday, I’ll post a pic later this week.  I haven’t taken one yet as I haven’t washed my hair, LOL.  I try to wait at least a day after getting it colored before I wash it.  I did go a little bit shorter, it is right at my jaw line now.  I’ll post a pic on twitter later today after my walk or you can wait and see it here, LOL.

I hope you have a wonderful week and as alway, you can comment here, email me, Tweet meTEXT ME, or join my ONLYFANS and message me there… I’m always here for ya!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

1/04/2020 Weigh in

So the keychain is for all the weight I have lost and they did a winter challenge and the sun is for the summer challenge. They do these to get people at the meetings.

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2020!!  Wow does that sound crazy or what?  This past year flew by, funny how that happens when you are an adult and as a child it feels like time just creeps by.   I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, ours was very nice, just busy as always, LOL.  We still have our Ugly Sweater Party which is on the 11th.  I know it is after the holidays, but the date just works.  Last year after visiting Chicago I came home sick and we had to postpone our party and the later date just worked so much better.  I will be sure to share a pic or two with you, although my sweater is more cute than ugly, LOL.

I do want to thank all of you that are reading this, for doing just that, reading it.  It truly means a great deal to me that you take the time to read it and to catch up with what is going on in my life.  So, Thank you!!  Also, if you sent me wishes or a gift and I someone missed replying and thanking you.. THANK YOU!!!

Weight loss update..  Well I have been flirting with the 50 pound total loss for about two months now, LOL.  I lose and then I gain and then I lose and then gain and it is 100 percent on me and my own choices, I own that and accept it.  I probably will not his it this Saturday, but I’m going to try my best to hit it on the 11th.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress or lack there of, lol.  I also made goals for 2020 and I’ll share that with you in the pic section.  But thank you soooooooo much for your support and encouragement!!!  

I am looking forward to what 2020 has in store for us and I hope we all have a wonderful new year!!!

Cheers ~ Dawn Marie

Almost time…

So, who is ready for the holidays?  Are you all done with shopping?  Have your tree up and presents wrapped and ready under the tree?  Do you do stockings? Will you be celebrating at home or going someplace else to celebrate with family and/or friends?  

Well I have my tree up, nothing under it but the tree skirt and my cats, LOL.  I have a few things, but have several things still left to get.  We will be spending Christmas at our house with family and friends.  We did Christmas in Chicago last weekend and we had a wonderful visit.\

As for my weight journey.. I gained 3 pounds during my time away, but I’m good with it, I’ll get it this week!!!  Need to get more activity in this week :) 

I want to thank Carl and an anonymous gift giver for the holiday gifts they sent me from my wish list.



WOW it is December 3rd, just 22 days until Christmas, just crazy!!  Always feels like this time of the year just flies by and then it is the new year before you know it.  So are you done with your holiday shopping?  We are done with some, LOL…  We are headed to Chicago this week to spend the weekend with family there and celebrate Christmas with them.  We started doing this years ago and it is an enjoyable time.

One thing with us going to Chicago, I put off taking out my holiday decorations until after we return.  Remember, I have a little rascal of a cat, not calling anyone one out, but Tucker, LOL.. I don’t want to come home to a tree in the middle of my living room and I don’t want my son to have to deal with it while we are gone.  My Mom loved Christmas and all the music and decoration and she has passed that on to all her kids…  Can’t wait to get my things up.

Well I am slightly, and I really mean slightly disappointed to say I did not make my “mini goal” in regards to my weight.  I wanted to have lost 50 pounds by this past Saturday, but with the holiday I had a slight weight gain and was up .2 of a pound.. making my total loss 49.6.  I will not be weighing in again until the 14th after my Chicago trip and I hope to hit it by then.  Now I just need to come up with a new goal!!  

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I wanted to take a moment to wish those near and dear to me a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  I am so very grateful for all of you that have support over the years.  You have supported me through all the ups and downs of my life since being on the web.  You all have touched my life and make me feel so very special.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday if you are in the states and celebrating.  PLEASE be safe and have a festive day and enjoy the time with your family and friends!!!

If you are not a member of my site, you can join now for just $14.95!!  JOIN NOW!!

New outlook and mindset

With the change in my lifestyle, ie.. weight loss, I have been looking at other aspects of my life and have decided I want to use a planner and try to be more productive with my time and energy.  Someone I follow uses this brand of planner and I have found it on Amazon and added one to my list.  If you are looking for something to get one of your favorite redheads in your life, LOL… this would be an awesome gift, hehe.  I have also added a few accessories http://www.tinyurl.com/dmwishlist 

Approaching Thanksgiving…

Approaching Thanksgiving, what are you Thankful for?  I am thankful for all my current and past members, y’all mean the world to me and I appreciate you so very much!!  Let’s be real, without you, I would not still have this online life, so Thank you!!!

I’m very thankful for my health and my decision to lose weight and get into better shape.  I’m doing well on the weight part, need to kick my butt into the shape part, LOL.  As of this past Saturday, I am down 49.8 pounds!!!  Yep, just .2 away from my little mini goal I made for myself.  I find if I set little goals to achieve that it makes it easier for me.  Fingers crossed I have a good week and my weigh in on Saturday I make my mini goal, but man Thanksgiving week???  LOL.

I’m shooting a new video tomorrow morning that I will have posted for Black Friday, so watch for that to come later this week.