I Need Some Dick

I Need Some Dick … You Up For It?

Currently seaking some good looking guys that want to suck and fuck … VBEG! I admit it has been way to long but it was just one of those life things you cannot control! I cannot wait to jump in bed with some hot guy and get busy while hubby takes pictures and videos. Just the thought of a nice hard dick sliding between my lips and into my wet pussy is enough to drive me crazy at this point.  I am so looking forward to some fresh new cum! So today I just had to satisfy myself and used this fat vibrator for some good fun and orgasms! You gotta nice hard dick for me? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Slap That Ass

Slap That Ass – 22+ min. HD video!

A few weeks ago a new friend of mine came over for some good ole’ fashion afternoon sex! I was very excited for him to come over as we had been talking online for quite a while. But there was one thing he had never told me … he likes to slap ass while he’s fucking. We got busy very fast and after sucking his cock a bit I climbed on top to ride his nice cock. Then all of sudden SLAP!!!! His hand hit my ass with such force that I almost fell off of him LOL! I have to say that it got me way more excited and fired me up much more than I anticipated, so as we continued fucking I let him keep slapping my ass. I have no idea why it turned me on but for some reason this time it was making me more and more excited!  Who would have thought that at my age I would have found something new to turn me on … VBEG! See the red marks he leaves on my big ole’ butt! And watch as he pulls out and cums all over my tummy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


See Me in a New Light

I’m in a New Light and Everyday Clothing!

Here I am … in my everyday normal clothes. Many times, when I shoot photos you see me in lingerie or some fancy outfit. Today I am in everyday normal clothing like you would see me running around town. There is something a little different about this photo. Hubby has really been working on his lighting and photography skills lately, so we did a little experimentation with these photos. Please tell me what you think of the color and lighting of the photos. Not just your normal all white light. Do you think it is sexy seeing a wife and mom in her everyday normal clothes? I know my hubby loves it and is always checking out women when we go to places like the grocery store. So, I thought I’d let you see me in my everyday clothes and let you fantasize about stripping them off of me.  Just take me quickly, unbutton my shirt and jeans and let’s get busy hehehehe! Are you ready? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Thank You! I Don’t Beg!

We All Enjoy Gifts But I Don’t Beg!

I want to thank Eric for sending me this outfit along with a few more in a big box of lingerie fun. I am a woman that appreciates a nice gift from my followers. However, I am not one of those women that “beg” for free shit. Yes, I have an Amazon Wishlist and you are welcome to use it. But you will never see me begging for money or gifts on my Twitter, Website or Email. I just appreciate you supporting me in any way you can. It cracks me when I see women flat out asking for gifts or trying to get guys to send them cash on online. We all have to work for our money. This is the work I chose, and I love it!  You’ll ever catch me begging, well unless I want your cock in my mouth or pussy … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Bathroom Selfies – Au Naturel

Bathroom Selfies – Au Naturel and Short HD Video!
(100% Unedited Selfies from 30-Jun-19)

The comments and feedback I get on my “selfie updates” is just incredible. It really makes me happy that you guys enjoy these self-shot photos so much. It truly makes me feel sexy and appreciated that you give me so much love on these updates. These selfies I shot in my own bathroom after taking a shower and getting cleaned up. No fancy makeup and zero photoshop editing. These pictures are straight from my iPhone to you! Do you like my peach bra and panty set?  Just imagine peeling my bra and panties off of me before we climb into a warm wet shower together. Is that something you would like to do? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Interracial BJ and Big Titty Cumshot

Watch Him Cum all Over My Tits!

I was really a naughty wife on this day for sure and you know how that turns me on. Hubby was out of town and I invited over a friend of mine I had been talking too for quite a while. He had been wanting me to suck his cock and I kept leading him on and teasing him. So, I decided to let him come over and cum all over me while hubby was away.  I guess the anticipation was building because he squirted an enormous load of cum all over my big tits! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


I Bet You Want One Piece

One Piece Lingerie and You!

So here I am in this little one piece of lingerie that covers from neck to toes, but don’t worry it is certainly easy access. You know I have a thing for hooking up with men that I truly enjoy. I have this fantasy about showing up with a little black dress on and only having this on underneath. What do you think? We could have a seriously fun and naughty hook up in a hurry if I met you out at a bar in this. I’ve always wanted to do that “take me in the bar” thing. You know what I mean where we meet at the bar and sneak into the bathroom for a quickie.  The door locked … me bent over the sink and you fucking me hard until we both cum? You game? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Back in Dresses

I’m Back to Wearing Short Summer Dresses!

I just love wearing dresses. I used to wear them all time but for some reason the last few years I have not worn them as often. I was looking online at clothes one day and notice that this summers above the knee the dresses were super cute, so I purchased a couple new dresses. Wearing above the knee dresses is very liberating. They are light and allow the breeze to blow up between my legs … hehe! Plus, when hubby and I go out to a bar for couple drinks I always feel little flirting in dress that is above the knees. I love the looks I get from men in the bar. They try not to be obvious, however, I see them trying to catch peek out of the corner of their eyes. Are you a man that checks out women in the bar even when you are with you wife? It is natural for humans to always be checking out others.  If you see me out somewhere please come up and say hello, just be cool about it … you never know what might come of our introduction … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Backporch Orgasm and Selfies

Backporch Orgasm and Selfies Pictures and HD Video!
(100% Unedited Selfies from 29-May-19)

Hey guys … I’m back after a long vacation that was much needed. I have a special update for you today. 100% unedited Selfies and masturbation HD Video. I shot these myself while hubby was out getting some errands done. It always gets me so excited doing selfies! I shoot them as if we are together one on one! I just imagine us together getting off and having fun in real life. I hope you envision these selfie updates that way.  All I can think about is sucking and fucking your hard cock! Give it to me! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Dawn Marie Pounded by @AZgigolo

(Interracial Creampie HD Video!)

Recently I had the pleasure of hooking with up my old buddy @AZgigolo and I have to say it was an amazing time! One thing I love about him is that there is no big song and dance with hooking up. He comes over and we fuck, and we fuck hard! Do you like hearing ass slapping against a man’s body? Well, you will definitely hear it in this video. @AZgigolo fucks me and fucks me hard. I also suck his cock and he eats my pussy. He pounds me from behind and gives me a big creampie! No big story for this video, just good ole’ fashion interracial fucking and fun! Don’t miss this 20+ minute HD video and watch me get fuck hard with a creampie ending. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Everyday Dawn Marie

My Everyday Natural Look!

I was just sitting around braless in a white shirt and some jean shorts. Hubby comes in with our little pocket camera and says “hey, we need to update so let’s go out back and shoot some photos.” At first I was like, what??? I have on barely any makeup, I’ve not really done my hair properly and I’m in this old worn out outfit. Hubby was like “that’s cool because the guys will dig seeing you all natural” on our little pocket camera. I was nervous about it at first but said what the heck and through caution to the wind.

So here I am naked on my back porch enjoying the warm weather we are having and I’m all natural. Barely any makeup and just looking as everyday Dawn Marie. Also, hubby took these pictures with only our little pocket camera. No fancy lights, no flashes, no umbrellas and no fancy SLR camera.  Just me in all my natural glory or non-glory depending how you look at it LOL! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Home Alone Pantyhose Selfies

(79 100% Unedited Selfies taken 27-Apr-19)

So yesterday hubby went out for about 7 hours to shoot photos in the desert and left me home alone. It was great having some chill time by myself. I started out catching up on some home shows and then reading a book. The book I’m reading is little spicy in parts and kind of got my mind wandering to more sexual things. Being home alone I started thinking I should do some selfies. So, I put on my bra and pantyhose and then grabbed my selfie stick. All I could think about while shooting these photos was how much fun it would have been if you were here with me. When I’m home alone like this my mind always wanders to naughty thoughts and that includes you ravaging my body and worshipping my pantyhose covered legs and feet! Are you up for taking care of my sexual wants? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Getting Off and Cumming in the Park

Public Nudity and Masturbation. Construction workers close by!

Well now … I’m back after a little break with my kids and grandson. This video was really fun, it has been a long time since I shot a video outside in a public place. I went to public park near our house and got off with guys only about 100 feet away eating in their work trucks. In this particular park lots of blue-collar guys that drive construction trucks stop for their lunch breaks. It was really erotic fingering my pussy and pulling out my tits in a public place where I could definitely get caught. As a matter of fact, I am certain they saw me. None of them walked up close to me though. Would you walk up and watch if you saw me with my tits out making myself cum in public park?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Tipsy Dawn Marie

I’m Tipsy In Blue Jeans

About an hour before I shot these pictures I was out out drinking with the girls. Myself and some other web girls spent the afternoon at Z’Tejas drinking stiff Margaritas and just having a good ole’ time cutting up and laughing enjoy our girl talk. It’s always fun to get together with just the girls and let off steam.

Well just so happens that later that afternoon I had to meet hubby at the a local hotel for some pictures. However, when I arrived at the hotel I was more tipsy than I thought. Dang those Z’Tejas Margarita’s are strong LOL! But we still had a fantastic time. This is the very first picture set that evening when I still had my buzz on a little bit. I walked into the room quickly freshened up and shot these photos.

I wore my tight jeans, Jennifer Lopez shirt and my new Tom shoes out that day. I was all comfy on the outside but I want to show how comfy I was on the inside. So watch me strip naked as I get all excited and wet thinking of you watching me. Get that cock and stroke it for me! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


This Ain’t No April Fools

(100% Unedited Selfies taken 01-Apr-19)

I had an April’s fool thing all planned to post yesterday and I was going to prank y’all that I was retiring … LOL! Yeah yeah, I’m sure there are some out there that wish I would retire, so go ahead and move on hehe! I was planning on doing a “fancy” type shoot for this week but honestly, I get so many compliments on these selfie updates that I decided to give you more! I have to admit these selfie updates are a lot of fun. You, me and the camera is what makes them special and they are done totally all natural as in there is zero enhancements of the pictures. The pictures go straight from my phone to my website.

Today I’m in this sexy little blue lingerie that shows off all my curves. This outfit really makes me feel sexual and it is such a shame you are not here to share it with me. Perhaps we need to remedy this situation. I want to hear how you would treat me if we were in bed together. Tell me what would turn you on and make you a happy man. You know I’m all about the dick, I am a man’s woman that wants a man’s touch. Do you have what it takes? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Sneaky and Quickie Blowjob

I Give Our Friend a Quickie Blowjob in the Garage! HD Video!

This week we had an out of town friend over for a visit. Him and I had always had a little flirty thing happening between us. It just so happened when he was here, hubby was going out to a basketball game. So, when hubby went to take his shower, I grab our friend and took him out to the garage for a sneaky and quickie blowjob. Of course, I had to video the experience. It was definitely a sexually charged atmosphere giving him a blowjob knowing hubby was showering in the other room. I quickly get down on my knees and suck his cock until he cums on my mouth and tits. Not much to say about this other than it was super fun and hubby had no idea until I showed him the video the next day. So, enjoy this as he gives me his warm cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Redhead In Shamrock Pantyhose

Let’s Share Each Other’s Pots of Gold!

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in our house as my hubby is a “Mc” through and through so normally we always shoot something new for this day, but this year, life just got in the way. I’m wishing you all a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So how do you feel like having my shamrock nylon covered legs wrapped around you? That sure sounds fantastic to me and I would love to have you here in person to rub your hands up and down my thighs. Let’s find each other’s pots of gold …. VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Cactus League Rendezvous

Let’s Hook Up During the Cactus League!

One of the best things about living in Arizona is MLB’s Spring Training. In Arizona it is called the cactus league and brings in people from all over the country. Many of the MLB teams do their spring training here and it really is like a carnival atmosphere. This weekend on St. Patrick’s Day we are heading out to see the Cubs game and I’m sure it will be a big party. The Cubs definitely have a big draw and set the attendance record every year during the Spring Training season. It’s always a crazy crowd and crazy fun!

I’ve always had this fantasy about hooking up with an out of town man for some no strings attached fun. What better time to do that than during Spring Training when men come to town without their wives to watch baseball and have fun bro-trips. If you are from out of town and wanna hook up let me know LOL! Or if you see me out at game hit me up you never know what will happen … VBEG! Would you be ready and willing for quickie rendezvous if we ran into each other? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Strap-On Moms

Mom’s Take Turns Using The Strap-on! 90+ High Rez Photos!

As you know I am not really a girl / girl type of woman. I am pretty much strictly dickly, but this set allows me to work in a both a girl and a dick … hehehe! This set includes my friend Haley and is a throw back set, I wanted to bring this set back because it’s not been on my site for a LONG TIME and I am traveling on vacation starting Friday and I am super busy this week so shooting new photos just wasn’t going to happen.

This night former Dreamgirl Haley and I use a strap-on together. Previously I only posted my half of the pictures but since Haley is long gone from Dreamnet I am posting both my pictures and the pictures she posted on her site. They have all been re-mastered in the new modern sizes, much larger than they were originally posted.

Haley and I had so much fun this night and we really enjoy playing with it each other. Plus this set has double bonus … we’re both wearing pantyhose … BEG! I know many of you enjoy pantyhose so this set works on two levels hehehehe!

I have to say feeling Haley slide inside of me with a strap-on was something special. Who would of ever thought that two women could fuck like this …. hehehehe! And then when it was my turn to fuck Haley I felt very powerful with the dick hanging off of me and sliding deep in her pussy. We both orgasmed like crazy!

Enjoy all the strap-on action and get two complete sets of pictures as Haley and I fuck each other! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Jump In the Tub with Me!

(100% Unedited Selfies taken 20-Feb-19)

The other night in my Members Cam a couple of the guys were saying how much they enjoy my Selfie Updates, so I decided to do another. Today I was running errands and going to the bank and decide afterwards to relax in a nice bubble bath. I hope you don’t mind, but I brought you with me. What do you think? Would you like to slip in behind me and enjoy a bath with me? We could wash each other and slide our soapy naked bodies all over each other. Would you want to get all hot and sweaty with me in the tub and then have to start all over again? Get all sudsy with me!! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Valentine’s Day Encouragement

I’m Your Valentine’s Day Warm-Up! HD Video!

With Valentine’s Day coming this week I thought I would give you some encouragement so that you’re all worked up for your girl come Thursday. I tease you with my big tits and I beg for you to fuck me in this video. I worked a glass toy in and out of my pussy as I ask you to stick your cock deep in my wet pussy. When I fuck there is nothing like laying on my back and feeling a nice cock slide in and out of me. Are you willing to give me your hard cock?  I want you worked up for Valentine’s Day so let’s get worked up together and both cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Home Alone

Home Alone & Ready for You!
(100% Unedited Selfies taken 30-Jan-19)

Well this is my first evening home after being gone for 2 weeks to visit family in the mid-west. Just so happens that my first night home hubby had tickets to a concert. I was home alone and chatting up some guys and I became particularly horny, so I decided to shoot a selfie set. These selfie pictures always feel special to me because it’s like only you and I are in the room. After two weeks of no sex I was really ready, so I let my mind wander to just you and I playing together. Imagine me wrapping my hand around your hard cock and stoking it was rigid hard. Then I begin to suck your dick and get it all wet with my mouth wrapped around it.  I want you to then fuck me hard but be sure to pull out in time to blast your warm cum on my face and tits!  CLICK HERE and get ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


You Call This Punishment?

Punish Me by Bending Me Over for a Good Fuck!

So you think you can put me in the corner as punishment? Well it’s not going to work I will smile and be happy and I’ll find a way to make you smile. I can easily amuse the both of us and I know what I’m going to do. I’ll stay right in my chair and strip of out my mini-skirt giving you some up skirt shots along the way. And after I bare my tits and ass to you I bet you’ll be willing to let me out of this corner so that we can have some real fun naked … hehe!   CLICK HERE if you want to punish me and get ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Hope This Doesn’t Get Me In Trouble

Secretly I Love Office Hook Ups!

I sure hope this doesn’t get me in trouble but then again … the risk is half the fun :) I have a guy at work that knows about my site and he told me how he loves it when I wear pantyhose. So today I wore these black pantyhose into work … I teased the best I could without getting in trouble. Then I whispered into his ear … “watch my website because I’ll go straight home today and take pictures so you can see me all naked and naughty in my pantyhose” …. you get to see a lot more than my office worker saw at the office!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Bang in the New Year

I am ready to Bang in the New Year!

I am ready to bang in the New Year! I may no longer be some young woman but that doesn’t mean my sex drive has gone away LOL! I would love to have you in my bed rolling around and playing with me. And I want to play with you too! Let’s get together and make it happen. What is your favorite way to fuck? For me I cum the easiest when I’m top and can ride you cowgirl style. But I really do enjoy a man getting behind me and fucking me hard and hearing our bodies slam together. Just imagine being in bed with me while I wear this tight green fishnet and fuck like two young 20-somethings until we both cum! Where would you like to squirt your cum on me? Do you like facials, cumming on tits, cumming on my ass or giving me a good ole’ fashion creampie?  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!