Too Old?

Too Old For Denim & Tights?

I recently had this drunk woman tell me at a country bar “you are too old to be wearing that outfit” and what I had on is what I’m wearing right now; one of my favorite tops, short denim skirt, tights and my new boots. I think this woman was a little jealous because I was getting quite a few looks from the guys and she was out trolling for men but they kept coming up and talking to me. She was at the table right next to me and I could she was getting frustrated with the attention I as getting. After she confronted me I just told her to mind her own business and I’ll wear whatever I’m comfortable wearing and it is none of her concern. It is always funny how women become the worst critics of themselves. I was just out having a good time laughing and drinking and she was jealous of me getting the attention. I mean come on and get a life. I was just using my womanly persuasive ways, one of my tricks is when I sit on high bar stool I spread my legs just enough for the guys to get an up skirt view … VBEG! That always turns me on when I catch them looking and then I just wink back at them … hehe!

So what do you think? Am I too old to dress like this when I go out in public? Would your female friend be jealous of me dressing this way? The way I see it is age is not an issue, but rather it’s your attitude and if you feel sexy flaunt it. Would you hit on me in bar if I was dressed this way?


The MILF & Young Woman

Young MILF Dawn Marie with Young Elli

Exclusive pictures not seen by the public in many many years!

Hey guys I wanted to bring back this old set of Elli and I. For a short time Elli lived in Tucson and we were able to hang out occasionally. Well here is a really old picture set that I took with Elli on April 21, 2000. I was only 34 and she was only 23 way back then. It is one of my earliest sets with a woman. We both had on these skin tight stretchy nylon dresses and had so much fun this day. We were both a little giddy as you’ll see by my facial expressions in some of the photos. I have to say feeling Elli’s wonderful full breasts in my hand was certainly a new experience for me not to mention having her pussy in my face LOL!

So enjoy this flash back picture set and as always the pictures have all be re-master in the new full sizes of today’s web. See a much younger Elli and I stripping each other down!


Grab the High Heels

High Heels: Grab On & Take Me For a Ride

If there is one thing my hubby has a fetish for it is definitely blue jeans. So I surprised him and put on this pair of blue jeans with my a nice tight white shirt sleeveless shirt. But to spice it up a little bit I put on these deep blue high heels.

What is it about high heels? Wearing high heels always makes me feel a little more naughty and provocative. Not sure why but I do like the feeling they give me. Heels just seems to spice up my attitude and I do things in high heels I would not do in flats. For example, I can fuck with my high heels on but you’ll never see me fucking in flats LOL! But guys seem to love when my legs are up in the air and they can hold on to my heels. I must admit it is an awesome feeling when a guy is hold my legs by the heel as you slides deep inside of my wet pussy! I’m a submissive girl so I love when the man takes control and drives me home so to speak … VBEG!

Strip me out of my jeans and I promise to leave my heels on … grab on take me for a ride!


Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI

Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI – Crystal Clear Video!

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you a BRAND NEW video. During the Quarantine Rob received an offer from Go Pro to upgrade to the latest Hero 8 version of their camera with very substantial discount. He jumped on it! This is the first video shot on the new camera, and it is beautiful 4k footage.

After my last Jackoff Instruction video, I received many more requests for fun JOI videos. It truly gets me off knowing you are getting off to these. So please email me and telling me how you like them. This video it is a little different because I actually use a realistic cock dildo while talking to dirty to you! You see me stroke it, spit on it, suck it and rub it between my tits. All the while, I am talking dirty and encouraging you to jackoff to me and cum on my big squishy tits! So, CLICK HERE and cum for me in either HD or 4K video! I wanna hear about it too!

Free Trailer

Fuck Me in Fishnet

The 1st time I did anything DP!

Hey guys someone sent me this one piece fishnet outfit from my Amazon Wish List and I have to say this is the perfect sex outfit. All this sexy fishnet but it still leaves open the fun parts of my body hehe! I would love for you to pull down my top and start squeezing my soft tits and then spread my legs and slide your cock deep inside my wet pussy. I can even leave my legs covered so you can feel my fishnet covered legs squeeze around your back as I pull you in deep! Finally I imagine you flipping me over on all fours and then pounding my pussy doggie style pulling out just in time to squirt your warm cum all over my fishnet covered booty … we can have a fun night of fucking!


4th of July DP Fun!

The 1st time I did anything DP!

Back in 2000 we had a good friend John who could not be on camera but he so badly wanted to be there when we did a picture set. So we went to his apartment and shot this Red, White and Blue 4th of July set and really had a fun time. Can you tell by the giddy grin on my face. I always get so giddy and nervous when it’s someone besides just me and my hubby and this day was one of those days.

I got very wet and excited when John poured the lube over my butt and first inserted the vibrator. It was so erotic having him “feel me up” as hubby took the photos.


Anxiously Waiting!

Oh I’m ready for some nice big cock!

If you notice my shit eating grin in this picture set is is because I was anxiously awaiting some hard black cock. You see … as I was taking pictures in this tight ass dress (thank you John for the dress) I was waiting for Joe to show up to my room. See my previous update with Joe and I going it … VBEG! I know you may find this amazing but even after all these these years I still get anxious and excited when I’m waiting for guy to show up to make a sex scene. Even at 48 years old I’m like a little girl waiting for her first date. So check out this set of me in the skin tight dress and you’ll see my wet pussy with full swollen lips in the anticipation of what what was going to happen next.


Be My Voyeur

Spy On Me!

Summer is right around the corner and it’s almost pool time again! I can’t wait to get back in the water and float around naked … VBEG! The thing that always turns me on is the thought of you looking over my backyard wall and just watching me float as you sit there and stroke your cock. I love to hear how a guy stokes his cock looking at my naked body. It totally turns me on and never fails to get me all wet. I can visualize you stroking and squirting your warm cum right into your hand as watch me get naked. Ever fantasized about me coming up and licking up the warm cum off your cock? Let’s make it happen!


No Tell Motel

I Have on my Easy Access Catsuit! Slide on in!

You know sometimes you just need a quickie … I have a guy from out of town tonight that wants to meet and we couldn’t meet at his hotel because he’s with his business associates. So I told him I’d get us a cheap hotel. After all we’re only using the bed for a couple of hours so I went out and got one of those $59.95 cheap hotel rooms and I must confess somehow that adds to the excitement! So here I am waiting in my easy access body suit for my friend to arrive because once he gets here we don’t have much time. A quick fuck and suck in a cheap hotel room almost gives me the “escort” feeling even though I don’t do that, but the idea of that really turns me. I cannot wait until he gets her to have his cock in my mouth and best of all is cock in my pussy! The anticipation is driving me crazy and it’s going to be one fantastic romp!


1st Interracial

Historic Interracial and 1st No Condom Sex
Pictures Shot on August 1, 2001

WOW … this day started out bad because I was suppose to be shooting new pictures today. But I have felt under the weather today and my head is just pounding :( Hubby came to me to shoot some new photos and I was just like “no way, I can’t do new photos honey, my head is just killing me and I don’t feel good”.

We knew it was our update day and he told me to think of something else. So this is what I came up with :)

Why are these pictures historic? Because this was my first interracial experience and one that got the ball rolling with me going down the interracial path .. hehehe!

I was so nervous. I went to my an online friend DJ for the first time. He had a room and I was meeting him at the hotel. I was just about shaking with nerves as I got close to the room. But once we got busy I forgot all about the camera and we just had a blast!


This is Dawn Marie's first time doing interracial porn. On August 1, 2001 legendary MILF Dawn Marie did her first no-condom fucking of black man.

Creampie Wanted

Easy Access Creampie

I love these erotic body suits. But this one has something special .. it’s crotchless! Just think you could bend me over and fuck me hard and I don’t have to take off the body suit or my high heels. Imagine me bent over the kitchen table with my big ole’ butt arched at you, you grab my hips and slide your cock into me and start off fucking me nice and slow. As we get more and more excited your pace picks up and we fuck harder and harder. As we fuck you reach around grabbing my heavy tits and push your cock as deep as possible inside my soaking wet pussy. All the while watching my ass bounce against you! Finally after furiously fucking for like 20 minutes you let go with a huge cumshot deep in my pussy giving me one mess creampie? Sound like fun? Fill my pussy with warm cum!


Public Bathroom Sex

Sex In a Public Bathroom
Stranger – Blowjob – Fucking – Pussy Eating – Cumshot

I know you’ve heard me say before “this must be one of the wildest things I’ve ever done” well in this case it’s true! I was at this night club with Pattie and Serena and we had gotten there very earlier in the evening and the place was still quite empty. The bartender had not even officially opened the upstairs bar yet. Anyway, as we waited for the bar to open so we could get some drinks and this very handsome man comes and sits down at the bar. He immediately caught my eye because he was very tall (I later found out he was 6′ 6″) and I’ve always had a thing for tall men. Anyway, I made eye contact with him and then pointed him out to Pattie and Serena and told them “he’s mine” … hehehe! How did I manage to capture these photos .. well I’m always telling you hubby NEVER goes anywhere without his camera and just so happened he had it this night too! As soon as he saw that VBEG on my face he started snapping pictures! This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever done anything this spontaneous and it was super erotic!

Ok guys there is not much I can say about this set other than it was totally spontaneous and a blast. I’ve never “just met” someone and went for it like this before and I have to say it was a very erotic experience. Gerald and I just went for it and thinking we were going to get totally busted made it so passionate, hot and fast! If it wasn’t for my husband taking his camera everywhere we go you would of never seen these pictures … LOL! I’m always on his ass for bringing the camera everywhere, but this time it paid off .. hehe! Oh yeah, and that sneaky little Pattie told me afterwards she stood at the door and listening the whole time, a friend of ours even took her picture standing there .. hehehe!


Everyday Me

Everday Dawn Marie

I was just sitting around braless in a white shirt and some jean shorts. Hubby comes in with our little pocket camera and says “hey, we need to update so let’s go out back and shoot some photos.” At first I was like, what??? I have on barely any makeup, I’ve not really done my hair properly and I’m in this old worn out outfit. Hubby was like “that’s cool because the guys will dig seeing you all natural” on our little pocket camera. I was nervous about it at first but said what the heck and through caution to the wind.

So here I am naked on my back porch enjoying the warm weather we are having and I’m all natural. Barely any makeup and just looking as everyday Dawn Marie. Also, hubby took these pictures with only our little pocket camera. No fancy lights, no flashes, no umbrellas and no fancy SLR camera. Just me in all my natural glory or non-glory depending how you look at it LOL!



Dawn Marie Gets A Creampie From DFW Knight

DFW Knight and I have been talking on Twitter for months about wanting to get together and just so happened that he was driving through town on his way to Vegas last Saturday. So he agreed to stop in Phoenix so him and I could hook up! I am so glad he did because we had a BLAST!

I went over to his hotel room on Saturday afternoon for a hot rendezvous and believe me after all the Twitter messages and the phone calls my juices were following LOL! Once we sat on the bed and started kissing I knew it was not going to take long. We quickly got naked and I had his big hard cock in my had as he was playing with my pussy. After I got his big black cock in my mouth he started stripping off both of our clothes! It didn’t take long until we were passionately fucking and his cock inside my wet pussy just felt amazing! I normally don’t work this fast but the passion was real and it was pent up so we just let it all out and fucked like two young twenty-somethings!

It all ended with DFW Knight came deep in my pussy and left me with one messy creampie. Just loved the feeling of his warm cum on my pussy!


Blue Jean Baby Queen

Do you like a woman in blue jeans?

There was an old song from the 70’s by David Essex called “Blue Jean Baby Queen” it was all about the sexy girls next door in their blue jeans. It’s so true that there is just something sexy about a woman wearing blue jeans and casual top. In this update I decided to wear my torn blue jeans, a loose top and some platform sandals. It is really funny because the most comments I get from men is when I go out dressed all casual like this. I think it is the woman next door thing, think I’m a little old to be the girl next door but I can certainly be that woman next door that likes to be hit on at the bar. If I go to a casual outside bar dressed like this it never fails some guy will come up and talk to me. It really turns me on and I am always secretly hoping it turns into something fun VBEG! So let me know if a woman in blue jeans is something turns you on!


Business Girl Slut

Pantyhose & Heels … then I strip naked!

Well welcome home honey! I wanted to surprise you so I got out one of your business shirts and decided to dress in up in only a bra, fishnet, heels and your shirt. I thought that after a long day of work you could use some R&R when you got home. I’m super horny today and I want to take it out on you? Imagine me climbing on top of you with my fishnet covered pussy and grinding your cock as you unbutton the shirt I’m wearing so that you suck my nipples into your mouth.

I do appreciate you working so hard to keep me happy & healthy and I want to reward you by being your little business girl slut. So just sit back close your eyes and let me ride your cock like I’m the sexy young secretary in your office. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy coming home from work?


All New Selfie Update

Let’s Frolic!
100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 25-Jan-2023

Hey guys … it has been a while since I shot 100% selfie set of pictures for you and thought it was time! Are you ready to frolic? I’m ready and want you to get naked with me. It is so fun to get naked and naughty with somebody new and I want you to be that guy! Are you game? Give me the cock of yours so I can make you cum!


Must Read True Story!

My Secret Black Stud

NOTE: YOU MUST READ THIS STORY TO GET THE FULL IMPACT AND DOWN RIGHT NAUGHTINESS OF THESE PICTURES! I am sharing something very private with you today! This is something I thought I’d never share, but once I showed hubby he told me how hot it was and who cares if the pictures and video are perfect, he said I should go ahead and show you guys. Hubby was a little upset at first that I waited so long to show him. But he’s happy now :)

So here is the full story. I had met this awesome looking black man online and he turned me on like crazy. My pussy would get wet just talking to him on IM. But I didn’t want to share with the world, he was just going to be my little secret. But he was turned on by the idea of taking pictures with me, so I said “Ok, I’ll bring over my camera and video camera and we can have some naughty fun taking pictures, but I ONLY want you to have them. I told him it would be our little secret. So I went to his house and we used the remote controls for both cameras and took a ton of pictures of us together having lots of hot sex! It was a night I will never forget and he even had me over many more times after this night.

Well our little secret unraveled one day when hubby was backing up some data on my MAC and found the pictures. I had to admit to him the whole store and tell him all about it. Well to my surprise, he became really aroused by the story and not all pissed off which is what I thought would happen.

But he did give me one condition! He told me I had to share the pictures and confess the story to the world and then promise to him that if I have anymore fun with my Big Black Stud that he had to be kept in the loop!



Holiday Party Pre-Party
(Spontaneous iPhone Picture Set)

This was a totally impromptu photoset taken on my iPhone. Hubby and I were getting ready to head out for a Holiday Dinner Party and just as we were leaving hubby said “Gimmie your iPhone and get in front of the tree”. He started snapping photos with my iPhone and low and behold I started getting naked … VBEG! I always love these kind of spontaneous photo sets and my hubby’s mind works in dirty ways sometimes .. haha! So, I got on the corner of the couch and started stripping out of my holiday dress right in front of the pretty lights of our Christmas tree. Who doesn’t like a mom getting naked by the light of the Christmas tree? If I came to your holiday party would you have naughty images of naked Dawn Marie running through your head? What if I sat next to you at the dinner table and told you about this picture set I just took before arriving? Would you let me feel your cock discretely under the table? Tell me how you would react with naked visions of me in your head at the holiday party!

Hugs & Kisses & Merry Christmas ~ Dawn Marie!


Things Not Always Black & White

Come get me naked!

You know sometimes things are not always as they seem. Here I am in a total black and white environment yet my skin tone and red hair shows through :) I was asked recently why do you only shoot pictures with black men. Well the answer to that question is not as colorful as it seems. You see I have shot pictures with black men and white over the years. But agreed I tend to end up with more black men. Why is that you ask? Because they show up that is why LOL! I cannot tell you the number of times a nice looking white man has setup a date to shoot pictures with me and then bailed out at the very last second. I’m not sure why that is, whether it just a case of once a fantasy becomes real they get scared or they think about getting caught or what? But the reality over the years is the black guys almost always show up and don’t back out.

Now I would be happy to have more white men in pictures and if you want to volunteer let me know. I was just talking to hubby saying that I need a white man to join me in pictures and hubby was like “heck yes let’s do it”. You see I am really an equal opportunity sexual woman. My biggest requirement is that you are as you are advertised and that you show up. So you see everything is not so black and white when it comes to the my flavor of sexy fun … hehehe! So if you think you have what it takes let me know!


The Clit Gift

The Rose Toy – A Full 4K Video!

Brand new full 4k Video – My long-time friend that I met through my website, Carl, was so kind and purchased this for me. It’s called “The Rose Toy” and sucks my clit like nothing I’ve ever used! This may be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever used. Talk about seeing stars! This thing will make any woman cum intensely. Join me for this full 4k video fun! I cum back time and I want you to cum with me!


Wanna Piece?

Let Me Give You a Piece This Halloween!
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

Pretty soon there will be beggars at my door. So I decided I needed to stock up :) But beggars under 18 are not the kind of beggars I’m looking for. I’m looking for a grown man that I could lure in with a piece of candy. Or perhaps you need something a little more sweet? I have all kinds of treats here for you to sample. But what I really want to give you may take just a little more effort to unwrap .. hehehe! Let’s say I help you a little and get rid of my pants, that way you can get a taste of my white panties. Well I have one last treat to give you, wanna taste … VBEG?!


Cum on Me

Please Cum on My Pics! It Turns Me On!
(with included sound of me talking dirty for JOI encouragement!)

You know there is nothing hotter to me than having sex with a guy and then watching him pull out to shoot his load all over me … VBEG! I know don’t what it is, but for me it is like the ultimate compliment. Feeling his warm cum land on my body just drives me wild. I like to watch the look on his face and then the cum actually shoot out of the end of his cock! It’s as if I just made him feel so good and he his showing me his appreciation by giving me a nice warm load of cum … yummy!

Well here is your chance to cum for me. I know we are far apart physically but we don’t have to be far apart emotionally. I took a set of pictures and posed so that you can shoot your cum on me :) And I’ve even included MP3 sound files to give you a little extra incentive to so spray me with your warm cum.


Instant Gratification

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

Early one morning and I am naked in my kitchen getting ready to work out. As I was getting ready to go out the back door from the kitchen table I hear a notification for a direct message letting me know someone messaged me. When I went to check it out it was my friend whom I shot a video with not to long ago. We began talking for a minute and then I became very sexually aroused and the thought of him sliding his big black cock inside my pussy made me totally wet. I told him right there on Yahoo that I couldn’t wait until he came back to town so I could suck his cock again … LOL!

Well anyway, we finished our conversation and I was so worked up that I couldn’t repress the need I had for for an orgasm. So I grabbed my big orange toy and filled my pussy thinking of him fucking me and his hard cock sliding between my lips. Just one of the odd moments of Instant Gratification that comes along every once in a great while!


Stockings in the Office

Wanna Get Under my Skirt? High-Rez Photos!

Nothing like a business woman all dressed up at work in a blouse and skirt wearing a garter and stockings! I’m not even a girl/girl type of girl but I can appreciate a sexy dressed business woman. It’s just the power they put off and the confidence that oozes out of them that makes them sexy as hell. I love wearing stockings and skirt because the guys in the office don’t know if it’s pantyhose or stockings … that is until I “accidentally” let my skirt ride up so they can see the stockings where the garter is clipped on. I always try to be very coy about it but then I like to peek out of the corner of my eye to see who is looking. Then when I can catch a glance of a man watching I will just smile and wink at him. I know that is inappropriate behavior at the office but I am old fashion and I like to flirt! So what goes though your mind when you see a sexy business woman? Is it something that turns you on?