Look Up!

Waiting in the Window for You … Wanna Come Up and Fuck?

I really get excited when I can flash a guy and tease him a little bit. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Imagine walking into the hotel and see me standing in bold view showing you my totally naked body through the window. Would you come knock on my hotel room door or just go and check in and keep the memory? I would have to say if you came and knocked on the door I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to open it. The thought of letting a total stranger into my room for quickie is really exciting! I like the idea of casual sex with a total stranger with no strings attached. Let me know what you would do in this situation! CLICK HERE and come up and fuck me the escort wife I am!

Full of Holes and Loving It

Hot New Spandex Stretchy Body Suit! Help Me Get Out of It!

First off, I need to thank Eric … he was a nice guy and sent me this very special one-piece tight body suit that is full of holes. It is made out of polyester and spandex and really has this sexy unique feel to it. Damn, this body suit really makes me feel hot and bothered. It covers me up but shows enough to really make me feel like I am almost naked. I just imagine a man showing up to meet me for a hotel room rendezvous and I answer the door wearing only this. I love the idea of an affair in secret and the sexier the better. I just imagine you peeling this off my skin as we embrace each other. I am certain it would get me all wet and your cock really hard. After you peel me out of this body suit, I will suck your hard cock and bend over so you can fuck me hard. Does that sound like something you would be into? Let me know! CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Rooftop with Rhonda

Naked On The Rooftop with Rhonda (Remastered with Larger and Never Before Seen Images)

After posting several new sets I figured it was time for a throwback. Hubby had taken the time to re-master these pictures of Rhonda and I taken on July 7, 2000 into the new larger size that we post today, plus I’ve added several that I have not posted in the past.

This is one of my hubby’s favorite sets of all time. It was just one of these lucky culmination of events that you could not plan. Rhonda was one of my early web friends but unfortunately I’ve lost track of her :( She came down for Illinois to visit me and then we traveled from Phoenix down to Tucson for Dreamnet Meet & Greet. It was really a fantastic time. Well on this day we decided to shoot a picture set on the rooftop balcony of our hotel suite. It just so happened that a monsoon was rolling in with dark rainy skies and super high winds. After snapping a couple test shots we realized how cool the pictures looked against the dark skies and decided to keep on going. It was just lucky the pictures turned out so cool.

Rhonda and I had blast this day and feeling her naked body was really wild for me at the time because I had done very few shoots with other women so I was quite nervous, but she was such a free spirit and wonderful woman that my nerves quickly subsided and we got all naked to and showed the goods … hehehe! CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Alone with You

All Alone with You! With 10+ Min. HD Video! (100% Unedited Selfies)

I was home alone all day today as hubby was out of the house working. Over quarantine we have not had that much time apart. Being home alone got my mind wandering and I was feeling quite frisky. So, I decided to allow my frisky mind to take me where it wanted to go. And where was that? It was being alone with you. I just imagined us together in bed getting down and dirty with each other! A lot of kissing, feeling each other up and then moving to some good ole’ hot sex with blowjob, pussy eating and fucking? With hubby gone I get to play as I like and playing with you gets me soaking wet. So, join me for these pictures and 10+ minute video while we have a good romp in my bed! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Birthday Week Selfies

Birthday Week Selfies – Let’s Celebrate!
(100% Unedited Selfies)

Friday July 17th is my birthday! Woo Hoo! If you know me, you know my birthday is a big deal to me! I love my birthday and have always enjoy celebrating it! I am going to be shooting a bunch of new pictures soon, however, for this week I did another selfie set. I know you guys love these anyway so it’s all good. Au Naturel and just the mom next door getting naked.

You want to celebrate with me. With the Covid virus I guess I will not be hitting the bar. Perhaps we can have more of an intimate celebration? I have some naughty idea; however, I would like to hear the ideas you have for celebrating me. CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Stranger Sex

First Time Stranger Sex!

All Re-Master – I have posted ALL originally 160+ pictures. You get to see all the outtakes and me “wiping up” after we were all done fucking hehe!

This is a great memory for me and a very nervous one. This was the VERY FIRST time I ever had sex with a man without meeting him first. We had talked on Yahoo messenger and email but never met in person. Prior to this hook up I always met the guys in person first. But this night was different we decided to meet in person and fuck immediately. We met right in the hotel room for the very first time and within minutes we were naked and going at it. It was so erotic and so much fun and turned us both on like crazy. After we were done we both cleaned up, went our separate ways and that was the last time I saw him. It was an amazing sexual encounter with both of us cumming and loving every minute of it. To bad this guy lived out of town because I definitely would have fucked him more!

By the way, after these pics were posted I received an email from a woman claiming to be his girlfriend. She had somehow found text or something between us and that led her to my site, hehe.. I simply told her that was an issue between him and her, lol, such a naughty girl I am :) CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Holiday Week Selfies

Holiday Week Selfies – Let’s Connect
(100% Unedited Selfies)

With the Coronavirus coming back full force in Arizona and combined with the 4th of July Holiday it is a pretty mellow week here in Phoenix. Not sure you know but all Bars, gyms, theatres and more are closed. Beaches are closed and public gatherings are not happening. All-in-all that makes for a pretty mellow 4th of July holiday. Streets around us are more than half empty and it is just a surreal feeling when you leave the house.

So yesterday for this week’s update I decided to shoot a new set of selfies to help connect with you! It has been so odd the past several months because personal connections in my life have dropped drastically. No parties with friends, not hanging at the bar and other than my husband and couple of close friends I am not seeing anyone. These selfies are a way for you and me to connect virtually. I get so much positive feedback from these selfie updates it just really makes me feel connected to you guys that follow and support me. I get all worked up shooting them and I hope you get all worked up looking at them. Just thinking of you stroking your hard cock to my naked pictures is a super turn on! Please email and tell me about the big load you blew over my naughty pictures! CLICK HERE AND LET’S CONNECT IN MORE WAYS THANK ONE!

Total Trust Fuck

My First Hookup Video since Quarantine Started. Shot in 4K.

Well this is my first sex scene since the quarantined started in March. It felt really good getting back into it after so many months without some strange. Of course, I shot the video with my close friend @AZGigolo. Him and I have known each other for years and we totally trust each other so that made it an easy thing to do. It was so much fun and having him in my bed is always a good time. We had some wild passionate fun and if I had to break quarantine for some hot sex, I am glad it has him. We do 69, pussy eating and fucking in several positions. Then he creampies me. It was so hot don’t miss this first sex video after a couple of months! CLICK HERE for this HOT video and see use go at it and I get a messy creampie!

Free Ttrailer!

Easy Access Fishnet

Take Me in Fishnet!

First off I want to thank Eric for getting me this TOTALLY sexy crotchless fishnet body suit. I did a video in this outfit last week but many have said they wanted to see it in pictures so hear ya’ go … VBEG! It’s so erotic in this outfit because you can get to my pussy and tits without me even taking it off … hehe! That makes for some seriously passionate fun sex when you can just romp and play without having to take the time to strip down. Bend me over in my high heels and drive that hard cock of yours deep into my pussy! Nothing like easy access to make make sexy fun and spontaneous!CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Waiting For His Return!

Waiting for Him Naked on the Balcony!

Here I am at the resort .. this is such a beautiful place and fills me (and someone else) full of fond memories. We met here two years ago and spent 2 nights of bliss together. It is something that neither of us have ever forgotten and something we both cherish in our hearts. So here I am again but he is not with me this time. I am waiting for his return (you know who you are) and I want you to meet me again as I wait 100% naked for you outside on the balcony. There is not sneaking into your first floor room this time. You’ll have to come upstairs and get me! So if you are ever in the Phoenix area please give me a call and let me know. Because the waiting has been going on to long enough and we both know what we’re waiting for! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Memorial Day Selfies

Memorial Day Selfies w/Short Selfie Video Clip! 100% Unedited Selfies!

It’s been a little bit since I did a selfie update. After my big Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday I took Monday to just stay home and chill. I was feeling a little frisky after being home alone so much, I went into the bedroom and shot off a selfie set including a short selfie video. I always get worked up thinking of you peering in on me and it truly turns me on. Come join me for this fun and frisky update and we can have some fun together! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Quarantine BJ & HJ

Quarantine Blowjob and Handjob Video!

Been home alone with hubby for way too long now. Yes, we love each other and are having no issues, however, I wanted a new BJ/HJ video for me site. Since everyone is under quarantine I asked hubby. Not a lot to say about this one, hubby sat back in the chair and I suck his cock and give him a very frappy wet handjob until he blows his load. Funny part of the video is the end. He was supposed to cum on my tits, but he shot so hard his cumshot ended up shooting right on my neck LOL! Shot in 4k on a GoPro! CLICK HERE!


Ode’ To Mom

Ode’ To Mom – A Naked Pictorial History from 2000 – 2020!

This week’s update is being written by me, Rob, Dawn Marie’s Hubby. This is an ode’ to mom on Mother’s Day. For past 22 years my wife has been entertaining you and herself online being a naughty naked wife. But she is also a mom, and she is the best Mother that any man could ask when it comes to raising his own boys. Dawn and I have successfully raised two well-adjusted men and to this day we have fantastic and loving relationship with them. So much of their younger years was with Dawn alone as I travelled constantly for work. It is because of my wife, Dawn Marie, these boys got such a great foundation for their lives. She is loving mom and it shows in our boys. I praise her for it.

However, my loving wife does have naughty side and that is another fantastic part of her. We have had so much fun doing sexually naughty things together and apart and you have seen 99% of it on this website. So, my lovely wife is still doing it and still enjoying it. But for today we have something special. On this Mother’s Day of 2020 I have put together a gallery of images, so you get to see Dawn Marie in a naked pictorial history from the year 2000 – 2020. There is a minimum of 3 pictures from every year. Watch this sexy mom grow and flourish in her sexuality over the years!

Thanks, and Love to Dawn Marie ~ Rob


Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI

Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI – Crystal Clear Video!

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you a BRAND NEW video. During the Quarantine Rob received an offer from Go Pro to upgrade to the latest Hero 8 version of their camera with very substantial discount. He jumped on it! This is the first video shot on the new camera, and it is beautiful 4k footage.

After my last Jackoff Instruction video, I received many more requests for fun JOI videos. It truly gets me off knowing you are getting off to these. So please email me and telling me how you like them. This video it is a little different because I actually use a realistic cock dildo while talking to dirty to you! You see me stroke it, spit on it, suck it and rub it between my tits. All the while, I am talking dirty and encouraging you to jackoff to me and cum on my big squishy tits! So, CLICK HERE and cum for me in either HD or 4K video! I wanna hear about it too!

Free Trailer

Mom’s In Bikinis

Mom Sheds Her Bikini!

Ok guys I decided to be a little risky today. You can’t tell from this photo … but I’m really in the wide open out here .. yes my backyard is fenced in, however, I have two story houses next to mine so anyone upstairs looking out the window will see me in all my naked glory … hehehe! It’s kind of naughty knowing that I might get busted by one of my neighbors *VBEG*!

I started with my Bikini on so you’ll get to see that but there is just something very erotic about floating in the pool naked with the warm summer air flowing over my body.  CLICK HERE AND ENJOY THE VIEW FROM BEHIND AND TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Leggin’ Selfies

(100% Unedited Selfies)

I posted a pic on twitter a couple of weeks ago in a pair of leggins and tank top, which is pretty much my everyday attire. I have had so many request for me to do a selfie set in yoga paints that I decided to make it priority. This set is part selfie and part regular with hubby shooting some of them. So, would you like to be walking behind me when I’m wearing these? Think my ass squeezed into these would cause a rise? Well come join me for a walk and we can sneak into the public bathroom for a bit of fun. You can pull these down and take me from behind, VBEG. CLICK HERE AND ENJOY THE VIEW FROM BEHIND AND TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Double Bonus Update

Double Bonus Update with Selfie’s and 4k Video Selfie
(100% Unedited Pantyhose to Nude Selfies)

Ok guys, since we are all so locked up, I was feeling a little extra horny and I am giving you a double bonus update this week.

First, I have video I recorded as selfie a while back with a selfie update and there is funny story behind it. I went to use my “finger vibrator” and the damn thing broke and would not work. I ended up improvising and removed the fingertip portion of the vibrator and slipped right on my finger and damn did it work well. I really got off good using this thing on my finger. I do lots of dirty talking and verbal fantasizing about you being deep in my pussy as I dream of you hard cock.

Second, there is brand new set of Selfies I just took on Friday April 10th and I wore a really tight dress with pantyhose and heels. You guys always make me feel so sexy in when I wear pantyhose because of all the wonderful compliments you give me. I just imagine us together with me wearing nylon and it is always so erotic.

CLICK HERE for this double bonus update with me in nylon and very special cum encouragement 4k video!


Hard Rock Cock Creampie

Rockin’ Hard Black Cock at the Hardrock! Creampie!

(Blast from the pass since I won’t be getting any hooks ups soon #COVID19)

WooHoo! It finally happened :) I met with Deshaun Hayes while I was in Las Vegas and we had an awesome time! He and I had been talking through email and text messaging for several months before my trip so the anticipation was driving me crazy. It had been a long time since I last hooked up with black man and all I can say is “Wow, why did I wait so long!” LOL! I have to remember not to take such big breaks anymore because I enjoyed the hell out of it … VBEG!

Anyway, as I said the anticipation was driving me crazy and we finally started making out my blood was boiling in my pussy .. .hehehe! And meeting him at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino was perfect! It didn’t take long until we really got busy and had a great time. We fucked for a good hour and he made me cum like crazy. But I came to fast so I think I need another trip back to Vegas!

As I was holding his big fat cock in my hand I was like “How am I going to stretch my mouth around this thing!”, but I did it and his cock filling my mouth got me so wet. Then he put me in 69 and was eating my pussy I was creaming like crazy! So see me stretch my mouth around his huge cock!

This is my FIRST EVER NO CONDOM CREAMPIE! Deshaun and I had a great time at the Hard Rock and I had a great time riding his hard cock LOL! Feeling his naked cock slide in and out of my wet pussy drove me wild and we had sex for a good long time. He made me cum so hard and I just let him keep going .. hehehehe! Finally, I could tell by his thrust and facial expressions that he was about to come. I could feel his warm cum shoot up inside of my pussy and you get to see it all run out! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Shut In Mom Needs Your Cock

(100% Unedited Selfies)

Oh my gosh this coronavirus physical distancing is really getting me. I am so in need of hookup with some strange, however, getting some strange dick during this virus time is simply not an option. Why is it you always want what you can’t have? Well, I decided to get off with you virtually. In this 100% unedited set of Selfies it is definitely you and your hard cock that is on my mind. As I took these pictures, I was fantasizing the entire time about how I would just love to play with you and your dick. I imagine teasing and edging your cock so that we can get the most of our time together. I want you hard and ready to cum big time, I’ll take you in my mouth and pussy both, so the only question left to answer is … where on my body do you want to shoot your hot load? Please let me know your favorite place to cum on me. As long as it is in not in my eye, I’m good with-it LOL! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Pandemic Crushes Kentucky’s Hopes!

Getting Naked for Kentucky!

As you know if you have followed me for any length of time, I am Kentucky girl and I am proud of it. You have to understand that in Kentucky we have no professional sports teams, therefore, the University of Kentucky basketball is our pride and joy. I took these pictures to kick off the NCAA Tournament this week, however, because of the coronavirus pandemic the tournament is not happening. It’s a damn shame because UK was really on a hot streak and poised to do really well this year! Well damn it, I am posting them anyway to show my support of my home state! Have you ever been with a Kentucky girl? We definitely have a wild streak in us! Even though many of us may be prim and proper on the outside we have a naughty side that we like to share. This is your chance to get naked with a Kentucky girl … Join me as I strip out of these clothes and get 100% naked so I can show you everything and I mean everything! Get between my legs and cheeks and maybe I’ll even dribble your balls LOL! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

P.S. Thanks to Carl, whom supports this Kentucky girl for this bra and panty set which I love!


Pandemic Hookup

Hot Interracial Fun! HD Video!

With all the news this week on the Coronavirus Pandemic instead of going out and getting toilet paper and canned goods I decided I had better go out and get an interracial hookup before this virus spreads to many of us. So, I grab my iPhone and went over to a friend’s house and we recorded this hot interracial amateur video! I have the latest iPhone and the quality of the video on this thing is pretty amazing. I love doing these kinds of videos when I’m out recording without my hubby and being a naughty wife. No huge story with this, it is my friend and I having hot blowjob fun and we captured both full scene and POV views for you to come along on my naughty antics. I’m just a dirty wife out getting some strange cock! Watch him cum on me! CLICK HERE FOR ALL PICTURES AND VIDEOS ON MY SITE!

Skintight Just Right

Skintight Just Right – New Selfies! Taken 01-Mar-2020
(100% Unedited Selfies)

I may be a woman in my early 50’s but that does not mean skintight pants are out. Often, I hear women say stuff about how other women should dress their age. I say dress how you feel comfortable. For some women like loose fitting garments that hide their figure and some women are comfortable in skintight clothing that shows every inch of their figure. I must confess I go both ways sometimes depending on the day and how I feel. But when I get sexed up dressy, I like things to be tight and show off my cleavage and ass. I did these selfies for you in my skintight shiny leggings and I love wearing them out to a pub or club. I always get so many looks, sometimes they are looks of disapproval and sometimes they are looks approval. Doesn’t matter to me I am comfortable and feel sexy, that is all that matters. So, what is your opinion of a woman my age wearing skintight clothing? Be sure to let me know! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Hot Date

Frisky in Fishnet and Hot Date! Taken 07-Feb-2020!
(100% Unedited Selfies)

True Reality Update: I have held up posting these Fishnet Selfies and there is a good reason. I had a follower setup a date with me on one condition, if I took him a set of selfies wearing my pink fishnet body suit. So, I took these pictures in and sent them to him in early February. He followed through and the date night actually happened, therefore, it is time to post the selfies … VBEG! He is traveling businessman so I cannot post the pictures from our date on my website, but it was really a huge turn on for me. He recently visited Scottsdale for a convention and had a room at a very fancy Scottsdale resort. He arrived on Wednesday and the anticipation was killing us both because he didn’t have free time until Friday evening. I have never “escorted” before; however, this meet up with him kind of felt that way and really had me feeling erotic. I drove up to his hotel wearing my normal everyday clothes but underneath my clothes I was wearing his favorite pink fishnet body suit. We sat in the resort bar for a bit and got to know each other. After a couple of drinks, we started feeling the alcohol. It was at that point he invited me up to his room and from there I could not turn back. We were so excited from nearly a month of anticipation that we started ripping each other’s clothes off and some seriously passion sex ensued. As we stood there making out, he was nude, and I had his cock in my hand stroking it. I was only wearing my fishnet body suit. We quickly moved to the bed and he started sucking my tits, never taking the fishnet off of me. I went down on him taking his hard cock into my mouth. After some fun oral I climbed on top for and rode his cock. He never wanted me to take off my pink fishnet and I left it on the whole time. This man really had some stamina and we fucked in several different positions and I orgasmed a few times in our long fucking session. Finally, he pulled out of my pussy, shoved his cock in my mouth and I took it all in. It was so erotic and fun. We ended up falling asleep for a bit and when I woke up, I kissed him goodbye and that was it. I must say going out on a “date” like this was quite exciting and who knows perhaps it will happen again. Would you be willing to take me on a date? Let me hear your fantasy meetup. CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Dawn Marie is one Misbehavin’ Wife!

OMG I so have this song from Righteous Gemstones stuck in my head (if you haven’t watched this show, you should) so when we started working on my update all I had on my mind was misbehaving, LOL. Would you like to meet me at the studio sometime for a little misbehaving? I could just sneak away one afternoon and meet up with you there for a little no strings fun and noone would be the wiser, hehe. What do you say, you up for getting naked and spending the afternoon with me?  CLICK here and see how much fun I can be when I get naked. GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Cum on My Tits JOI

Cum on My Tits JOI with Dirty Talk and Stroking! HD Video!

I know many of you love my big natural tits. I have had a lot of men ask me for more JOI videos and tell me how they want to cum on my tits. I must admit watching a man jackoff all over my tits is a big turn on for me! So, in this video I do a lot of dirty talking and give you simulated stroking as well as I play with my big tits and I beg you to cum all over my tits. I really enjoy watching a you cum on my tits then I like to rub all the cum into my tits with my hands as the you watch in satisfaction as I play with your cum! CLICK HERE TO JACKOFF ON MY BIG MILF TITS!