Getting Personal

Ok, this is something I struggled a bit with sharing, but then I decided it was the right thing to do. I was thinking, I have shared everything else with you guys, my regular life, my Lymphoma diagnosis and such and why not share this with y’all.

As we all know and can see, I have put on weight over the last year and a half and finally I decided to do something about it. I had done Weight Watchers like 10 years ago and it was successful for me, so I decided to sign up again. So on Saturday April 23 I signed up and went to my first meeting. Now I’m not comfortable enough telling you what I weigh, LOL, I have decided to share my journey with you, all of you that read my blog. With saying that, I would like to keep any weight discussion to my blog or email me I DO NOT want to discuss this on my Twitter, so please refrain from asking about it on twitter. Sometimes I think some people share too much of their every day daily life and I myself become bored with those peoples timelines and I don’t want to constantly be talking about it on twitter and boring everyone else with it.

So, I go to my Weight Watchers meeting every Saturday morning where I weigh in and we discuss different topics. At this point, I have only adjusted my eating habits and have not introduced exercise into my routine. I will be doing that as I know I need to get up and get my blood flowing and working out my body.

At the first meeting I signed up and they show me how the program works now as things have changed since the time I did it before and they weighed me and gave me my start weigh (remember that is a secret, LOL). This past Saturday was my first “official” weigh in and I’m down 2.2 pounds. I am happy with this, I appreciate every single ounces and pound as they come and I’m perfectly happy with taking baby steps.

So I will post here, good or bad the results of my weigh ins and I know, like always I can count on your support and encouragement.

Oh, one last thing.. don’t go think I’m going to get skinny and lose all my curves, that will never happen, hehe.. Just need to get healthy!!

Much Love ~ Dawn Marie



  1. The curves make you love, keep them :)

    Eat fruit and vegetables all day, and then eat what you want at night for dinner. I used WW as well, followed that and lost like 20 pounds. Do walking, mild exercise, even walk in the pool, as the resistance burns more calories and it is low impact.

    or, just make a shit ton of videos having sex and burn off those pounds the fun way lol ;)

    Please save the booty lol

    • Axe, Thank you so very much for the comments and for the input, it is all greatly appreciated. I know the gym I am at has a pool, I’ll have to check into that for sure.

      And don’t worry, I don’t think I could lose my curves even if I wanted too!!! and that is booty included.


      • Swapneel Bhore says

        Yes, don’t lose the booty and also please bring back the whale tail tan line by wearing even higher waist side thongs than before and please save some little bush too, it too looked good on you.

      • You let me know what gym you are at and I will come swim with you, and show you the breast stroke LOL. Oh I crack myself up. Still need to meet up girl, let me know ;)

  2. Good luck to you on your weight loss and good health journey. Be well.

  3. Good luck Dawn, you will always be beautiful no matter what :)


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