Wow it is February!!

Where did the time go??  I am so sorry for the delay in posting.  I went to Chicago for a week to celebrate my grandson’s bday.  While I was there, I re-twecked my knee.  I have been hobbling around for a week and finally after icing it for a few days it is feeling much better today.  

Today I went for my labs to make sure everything is in check and my veins decided they were going to be problem children.  It took three different people and 7 different attempts to finally get a good vein.  I’m guessing I might have a few bruises tomorrow.  Tomorrow I go back for my check up.  I have a feeling I might be getting another IgG infusion as I still have this stupid cough.  BUT I feel great!!

This weekend the Olympics start and I LOVE to watch them..  Saturday we are going to the Sun’s game with friends, looking forward to that.. and Sunday chillin’.  What is on your agenda??


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