Almost time…

So, who is ready for the holidays?  Are you all done with shopping?  Have your tree up and presents wrapped and ready under the tree?  Do you do stockings? Will you be celebrating at home or going someplace else to celebrate with family and/or friends?  

Well I have my tree up, nothing under it but the tree skirt and my cats, LOL.  I have a few things, but have several things still left to get.  We will be spending Christmas at our house with family and friends.  We did Christmas in Chicago last weekend and we had a wonderful visit.\

As for my weight journey.. I gained 3 pounds during my time away, but I’m good with it, I’ll get it this week!!!  Need to get more activity in this week :) 

I want to thank Carl and an anonymous gift giver for the holiday gifts they sent me from my wish list.



  1. Love the plate and the Grandma mug! Plus about right for the police pic!!

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