Cincy Visit

This has been such a busy year for us, both personally and with our business. My side hustle “cozie business” is really taking off and keeps me busy several hours each day. We also are awaiting approval of a new “super” site, which will contain the solo video and pictures we have taken of girls over the years since starting the Blowbang site. We have a Gloryhole site that we are still building and it will be submitted soon and we are working with a friend to host his videos as well.

We went to Cincy over the holiday weekend and spent time with family there and to celebrate my Mom. September 3rd was the 10th Anniversary of her death. While there we went to a High School football game, I have a great niece that is cheering and we went to support her. We also partied in Bellevue and watched the WEBN fireworks, which we have not seen since like 1989 or so..

My younger sister and her hubby are coming back for a visit in October and I can’t wait. I think we are going to go to Winslow while they are here. And of course we have Disney World at the end of October and we have added Chicago for Christmas to our travel to close out the year.

Hope this finds you doing well and I’ll post again soon, I promise :)

Dawn Marie

Oh wait, I wanted to share this story, LOL. So when in KY I was given one of my yearbooks from a family member that had it for whatever reason. Below is the pic for 1981 when I was in the 10th grade and also entries made in that yearbook and a couple other of my yearbooks from one teacher. He would NOT be signing a yearbook like this today without getting into some serious trouble, LOL. He was the same age as my older brother,14 years older than me, they went to school together.


  1. Damn all those teachers wanting to get a piece of you back them :). Got to love it


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