Howdy everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and you all remained healthy. We have been very fortunate and able to do some traveling. Today takes us on another trip. Today we are headed to Kentucky, I was last there February 2020 right before all hell broke lose, LOL. This trip is going to be a very sentimental one. My siblings and I are going to celebrate my Mom as tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of her passing. My Mom was truly the rock of our family and I miss her every single day. And I so wish she could have met my DIL and Grandson, she would have LOVED them. After this, we are home until the end of October when we go to Disney World with Fam…

Well time to get to the title of this post… Friendship!! I have some AMAZING friends in my life and I love them dearly. But sometimes things change and sometimes for no reason at all. People sometimes come into your life or you come into their lives for a reason. Perhaps to help them get through something, or to help you get through something and then it is time to move on. Sometimes you will miss those friends and other times you will not even realize you have lost contact, but the purpose of their/your friendship was served, and you have to be ok with it. But it is so important to keep the core of your friendships close to you and cherish those. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime!!

Please stay safe and I’ll post again soon!!

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