Happy Friday from Chicago!!

I have been in Chicago for the past two weeks and I’m headed home this evening. First let me say, I get a lot of people reaching out to meet when I am here. Truly all of my time here is spent with my family, sorry. I have been here being the best Gigi I can and helping with my grandson. He had a two week break between Pre-k ending and camp starting. I have been making daily trips to the parks and doing crafts, playing LOTS of Crazy 8 and Old Lady (Old Maid), making tie dye shirts (first time ever) went to the movies yesterday, doing tball practice and a game and swimming lessons and we threw in a Cubs game.. so it is go, go, go when I am here and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I’m also ready for some down town. LOL. Gigi life can be exhausting! Oh and did I mention the HEAT?!?!? There have been at least three days over 100 and with the humidity, YUCK!!! Although my allergies/sinuses have been great here.

This coming week I have an apt for an MRI on my knee and xrays of my spine, lower back and Coccyx. 5 years ago when my grandson was born I slipped and fell on their basement steps right on my tailbone. The pain finally went away, but came back about a year ago and the pain is crazy. About two months ago I started experiencing pain in my knee and lower back and decided we should have it looked at to see what is going on. I realize my age and weight doesn’t help, but we gotta start somewhere.. The pain in my knee and back has been CRAZY!!

I also have my IvIG infusion this week, but have no clue what day as I haven’t heard from anyone. And I have my quarterly check with my oncologist, just to check labs that I am having drawn on Monday.. So bust week ahead.

Tomorrow my bff is having a pool party. I don’t get home until late this evening, so we will see how long I can last without wanting to go home and go to bed as I’ll still be on Chicago time.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!!!

Hugs & Kisses ~ DM

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