How are you doing?

If you are reading this, you must be in some type of lockdown like me. I have pretty much been in the house for about three or four weeks now. I do go on my walks as I’m able to do that without being in contact with others. Last weekend we did a couple happy hours. Friday we had our single female neighbor over and we stayed more than 6 feet apart and Saturday I went to my g/f Wendy’s house and again did the same thing. Tomorrow we are having the three of them here and keeping our distance. It is hard not seeing others and the five of us are pretty much isolated from others.

I’m kind of treading water as far as my weight, no real loose or gain. I need to kick my ass in gear and not let this pandemic derail the progress I have made.

And be sure you are checking my site for Trivia Cams, I’m doing a couple each week to help all of us pass some time..

Please take care of yourself and those you love.

Hugs from a distance, Dawn Marie


  1. Lucky yoooouuuu! on the $5.00!! :-O May I have half – – – Love the printed coffee mug!! But I’ve always had a weird, to say the least, sense of humor!! :-) Glad you’re staying safe. Plus I have to be – extra – careful, since I’m a Type 2 Diabetic. So that makes me, more at risk :-(

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