I’m a 80’s Girl

The 80’s Called …
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

So I have to start out by saying that when I put on these stockings just before hubby was going to take my picture he said “Man those stockings are cool, they are totally 80’s like the kind you’d wear under your shorts or a skirt!”. He loved them and was stoked to see me surprise him with wearing them.

I remember the 80’s; the fun clothes, the bright colors, the crazy hairdo’s and one thing I know for sure, I was much younger then LOL! Not sure I’d wear these out in public now but maybe if you twist my arm I could wear them under a skirt or something :)

If I was to dress all younger and come up to you for a night of romance would you be into it? I often think how fun it would be to be 20 again with the sexual wisdom I have now. I was very naive as a young woman and didn’t really hit my sexual stride or gain my sexual confidence until my early 30’s. If I would have known at 20 what I know now … WOW … just think of all the trouble I would have gotten into. I could totally see myself for a night of fun after meeting a older gentlemen at club or bar. Going back to his place and just have a night pure sexual gratification with no strings attached!

Yeah Yeah I know you cannot relive the past and hindsight is 20/20 but it sure is fun to fantasize like I could make it all happen again.

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