I’m still here!

Hello and Happy Hump Day!!! For those of you that think or thought I feel off the surface of the earth, LOL.. I did not, I’m still here. I want to apologize to anyone that reads my blog for my lack of post. It is no excuse, I simply have had a crazy past 6 months. We did a lot of traveling last year and I did quite a bit the beginning of the year. I’m not making excuses, just letting you know. I have a two week trip to Chicago in June and other than that, I have nothing on my books.

I have also been working very diligently to get my “side hustle” up and running, and we are soooo close.

I WILL be shooting new content in the up coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!! What do you want to see? And remember if you are reading this, you know my limits.. I’m not doing g/g or anal, LOL.

Have a splendid day!! I’ll be back soon.

XOXO ~ Dawn


  1. Hi, great to see you! Don’t apologize for absence of posts. Blogs had their heyday, but the thrill of novelty is over. Just enjoy your offline life.

  2. Well since GG and anal are out lol, would love to see those massive tits getting fucked :)

  3. greekpornman says

    Eagerly waiting for the new content Dawn!
    I always enjoy your b/g content way too much hehe
    Thanks for taking the time to blog!

  4. How about Dawn and 2 young studs, with Dawn eagerly sucking both cocks

  5. Easier said then done so true. I have noticed thru the years many men are all talk and no show. I believe you have said it’s like herding cats at some of your blowbang shoots.

  6. More feet Staff. Love your feet❤️

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