Public Bathroom Sex

Sex In a Public Bathroom
Stranger – Blowjob – Fucking – Pussy Eating – Cumshot

I know you’ve heard me say before “this must be one of the wildest things I’ve ever done” well in this case it’s true! I was at this night club with Pattie and Serena and we had gotten there very earlier in the evening and the place was still quite empty. The bartender had not even officially opened the upstairs bar yet. Anyway, as we waited for the bar to open so we could get some drinks and this very handsome man comes and sits down at the bar. He immediately caught my eye because he was very tall (I later found out he was 6′ 6″) and I’ve always had a thing for tall men. Anyway, I made eye contact with him and then pointed him out to Pattie and Serena and told them “he’s mine” … hehehe! How did I manage to capture these photos .. well I’m always telling you hubby NEVER goes anywhere without his camera and just so happened he had it this night too! As soon as he saw that VBEG on my face he started snapping pictures! This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever done anything this spontaneous and it was super erotic!

Ok guys there is not much I can say about this set other than it was totally spontaneous and a blast. I’ve never “just met” someone and went for it like this before and I have to say it was a very erotic experience. Gerald and I just went for it and thinking we were going to get totally busted made it so passionate, hot and fast! If it wasn’t for my husband taking his camera everywhere we go you would of never seen these pictures … LOL! I’m always on his ass for bringing the camera everywhere, but this time it paid off .. hehe! Oh yeah, and that sneaky little Pattie told me afterwards she stood at the door and listening the whole time, a friend of ours even took her picture standing there .. hehehe!


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