Rolling with the punches!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know about my trip to St John in the USVI. Rob and I were going with some of our family and we were so looking forward to the trip. The USVI require a negative Covid test taken within 5 days of your travel. We took our test last Wednesday and Friday Morning I received my results which said I was positive for the virus.

Yep, I was shocked too!! So I went out Friday and had another rapid test and it came back positive too!! So, with that we had to cancel our trip.

To say we were shocked with the positive test was an understatement as I have ZERO Symptoms. I am asymptomatic, with not a fever or anything. So in the big picture, if this is how I am going to get the virus, I’m good with it. Perhaps the IVIG treatments for my immune system has helped me out.

Rob and I have been very careful with always wearing mask and not going to places that were not taking the necessary precaution and we really limited our circle of friends to a small handful that we knew took the virus as seriously as we were. But the virus is out there and some how I caught it, and have no idea when or where I caught it.

Now the CDC says you should isolate yourself for 10 days from the date of a positive test, so that will be Saturday. Rob has been staying at our studio. I am going to go tomorrow and be tested again to see if I am still testing positive.

If you are reading this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful and make sure you ALWAYS wear a mask…

Hugs ~ Dawn Marie


  1. BRIAN KEITHY says

    Good Luck Sexxxy

    • dmdadmin says

      Great post babe and you said your peace of mind so well. Love you and 🙏🏻 you stay asymptomatic. 💗

  2. Feel better soon DM.

  3. I AGREE ;-) with Axe!!

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