No Tell Motel

I Have on my Easy Access Catsuit! Slide on in!

You know sometimes you just need a quickie … I have a guy from out of town tonight that wants to meet and we couldn’t meet at his hotel because he’s with his business associates. So I told him I’d get us a cheap hotel. After all we’re only using the bed for a couple of hours so I went out and got one of those $59.95 cheap hotel rooms and I must confess somehow that adds to the excitement! So here I am waiting in my easy access body suit for my friend to arrive because once he gets here we don’t have much time. A quick fuck and suck in a cheap hotel room almost gives me the “escort” feeling even though I don’t do that, but the idea of that really turns me. I cannot wait until he gets her to have his cock in my mouth and best of all is cock in my pussy! The anticipation is driving me crazy and it’s going to be one fantastic romp!


Cat Scratch Fever

Dawn Marie Has Cat Scratch Fever!

 I get to scratch that itch :) I purchased this lovely black catsuit with an Amazon Gift Card a follower gave me. I was wearing this for pictures just prior to having a friend come over and meet me for a photo shoot I could barely control myself. I was getting so horny in this outfit and knowing that he was to arrive soon had me in such a state I was ready to cum without him even touching myself.

So lay back and enjoy and get your cock out with me because soon I’ll have one in my hand and we’ll all get off! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!