Getting Personal (week 3)

Well I had my weigh in today and I was up .2 pound. Not bad and honestly I thought it would be more than what it was. I have been very stressed this week and probably not tracking as well as I should have and I DID NOT start my walking.

This week I WILL get my walking in for sure!!!

I’m not bummed by the slight gain, I know it will be up and down at times. My son told me today that he was proud of me and to remember it is a process and that is how I am looking at it. My thoughts are if it is a little harder to get it off, then perhaps I will appreciate it more, LOL.

I’m going to start using the hashtag #gettingpersonalDawnMarie and then anyone wanting to see my journey will be able to with the hashtag.

Again I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement. The comment mean the world to me and in a way is a bit of accountability for me.. Thanks!!
Hugs ~ Dawn Marie


  1. From what I’ve seen you’ve always been successfull at whatever you put your mind to, so I have no doubt you’ll reach your goals. It’s a long term journey with hills and valleys, but getting there makes the destination all the more appreciated.

  2. I think you need to set little then an ultimate reward for yourself, to help support and motivate. .2 is nothing in the big picture, hell the scale could be off by that much, but as you hit milestones reward yourself.

    Hang in there it is indeed a journey. Along the way, that ass is still fantastic :)


  3. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Dawn… I hope you get some Irish in you tonight. LOL

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