Home Alone

Home Alone & Ready for You!
(100% Unedited Selfies taken 30-Jan-19)

Well this is my first evening home after being gone for 2 weeks to visit family in the mid-west. Just so happens that my first night home hubby had tickets to a concert. I was home alone and chatting up some guys and I became particularly horny, so I decided to shoot a selfie set. These selfie pictures always feel special to me because it’s like only you and I are in the room. After two weeks of no sex I was really ready, so I let my mind wander to just you and I playing together. Imagine me wrapping my hand around your hard cock and stoking it was rigid hard. Then I begin to suck your dick and get it all wet with my mouth wrapped around it.  I want you to then fuck me hard but be sure to pull out in time to blast your warm cum on my face and tits!  CLICK HERE and get ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



  1. “The still beauty of Dawn is nature’s finest balm.” E. W. Teale You look fabulous!

    • Thank so much hun, you always say the sweetest things!!! btw… I used my new bag on my trip to KY/Chicago and I LOVE it!!! So, thak you again.

  2. Damn Dawn you are so sexy! I would love nothing more than to feel your warm wet pussy wrapped around my cock! :)

  3. I can think of a lot of things we can do home alone together sexy. You are the ultimate milf!

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