Business Girl Slut

Pantyhose & Heels … then I strip naked!

Well welcome home honey! I wanted to surprise you so I got out one of your business shirts and decided to dress in up in only a bra, fishnet, heels and your shirt. I thought that after a long day of work you could use some R&R when you got home. I’m super horny today and I want to take it out on you? Imagine me climbing on top of you with my fishnet covered pussy and grinding your cock as you unbutton the shirt I’m wearing so that you suck my nipples into your mouth.

I do appreciate you working so hard to keep me happy & healthy and I want to reward you by being your little business girl slut. So just sit back close your eyes and let me ride your cock like I’m the sexy young secretary in your office. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy coming home from work?


All New Selfie Update

Let’s Frolic!
100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 25-Jan-2023

Hey guys … it has been a while since I shot 100% selfie set of pictures for you and thought it was time! Are you ready to frolic? I’m ready and want you to get naked with me. It is so fun to get naked and naughty with somebody new and I want you to be that guy! Are you game? Give me the cock of yours so I can make you cum!


Instant Gratification

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

Early one morning and I am naked in my kitchen getting ready to work out. As I was getting ready to go out the back door from the kitchen table I hear a notification for a direct message letting me know someone messaged me. When I went to check it out it was my friend whom I shot a video with not to long ago. We began talking for a minute and then I became very sexually aroused and the thought of him sliding his big black cock inside my pussy made me totally wet. I told him right there on Yahoo that I couldn’t wait until he came back to town so I could suck his cock again … LOL!

Well anyway, we finished our conversation and I was so worked up that I couldn’t repress the need I had for for an orgasm. So I grabbed my big orange toy and filled my pussy thinking of him fucking me and his hard cock sliding between my lips. Just one of the odd moments of Instant Gratification that comes along every once in a great while!


Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasy Can Feel Very Real!

You know sometimes fantasy is “almost” as good as reality! I was home alone today and my hubby has had an awful cold lately so I was feeling some pent up sexual frustration. I decided what the hell and went upstairs to get one of my favorite glass toys out. I climbed onto the bed and started getting busy. I let my mind wander to favorite tried and true fantasy of meeting a business man that is in town for only one night, heading to his hotel for 8 hours of true bliss. I just imagine him and I meeting in the bar of a swanky Scottsdale hotel and then going up to is room for unabashed not strings attached sex! Just total sexual freedom with no worries of tomorrow! Well needless to say it was not long until my pussy was quivering with delight and I was soaked! Wanna to make this fantasy become reality?


You Ready?

We’re Home & We’re Horny

I truly enjoyed our night out. I love going out on the town with new man and being a naughty wife. Now that we are back at our secret hideaway, I think it is time we get naked. Both you and the drinks have me a little frisky so now it is time for the both of us to naughty! One of the things that turns me on more than anything is being a naughty wife. I am not overly open about it; however, I do love it and it turns me on like crazy. I’ll strip down for you in this chair so you can bend me over and fuck me hard while I present you with my naked booty! I love getting fucked doggy style. With me in this chair I should be at the perfect height for you to drive your hard cock into my pussy and all the while you can watch my big ole’ butt giggle! I am ready to satisfy your cock and drain all your cum. I want some strange and you are just the man to give it to me!


Ugh …. How ‘bout Dem Cowboys?

(100% Unedited Selfies Shot 06-Oct-2020)

As you know if you have followed me for any length of time you know I am huge Cowboys Football fan. I am a real fan of them and have followed them for 30 years. So, in early October when I did these selfies for you, I was all excited about the Cowboys. It appeared we had a good team in a terrible division and could possibly win our division. Wow, what a difference 3 weeks makes! Since I shot these selfies Dak Prescott has severely blown out his ankle and the team has lost most of their offense line. It’s turned into a dark season for the Cowboys; however, I will stick with them.

Enough on football! In these selfies I am wearing my Cowboy’s shirt, but as requested I am wearing sheer white full-back panties over my BOB (Big Ole’ Butt) and I hope it pleases you. Ever since I started on the Internet in 1998 my big butt has gotten me lots of attention. I am one of the original Internet PAWGs and I wear the badge proudly. Would you want to come and play with BOB even though I have Cowboy shirt on? I’ll let you take the shirt and panties off of me! CLICK HERE!

Devil in the Blue Dress

Time for me to be naughty and meet you for elicit affair!

You know that old song “Devil with the Blue Dress / Good Golly Miss Molly” by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels? Well, that is immediately what came to my mind when I put on this sexy blue dress for the first time. While in real life I am really good girl and down to earth person. But when it comes to my sexuality, living naked online and having fun with men other than my husband I am definitely somewhat of a devil. How about this devilish scenario? You come out and meet me at a public bar in swanky Scottsdale hotel. When you walk up to me at the bar, I am wearing this blue dress and just waiting seductively for you. We make some small talk, get to know each and have some drinks. While sitting at the bar you are rubbing your hand over my tight blue dress (and it’s making my pussy wet) and eventually you invite me upstairs to your room. After getting into your room there is absolutely no holding us back. We start passionately kissing and our hands are all over each other. Next you strip me out of this devil’s blue dress and a hot sexual encounter ensues between us in your business hotel room far away from the eyes of our spouses. Sound like a plan? CLICK HERE and let me know if you want to hook up! See me naked!

Birthday Week Selfies

Birthday Week Selfies – Let’s Celebrate!
(100% Unedited Selfies)

Friday July 17th is my birthday! Woo Hoo! If you know me, you know my birthday is a big deal to me! I love my birthday and have always enjoy celebrating it! I am going to be shooting a bunch of new pictures soon, however, for this week I did another selfie set. I know you guys love these anyway so it’s all good. Au Naturel and just the mom next door getting naked.

You want to celebrate with me. With the Covid virus I guess I will not be hitting the bar. Perhaps we can have more of an intimate celebration? I have some naughty idea; however, I would like to hear the ideas you have for celebrating me. CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Holiday Week Selfies

Holiday Week Selfies – Let’s Connect
(100% Unedited Selfies)

With the Coronavirus coming back full force in Arizona and combined with the 4th of July Holiday it is a pretty mellow week here in Phoenix. Not sure you know but all Bars, gyms, theatres and more are closed. Beaches are closed and public gatherings are not happening. All-in-all that makes for a pretty mellow 4th of July holiday. Streets around us are more than half empty and it is just a surreal feeling when you leave the house.

So yesterday for this week’s update I decided to shoot a new set of selfies to help connect with you! It has been so odd the past several months because personal connections in my life have dropped drastically. No parties with friends, not hanging at the bar and other than my husband and couple of close friends I am not seeing anyone. These selfies are a way for you and me to connect virtually. I get so much positive feedback from these selfie updates it just really makes me feel connected to you guys that follow and support me. I get all worked up shooting them and I hope you get all worked up looking at them. Just thinking of you stroking your hard cock to my naked pictures is a super turn on! Please email and tell me about the big load you blew over my naughty pictures! CLICK HERE AND LET’S CONNECT IN MORE WAYS THANK ONE!

Shut In Mom Needs Your Cock

(100% Unedited Selfies)

Oh my gosh this coronavirus physical distancing is really getting me. I am so in need of hookup with some strange, however, getting some strange dick during this virus time is simply not an option. Why is it you always want what you can’t have? Well, I decided to get off with you virtually. In this 100% unedited set of Selfies it is definitely you and your hard cock that is on my mind. As I took these pictures, I was fantasizing the entire time about how I would just love to play with you and your dick. I imagine teasing and edging your cock so that we can get the most of our time together. I want you hard and ready to cum big time, I’ll take you in my mouth and pussy both, so the only question left to answer is … where on my body do you want to shoot your hot load? Please let me know your favorite place to cum on me. As long as it is in not in my eye, I’m good with-it LOL! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Pandemic Crushes Kentucky’s Hopes!

Getting Naked for Kentucky!

As you know if you have followed me for any length of time, I am Kentucky girl and I am proud of it. You have to understand that in Kentucky we have no professional sports teams, therefore, the University of Kentucky basketball is our pride and joy. I took these pictures to kick off the NCAA Tournament this week, however, because of the coronavirus pandemic the tournament is not happening. It’s a damn shame because UK was really on a hot streak and poised to do really well this year! Well damn it, I am posting them anyway to show my support of my home state! Have you ever been with a Kentucky girl? We definitely have a wild streak in us! Even though many of us may be prim and proper on the outside we have a naughty side that we like to share. This is your chance to get naked with a Kentucky girl … Join me as I strip out of these clothes and get 100% naked so I can show you everything and I mean everything! Get between my legs and cheeks and maybe I’ll even dribble your balls LOL! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

P.S. Thanks to Carl, whom supports this Kentucky girl for this bra and panty set which I love!


Skintight Just Right

Skintight Just Right – New Selfies! Taken 01-Mar-2020
(100% Unedited Selfies)

I may be a woman in my early 50’s but that does not mean skintight pants are out. Often, I hear women say stuff about how other women should dress their age. I say dress how you feel comfortable. For some women like loose fitting garments that hide their figure and some women are comfortable in skintight clothing that shows every inch of their figure. I must confess I go both ways sometimes depending on the day and how I feel. But when I get sexed up dressy, I like things to be tight and show off my cleavage and ass. I did these selfies for you in my skintight shiny leggings and I love wearing them out to a pub or club. I always get so many looks, sometimes they are looks of disapproval and sometimes they are looks approval. Doesn’t matter to me I am comfortable and feel sexy, that is all that matters. So, what is your opinion of a woman my age wearing skintight clothing? Be sure to let me know! CLICK HERE TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


New Year – New Selfies

New Year – New Selfies! Taken 10-Jan-2020
(100% Unedited Selfies)

I get many request for the Selfie Updates and for pics in bra and panties, so I decided to combine the two!! I grabbed my new selfie stick and snuck off to the guest room and shot these for you. Perhaps you can come sometimes and shoot a set of pics of me with my phone? Think you would be up for the task? Think it would get you hard taking pics of me? Well I would do my very best to make it difficult for you to get through an entire set, we may just have to sit the phone down and take a break. CLICK HERE and watch me get taked just for you!! GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Jump In the Tub with Me!

(100% Unedited Selfies taken 20-Feb-19)

The other night in my Members Cam a couple of the guys were saying how much they enjoy my Selfie Updates, so I decided to do another. Today I was running errands and going to the bank and decide afterwards to relax in a nice bubble bath. I hope you don’t mind, but I brought you with me. What do you think? Would you like to slip in behind me and enjoy a bath with me? We could wash each other and slide our soapy naked bodies all over each other. Would you want to get all hot and sweaty with me in the tub and then have to start all over again? Get all sudsy with me!! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Home Alone

Home Alone & Ready for You!
(100% Unedited Selfies taken 30-Jan-19)

Well this is my first evening home after being gone for 2 weeks to visit family in the mid-west. Just so happens that my first night home hubby had tickets to a concert. I was home alone and chatting up some guys and I became particularly horny, so I decided to shoot a selfie set. These selfie pictures always feel special to me because it’s like only you and I are in the room. After two weeks of no sex I was really ready, so I let my mind wander to just you and I playing together. Imagine me wrapping my hand around your hard cock and stoking it was rigid hard. Then I begin to suck your dick and get it all wet with my mouth wrapped around it.  I want you to then fuck me hard but be sure to pull out in time to blast your warm cum on my face and tits!  CLICK HERE and get ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Mom in Boy Cut Panties

This Mom Loves Boy Cut Panties!

Some say that I am too old to be wearing boy cut panties. But my hubby loves them on me and I enjoy the teasing you in them. There is something sexy about how boys cut panties let my butt cheeks hang out. Do you like when a woman wears panties that allow you a sneak peek at her cheeks? Booty has always been one of my best assets, so I get off on teasing you with booty pics.   Come and strip the boy cut panties off me! CLICK HERE AND GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Can’t Get Enough – Selfies

It’s Seems People Can’t Get Enough Selfies!

(Unedited Selfies directly from my phone to you!)

The title of this photo set came directly from my email. Quite honestly, I am amazed at how much feedback I get on these iPhone selfie shots I do. But as long as you guys like them I will keep shooting them. I will say that there is something erotic about shooting selfies, I think it is the fact that I am doing it all alone, so it really lets my mind wander to naughty thoughts. Every time I do these kinds of photos my mind goes to all the naughty fun we could have together, and it really gets me worked up. I just fantasize about us having spontaneous sex together. A quick blowjob with me wrapping my lips around your cock and then you slide your cock into my wet pussy. Just imagine a passionate fuck together until we work up a good sweat and orgasm big time. If you were to cum with me do you have a favorite body part of mine that you like to cum on? CLICK HERE AND GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!