Last Day of May!

WOW, Where has time gone?  This is the last day of May and that is crazy..  

So we had a work meeting last week and I found a Berry Margarita that I really like, lol.  It was yummy..  And recently my drink of choice has been a Bee’s Knee.   I found a recipe for a Better Bee’s Knee with pineapple and grapefruit.. 

I now have a Premium SnapChat!!  I will be posting pics/video clips that I don’t post anywhere else :) . So, check it out.  If you are a current member, There is a special link inside for you.  

I am feeling great and doing great.  My IgG (See Below) levels continue to be low, so I had a IVIG transfusion.   I had the treatment because my numbers are low and the fact that I will be traveling and you know when you travel there are all kinds of sick people.

I included in this post a picture of me, waaaaaay back in the day, LOL.  I didn’t even know Rob yet, LOL.

Hope you enjoyed May and you have something fun planned for the summer…

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


What are IgG deficiencies?

An IgG deficiency is a health problem in which your body doesn’t make enough Immunoglobulin G (IgG). People with IgG deficiency are more likely to get infections. IgG deficiencies can occur at any age.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most common type. IgG is always there to help prevent infections. It’s also ready to multiply and attack when foreign substances get into the body. When you don’t have enough, you are more likely to get infections.

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