The New Year has brought me a gift…

It has given me Pink Eye!!!  I don’t be I have ever had it before and both of my eyes are all bloodshot!!  It is not an attractive look, LOL..   I did go to the dr and got an antibiotic eye drop and I am using it.  I can NOT have this when I go to Chicago next week.  

I have a HOT update planned for February for our Web’iversary !!  It is something that I have NOT done in years, and NO it is not anal, LOL.    Was also thinking I might post a set from each year I have been on the web.. what do you think?  Is there a set you would like to see again??

Hugs and Kisses, 

Dawn Marie


  1. A sty is NOT contagious but pink eye is HIGHLY contagious!! Also weirdly enough the symptoms of both ARE THE SAME!!! Get well soon.

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