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What is that quote? ”It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”. I received an email from a man saying he really enjoyed my videos and that he thought we should do one together. I started talking to him and thought it really wasn’t going to be an option as he lives hours from me. Well to my surprise he was coming to Phoenix to house sit for a friend and would have the place to himself and he asked me if we could get together. So hubby was at a motorcycle event and I decided to pack up the camera and visit my new friend and tell hubby about it afterwards.

This video is shot by just the two of us, myself and my friend. We start with the video camera on the tripod and the two of us on his friends bed making out. Watch me pull his big black dick out of his pants while he kisses me and stoke him until he is nice and hard. And yes you know me I just couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth. I sucked his big black dick and got him nice and hard while he fingers my wet pussy. We get the camera off the tripod and he holds it and zooms in while I suck his dick and balls into my mouth. I couldn’t wait to climb on top of him and ride his black dick. If you like my butt you will enjoy this part as my butt wiggles and jiggles in front of the camera. My friend then takes his turn and slides his nice hard dick deep inside me and fucks me until he is ready to cum. Watch him pull out and shoot his hot cum all over me. This was a very hot afternoon with a new friend and who knows maybe I will see him again .. hehe!



  1. Armstrong says

    I like that your soo natural !

  2. Yes , big booty milf that loves bbc!!!! It’s a very big turn on to see! One love!!!!

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