Huge Dildo Video

The Fattest Dildo I’ve Ever Used!
Full HD Video w/Lots of Close-Ups

Guys this is a HUGE dildo. I typically don’t use them this big, but I wanted to stretch my pussy and feel a huge cock inside of me. I couldn’t fuck a cock this big all the time, but occasionally it feels fantastic. There is something about us women when we can really feel your pussy filled up. Wait until you see how wet I get in this video and cum for real, no fake orgasm here! Come along for the ride and watch me from both the front and back. You get to get to see my big full ass bounce up and down and this dildo as I ride it good! Get your cock and cum with me!


Grab the High Heels

High Heels: Grab On & Take Me For a Ride

If there is one thing my hubby has a fetish for it is definitely blue jeans. So I surprised him and put on this pair of blue jeans with my a nice tight white shirt sleeveless shirt. But to spice it up a little bit I put on these deep blue high heels.

What is it about high heels? Wearing high heels always makes me feel a little more naughty and provocative. Not sure why but I do like the feeling they give me. Heels just seems to spice up my attitude and I do things in high heels I would not do in flats. For example, I can fuck with my high heels on but you’ll never see me fucking in flats LOL! But guys seem to love when my legs are up in the air and they can hold on to my heels. I must admit it is an awesome feeling when a guy is hold my legs by the heel as you slides deep inside of my wet pussy! I’m a submissive girl so I love when the man takes control and drives me home so to speak … VBEG!

Strip me out of my jeans and I promise to leave my heels on … grab on take me for a ride!


Things Not Always Black & White

Come get me naked!

You know sometimes things are not always as they seem. Here I am in a total black and white environment yet my skin tone and red hair shows through :) I was asked recently why do you only shoot pictures with black men. Well the answer to that question is not as colorful as it seems. You see I have shot pictures with black men and white over the years. But agreed I tend to end up with more black men. Why is that you ask? Because they show up that is why LOL! I cannot tell you the number of times a nice looking white man has setup a date to shoot pictures with me and then bailed out at the very last second. I’m not sure why that is, whether it just a case of once a fantasy becomes real they get scared or they think about getting caught or what? But the reality over the years is the black guys almost always show up and don’t back out.

Now I would be happy to have more white men in pictures and if you want to volunteer let me know. I was just talking to hubby saying that I need a white man to join me in pictures and hubby was like “heck yes let’s do it”. You see I am really an equal opportunity sexual woman. My biggest requirement is that you are as you are advertised and that you show up. So you see everything is not so black and white when it comes to the my flavor of sexy fun … hehehe! So if you think you have what it takes let me know!


Cum on Me

Please Cum on My Pics! It Turns Me On!
(with included sound of me talking dirty for JOI encouragement!)

You know there is nothing hotter to me than having sex with a guy and then watching him pull out to shoot his load all over me … VBEG! I know don’t what it is, but for me it is like the ultimate compliment. Feeling his warm cum land on my body just drives me wild. I like to watch the look on his face and then the cum actually shoot out of the end of his cock! It’s as if I just made him feel so good and he his showing me his appreciation by giving me a nice warm load of cum … yummy!

Well here is your chance to cum for me. I know we are far apart physically but we don’t have to be far apart emotionally. I took a set of pictures and posed so that you can shoot your cum on me :) And I’ve even included MP3 sound files to give you a little extra incentive to so spray me with your warm cum.


That Country Girl Vibe

High-Rez Photos!

Hey guys this is an unusual shoot for me. I’ve never been one to do the “household” type shoots like cooking, cleaning and stuff like that. But this past Monday I was walking around the house doing laundry in these tight ass little white daisy dukes and simple little tie up shirt and hubby was like … “wow, that is a hot look Dawn Marie we should do pictures right now!”. So I said “OK … let’s do it” and he grab his camera and we started shooting right in our little laundry closet …. hehehhe!

I knew hubby would like this outfit because he loves sexy women in casual everyday stuff and he grew up in rural area so things like halter tops, cut offs and blue jeans really turn him on. He loves that whole country and down home girl vibe. When we’re out in public I am always pointing out to him the sexy country or down home type of girls and he really loves it … hehehehe! I’m such a good wife to be pointing them out to him don’t ya’ think … LOL!

So how do you feel about the whole country and down home type of girl in her everyday clothes? Is it something that turns you on. If you ran into me wearing something like this would you enjoy it? Let me know what you think and what goes through your mind when you see me in this country girl outfit.


Post Presentation Party

Now the Fun Begins!

I was worried about the presentation that I just kept my mind on the “after party” so that I could stay focused. But what I didn’t expect was surprising my colleagues with my naughty evening gown. I think they were in shock when I showed up all “sexed up” and ready for a drink. I teased and “accidentally bumped” men all night long .. LOL! See why I was the talk of the office the next day.


Remastered in Full HD

Cheating with Big Black Cock! Never before seen in full-HD!

What is that quote? ”It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”. I received an email from a man saying he really enjoyed my videos and that he thought we should do one together. I started talking to him and thought it really wasn’t going to be an option as he lives hours from me. Well to my surprise he was coming to Phoenix to house sit for a friend and would have the place to himself and he asked me if we could get together. So hubby was at a motorcycle event and I decided to pack up the camera and visit my new friend and tell hubby about it afterwards.

This video is shot by just the two of us, myself and my friend. We start with the video camera on the tripod and the two of us on his friends bed making out. Watch me pull his big black dick out of his pants while he kisses me and stoke him until he is nice and hard. And yes you know me I just couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth. I sucked his big black dick and got him nice and hard while he fingers my wet pussy. We get the camera off the tripod and he holds it and zooms in while I suck his dick and balls into my mouth. I couldn’t wait to climb on top of him and ride his black dick. If you like my butt you will enjoy this part as my butt wiggles and jiggles in front of the camera. My friend then takes his turn and slides his nice hard dick deep inside me and fucks me until he is ready to cum. Watch him pull out and shoot his hot cum all over me. This was a very hot afternoon with a new friend and who knows maybe I will see him again .. hehe!


Glass in My Ass!

Anal Fun!

Ok guys … if you have been following me for a while you know I am not a big lover of anal sex! I do it from time to time but it’s not my favorite thing. But I do have one fantasy that I’ve been trying to fulfill and could never figure out quite how to do it! I always wanted to do a DP but I was like NO WAY can take a man in my pussy and ass at the same time. It would just be to much for me. But the idea of having my ass filled while a guy fucking me is a big turn on. So then I found this special glass anal toy that is designed to “stay in” while I’m having sex and I don’t have to hold. So tonight I thought I’d practice and see who well this thing stays in my ass. It stayed in good so you think it’s time I should do a DP with a guy and this toy?


Selfie Love

100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 05-Oct-2021

You know sometimes we all need that little bit of alone time. Time to kick back and do just what you want, when you want and yesterday was one of those days. Hubby was at the studio working and I decided to grab my phone and share my alone time with you. Think you could handle some alone time with me? Just the two of us here in this bed concentrating on each other, doing what we want, when we want. Where would you want to start if you where sharing time with me?? Check out my selfie set and then email me and let me know how you would start our alone time together.


You Ready?

We’re Home & We’re Horny

I truly enjoyed our night out. I love going out on the town with new man and being a naughty wife. Now that we are back at our secret hideaway, I think it is time we get naked. Both you and the drinks have me a little frisky so now it is time for the both of us to naughty! One of the things that turns me on more than anything is being a naughty wife. I am not overly open about it; however, I do love it and it turns me on like crazy. I’ll strip down for you in this chair so you can bend me over and fuck me hard while I present you with my naked booty! I love getting fucked doggy style. With me in this chair I should be at the perfect height for you to drive your hard cock into my pussy and all the while you can watch my big ole’ butt giggle! I am ready to satisfy your cock and drain all your cum. I want some strange and you are just the man to give it to me!


Mom In Pink Lingerie

The Marvels of Modern Technology

Happy Valentine’s Day … this is one of the most impromptu photosets I have done in long time. All new and thank you to the nice gentlemen that sent me the lingerie off my amazon list.

Hubby and I decided to head to the studio yesterday to do some cleaning up and maintenance. I always keep some lingerie stored there and suddenly hubby says, “Let’s do a picture set”, and I was like “we don’t have the camera”. Well low and behold because of modern technology we pulled it off. Today’s smart phones have amazing cameras and this photoset was taken on hubby’s phone with no fancy lighting rigs or anything.

What do you think of a mom in pink lingerie? Sometimes it seems the pink lingerie is reserved for the young and sexy, but I am here to say as mother and grand mother that I can rock it too! I would love to have you come and play with me and strip me out of this lingerie. I would like you to feel your cock grow in my hand and get big and hard as wrap my mouth around it. So come and join me for some good ole’ fashion hooking up and having a great sexual time!


Lady of the Night

I’m a Naughty Wife in Garter and Stockings!

Want some garter and stockings? It always makes me feel so damn sexy wearing garter, stockings and heels. I have a big fantasy of wearing a trench coat out one night and only wearing something like this underneath. I show up at the hotel bar to meet you and we have a few drinks before heading up to your room. You take me upstairs like a lady in the night and walk across the bar to the elevator and everybody there knows I’m taking you upstairs for a good fuck. Imagine taking my trench coat off after we are in the room and you get to see me wearing only stockings and garter. I kneel down and immediately start sucking your cock. As I watch your cock get harder and harder I rub it all over my tittes. Then I stand up turn around and let you stick your hard cock into my pussy as I lean over on the bed. You fuck me fast and furious until you cum deep in my pussy. Next I put on my trench coat and we head back to the hotel bar. The whole time we are sipping on our drinks your cum is running out of my pussy and dripping down my inner thighs. Sound like a fun night? Let’s make it happen!


Just a Bra & Panties and all-Natural Me!

100% Unedit Selfies Taken 11/11/2020!

Hey guys here is a new selfie set of pictures I just shot on Thursday. I decided in this one to keep it all natural and down to earth. It is just me in a simple bra and panty set. Hubby always tells me there is something super sexy about a woman wearing only her bra and panties. It is erotic and sensual for me to be walking around in front of man in only this and I am hoping it entices you. Would you want to climb into bed with me while I’m wearing so little? CLICK HERE and GET ME NAKED!

Memorial Day Selfies

Memorial Day Selfies w/Short Selfie Video Clip! 100% Unedited Selfies!

It’s been a little bit since I did a selfie update. After my big Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday I took Monday to just stay home and chill. I was feeling a little frisky after being home alone so much, I went into the bedroom and shot off a selfie set including a short selfie video. I always get worked up thinking of you peering in on me and it truly turns me on. Come join me for this fun and frisky update and we can have some fun together! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Anal Step Up

Christmas Selfies – Taken 17-Dec-19
(100% Unedited Selfies)

So most of you guys know that I am not a big anal girl. While I appreciate your love of anal and my hubby’s love anal it is just not my favorite thing … LOL! But I do it once or twice a year just to put a smile on everyone’s face … VBEG! This set has me doing the “anal step-up” … what I mean is that I start out with my finger in my ass, then a small toy and finally I get to a pretty large vibrator sunk into my warm ass. I can say that doing the “anal step-up” is certainly easier than when hubby just plunges right in LOL!

So sit back and just imagine your hard cock inching deep inside my waiting ass and the warmth of me wrapped around you as you slowing move your cock in and out of me and hang on to my hips at the same time. Finally, you let loose and I hear you moan as you cum deep inside my waiting ass!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Filling My Phat Ass

I Use an Anal Plug and Vibrator to Cum! (Video)

I think one of my best assets according to Members is my ass, no surprise I am always getting request for anal. So I decided to indulge y’all with a little bit of anal play. With my ass in the air, watch as I fill my tight ass with an anal plug and then start to play with my pussy. Thinking about having you deep in my ass and playing with my pussy is kind of hot!! Take your cock out and think about filling my ass with your cock and cumming deep inside me as I work myself to an intense orgasm with my toy.  Watch me slowly pull out the plug as I come down from my orgasm. CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


The Big Ass Face Sit!

Giving Him Big Ass Face Sitting 

He is always bugging me to “get on top”, he just loves it when I sit on his face and let him lick me from behind. So today I decided to be a nice wife and give him what he wanted! He loved it with and without the white panties! And I must say I enjoyed it much more than I expected .. VBEG!! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and HD videos!


Big Ass Tease and Worship

Big Ass Worship and Tease – HD Video!

I get asked for videos of my Ass so often and I aim to please. Here is an ass tease and worship video. I do a lot of talking in the video and do my best to give you good jerk off encouragement. You get me teasing you in leggings, satin panties and naked! I talk dirty to you asking you cum on my ass cheeks for me. I really love the feeling of hot cum splattering on my ass cheeks and the warm feeling of satisfaction it gives the both of us. Are you ready to shoot your big load on my big ole’ butt? I love when you worship my ass and tell me how you enjoy it.  I am ready to help you do it and let the cum squirt right out on my big cheeks and I’ll rub it in … encouraging you to cum always turns me on! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and HD videos!