Stepmom Spanks

Stepmom Spanks Her Bad Girl – Full 4K Video

Stepdaughter Aurora was bad girl and sneaking out of her bedroom and night to go meet boys. Always vigilant stepmom Dawn Marie catches her one evening and makes her pay the price. Dawn Marie goes into full mom mode and decides she needs to teach Aurora a lesson. Aurora lays across Mom’s lap and she gets spanked good and hard. Dawn Marie lectures her on the evils of sneaking out with boys and wants to prevent her from becoming pregnant. She spanks her hard with her hand, then to provide more punishment moves to spanking her with a large paint stick. Listen as she gets her ass slapped hard and hear Aurora whimper as she gets spanked and complies with her punishment.



  1. Wow!!!!!! Thank you Dawn! You never disappoint.

  2. Okay now that just jumped the shark

  3. OldTimer says

    It is a rather strange one – things like that usually result in a strap-on appearing and being used … I was expecting something similar to the Dawn/Faith69 episode from many years ago, but this was just a bit daft !

    • It is a shame man. Loved to watch her suck and fuck especially with that amazing ass. But times do change I guess. Still a real bummer.

    • LOL you guys are funny!! Sometimes doing something a little different is ok.. Y’all know this is not my thing at all, but the young lady in the video asked me to do the video with her. Do not worry, there will be no more of them.

  4. Huckleberry says

    Now jus’ a minute here … you city types have no idea about life here in the woods … Dawn Marie is merely doin’ what any good Kentucky Mom does when her daughter steps out of line – she has to realise that messin’ with boys, especially her kin, can have consequences.

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