Stepmom Spanks

Stepmom Spanks Her Bad Girl – Full 4K Video

Stepdaughter Aurora was bad girl and sneaking out of her bedroom and night to go meet boys. Always vigilant stepmom Dawn Marie catches her one evening and makes her pay the price. Dawn Marie goes into full mom mode and decides she needs to teach Aurora a lesson. Aurora lays across Mom’s lap and she gets spanked good and hard. Dawn Marie lectures her on the evils of sneaking out with boys and wants to prevent her from becoming pregnant. She spanks her hard with her hand, then to provide more punishment moves to spanking her with a large paint stick. Listen as she gets her ass slapped hard and hear Aurora whimper as she gets spanked and complies with her punishment.


Voyeur Watches

He Watched – A Voyeur In the Room!!

Dateline July 31, 2021 6:10 PM – One of my very most beloved followers (and a real friend) rented a room near to me! Well since I like him so much and he has been so kind to me over the years I decided I’d give him a little surprise treat … VBEG! We were to meet at 7:15 for dinner so I called my friend and said “Hey can I come to your room and shoot a set of photos”. He was like “SURE! NO PROBLEM!” LOL! So I went to his room and shot a set of pictures while he got to stand and watch the whole thing. Notice the shit eating grin on my face? Well that is because I rarely shoot photos with on lookers so it was quite the turn on for me also!

See I am “real” and if you get to know me well enough you never know what surprises may be in store! Get to know me intimately because I have many surprises in store for you!


Talent Scout

It’s Fun Being a Talent Scout!

Well yesterday was the first day of the 2019 – 2020 football season and I am happy camper. My Dallas Cowboys kicked butt in their first game of the season. I’m glad my team has listened to me over the years, after all, I am talent scout. I have been scouting talent for years and I truly enjoy checking out the talented NFL players … hehehe! After all, most of the NFL players are hunks and what woman wouldn’t want to play with them under the covers LOL! I’ve had one NFL player on my site, and it was really naughty and a blast. I’m always looking for new talent and you don’t have to be an NFL player or some seriously ripped guy. I just like guys that like to please me and guys that can take it slow and sexy. Hot sex is all about the connection and that is the talent I am looking for, a guy I can connect with and have some naughty fun. Do you think you have the connection with me? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Wanna Take Me 9 Innings?

Baseball Is Back So Take Me To Home Base!

It’s that time of the year, the official start of baseball.  Do you enjoy “America’s favorite pastime”?  Do you think you would be able to concentrate on the game if I were with you?  Think you could go 9 innings with me?  Or perhaps we would have to go into extra innings??  I’m down for it, LOL..   Check out my update and let me know if you are up to playing some ball… CLICK HERE!