WOW it is December 3rd, just 22 days until Christmas, just crazy!!  Always feels like this time of the year just flies by and then it is the new year before you know it.  So are you done with your holiday shopping?  We are done with some, LOL…  We are headed to Chicago this week to spend the weekend with family there and celebrate Christmas with them.  We started doing this years ago and it is an enjoyable time.

One thing with us going to Chicago, I put off taking out my holiday decorations until after we return.  Remember, I have a little rascal of a cat, not calling anyone one out, but Tucker, LOL.. I don’t want to come home to a tree in the middle of my living room and I don’t want my son to have to deal with it while we are gone.  My Mom loved Christmas and all the music and decoration and she has passed that on to all her kids…  Can’t wait to get my things up.

Well I am slightly, and I really mean slightly disappointed to say I did not make my “mini goal” in regards to my weight.  I wanted to have lost 50 pounds by this past Saturday, but with the holiday I had a slight weight gain and was up .2 of a pound.. making my total loss 49.6.  I will not be weighing in again until the 14th after my Chicago trip and I hope to hit it by then.  Now I just need to come up with a new goal!!  

I promise to “try” to be better in 2018!

WOW it was crazy just typing 2018, LOL.  I know I have been a slacker on my Blog Post and OnlyFans.  I am going to try and do my best to post to both of them more often.  And by all means, call me on it!!

I hope you all have had wonderful holidays and were able to spend time with those that you love.  We were here in Phx with our younger son and our friend Robert.  

Lastly, you know what is coming up in 2018???  My 20th year on the web, it is unreal sometimes when I think about it that I am still doing this…  What shall we do to celebrate???

Until next time…