1st Interracial

Historic Interracial and 1st No Condom Sex
Pictures Shot on August 1, 2001

WOW … this day started out bad because I was suppose to be shooting new pictures today. But I have felt under the weather today and my head is just pounding :( Hubby came to me to shoot some new photos and I was just like “no way, I can’t do new photos honey, my head is just killing me and I don’t feel good”.

We knew it was our update day and he told me to think of something else. So this is what I came up with :)

Why are these pictures historic? Because this was my first interracial experience and one that got the ball rolling with me going down the interracial path .. hehehe!

I was so nervous. I went to my an online friend DJ for the first time. He had a room and I was meeting him at the hotel. I was just about shaking with nerves as I got close to the room. But once we got busy I forgot all about the camera and we just had a blast!


This is Dawn Marie's first time doing interracial porn. On August 1, 2001 legendary MILF Dawn Marie did her first no-condom fucking of black man.