Anal Cumshot

Payback Anal – Remastered in Full HD!

DEEP ANAL ACTION! Well now it’s payback time! If you have been following my site for a while you know that I run a football pool every year. Well last year I made a bet with hubby that if he beat me in the football pool I’d give up Anal to him. If I won he had to do the cooking for a month. Well that must of really motivated him because he studied up and beat me in total points at the end of the season. So here we are with the start of football season tomorrow I figured it was time to to pay off the bet. So I let hubby have his anal fun with me yesterday and we captured it all in pictures and video … hehehe! SO CLICK HERE AND WATCH AS HUBBY SLIDES HIS HARD COCK DEEP INTO MY ASS AND THEN PROCEEDS TO UNLOAD ALL OVER MY ASS CHEEKS AND ASS CRACK WITH HIS WARM CUM! I WONDER WHAT THIS YEAR’S BET WILL BE … smile!


She Hurt Her Knee


I hurt my knee so I have to take it easy for a few more weeks and he asked that I not do my exercise walking but has cleared me to use the bike. So I am happy to get my blood flowing again with some good exercise. Anyway, this is my last day of sitting around and resting my knee. As I sit her chillaxn (I just love this new word) my mind was wandering to naughty thoughts and I was fantasizing about how sweet it would be to have a nice man come over here and “take care” of me … any volunteers?


Do You Like Stuffing?

Thanksgiving Stuffing!
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

Dateline 22-Nov-23 4:21 PM – If you are in the USA I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season!

I wanted to get these pictures up for Thanksgiving because I’m ready to get stuffed … and I’m not talking about food … VBEG! The kind of stuffing I want only you can provide and that is your big hard cock inside me … hehehe! I was imagining myself bent over this love seat with you standing behind me sliding your cock in and out of my wet pussy! Then I’d turn around sit down on the love seat and feast on your hard cock until I milked all the juices out of it! Does this sound like the kind of Thanksgiving celebration you’d like to have. If so … let the feast begin!


Wanna Piece?

Let Me Give You a Piece This Halloween!
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

Pretty soon there will be beggars at my door. So I decided I needed to stock up :) But beggars under 18 are not the kind of beggars I’m looking for. I’m looking for a grown man that I could lure in with a piece of candy. Or perhaps you need something a little more sweet? I have all kinds of treats here for you to sample. But what I really want to give you may take just a little more effort to unwrap .. hehehe! Let’s say I help you a little and get rid of my pants, that way you can get a taste of my white panties. Well I have one last treat to give you, wanna taste … VBEG?!


Anxiously Waiting!

Oh I’m ready for some nice big cock!

If you notice my shit eating grin in this picture set is is because I was anxiously awaiting some hard black cock. You see … as I was taking pictures in this tight ass dress (thank you John for the dress) I was waiting for Joe to show up to my room. See my previous update with Joe and I going it … VBEG! I know you may find this amazing but even after all these these years I still get anxious and excited when I’m waiting for guy to show up to make a sex scene. Even at 48 years old I’m like a little girl waiting for her first date. So check out this set of me in the skin tight dress and you’ll see my wet pussy with full swollen lips in the anticipation of what what was going to happen next.


1st Interracial

Historic Interracial and 1st No Condom Sex
Pictures Shot on August 1, 2001

WOW … this day started out bad because I was suppose to be shooting new pictures today. But I have felt under the weather today and my head is just pounding :( Hubby came to me to shoot some new photos and I was just like “no way, I can’t do new photos honey, my head is just killing me and I don’t feel good”.

We knew it was our update day and he told me to think of something else. So this is what I came up with :)

Why are these pictures historic? Because this was my first interracial experience and one that got the ball rolling with me going down the interracial path .. hehehe!

I was so nervous. I went to my an online friend DJ for the first time. He had a room and I was meeting him at the hotel. I was just about shaking with nerves as I got close to the room. But once we got busy I forgot all about the camera and we just had a blast!


This is Dawn Marie's first time doing interracial porn. On August 1, 2001 legendary MILF Dawn Marie did her first no-condom fucking of black man.

Blue Jean Baby Queen

Do you like a woman in blue jeans?

There was an old song from the 70’s by David Essex called “Blue Jean Baby Queen” it was all about the sexy girls next door in their blue jeans. It’s so true that there is just something sexy about a woman wearing blue jeans and casual top. In this update I decided to wear my torn blue jeans, a loose top and some platform sandals. It is really funny because the most comments I get from men is when I go out dressed all casual like this. I think it is the woman next door thing, think I’m a little old to be the girl next door but I can certainly be that woman next door that likes to be hit on at the bar. If I go to a casual outside bar dressed like this it never fails some guy will come up and talk to me. It really turns me on and I am always secretly hoping it turns into something fun VBEG! So let me know if a woman in blue jeans is something turns you on!



Holiday Party Pre-Party
(Spontaneous iPhone Picture Set)

This was a totally impromptu photoset taken on my iPhone. Hubby and I were getting ready to head out for a Holiday Dinner Party and just as we were leaving hubby said “Gimmie your iPhone and get in front of the tree”. He started snapping photos with my iPhone and low and behold I started getting naked … VBEG! I always love these kind of spontaneous photo sets and my hubby’s mind works in dirty ways sometimes .. haha! So, I got on the corner of the couch and started stripping out of my holiday dress right in front of the pretty lights of our Christmas tree. Who doesn’t like a mom getting naked by the light of the Christmas tree? If I came to your holiday party would you have naughty images of naked Dawn Marie running through your head? What if I sat next to you at the dinner table and told you about this picture set I just took before arriving? Would you let me feel your cock discretely under the table? Tell me how you would react with naked visions of me in your head at the holiday party!

Hugs & Kisses & Merry Christmas ~ Dawn Marie!


Things Not Always Black & White

Come get me naked!

You know sometimes things are not always as they seem. Here I am in a total black and white environment yet my skin tone and red hair shows through :) I was asked recently why do you only shoot pictures with black men. Well the answer to that question is not as colorful as it seems. You see I have shot pictures with black men and white over the years. But agreed I tend to end up with more black men. Why is that you ask? Because they show up that is why LOL! I cannot tell you the number of times a nice looking white man has setup a date to shoot pictures with me and then bailed out at the very last second. I’m not sure why that is, whether it just a case of once a fantasy becomes real they get scared or they think about getting caught or what? But the reality over the years is the black guys almost always show up and don’t back out.

Now I would be happy to have more white men in pictures and if you want to volunteer let me know. I was just talking to hubby saying that I need a white man to join me in pictures and hubby was like “heck yes let’s do it”. You see I am really an equal opportunity sexual woman. My biggest requirement is that you are as you are advertised and that you show up. So you see everything is not so black and white when it comes to the my flavor of sexy fun … hehehe! So if you think you have what it takes let me know!


The Clit Gift

The Rose Toy – A Full 4K Video!

Brand new full 4k Video – My long-time friend that I met through my website, Carl, was so kind and purchased this for me. It’s called “The Rose Toy” and sucks my clit like nothing I’ve ever used! This may be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever used. Talk about seeing stars! This thing will make any woman cum intensely. Join me for this full 4k video fun! I cum back time and I want you to cum with me!


Cum on Me

Please Cum on My Pics! It Turns Me On!
(with included sound of me talking dirty for JOI encouragement!)

You know there is nothing hotter to me than having sex with a guy and then watching him pull out to shoot his load all over me … VBEG! I know don’t what it is, but for me it is like the ultimate compliment. Feeling his warm cum land on my body just drives me wild. I like to watch the look on his face and then the cum actually shoot out of the end of his cock! It’s as if I just made him feel so good and he his showing me his appreciation by giving me a nice warm load of cum … yummy!

Well here is your chance to cum for me. I know we are far apart physically but we don’t have to be far apart emotionally. I took a set of pictures and posed so that you can shoot your cum on me :) And I’ve even included MP3 sound files to give you a little extra incentive to so spray me with your warm cum.


Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasy Can Feel Very Real!

You know sometimes fantasy is “almost” as good as reality! I was home alone today and my hubby has had an awful cold lately so I was feeling some pent up sexual frustration. I decided what the hell and went upstairs to get one of my favorite glass toys out. I climbed onto the bed and started getting busy. I let my mind wander to favorite tried and true fantasy of meeting a business man that is in town for only one night, heading to his hotel for 8 hours of true bliss. I just imagine him and I meeting in the bar of a swanky Scottsdale hotel and then going up to is room for unabashed not strings attached sex! Just total sexual freedom with no worries of tomorrow! Well needless to say it was not long until my pussy was quivering with delight and I was soaked! Wanna to make this fantasy become reality?



Once In While We All Need Luxury

You know every once in while we all need a little luxury. You know me and I am not a very high maintenance woman. I’m actually a relatively easy going woman raised in small town Kentucky. So I have never really experienced the “high life”. But every now and then we all want to be treated special. So recently I got to stay in this beautiful hotel room and it just made me feel fantastic. Having a little bit of luxury now and then is good for the ego and good for the soul. Don’t ya’ think? Having the finer things in life is something I’ve never had. Don’t misunderstand me … I’m not crying poverty, but I am certainly not rich either. Just your average American woman with a middle class family living a middle class life. So staying in such a nice room was a real turn on for me and let me feel extra special for a few days. I sure could get used to the luxury life style but I have to tell you I’m not sure it’s really me. I am much more of jeans, t-shirt and flip flop woman.

My mind could not help but wander as I was on this luxurious bed in my nighty and heels. Of course you know where it wandered … to the thoughts of a man taking me right here and now on this nice bed. Thoughts right out of a cheap love novel of being taken passionately and firmly for the night! I’ve always had the meet a strange man in the hotel bar fantasy and then retiring to his room for a night pure uninhibited bliss. Well now is your chance!


A Touch of Gray

100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 09-Jun-2022

Hey guys, you know how much I enjoy shooting selfies for you. As I have mentioned before being alone taking pictures always lets my mind wander to naughty thoughts and being frisky with a stranger. My biggest fantasy is having hook ups with a sexy stranger or man I don’t know well. There is just something exciting about meeting someone for the first time and having sex shortly after meeting. The anticipation of the meetings is really a turn on too and that is what makes me so horny doing these selfie updates. I am getting my hair colored again on Saturday and I thought you might enjoy seeing me with a touch of gray in my hair. As you know I’m no spring chicken anymore and yes, I do have gray that I must color red now. See all the all-natural unedited me as I anticipate having sex with you, definitely makes me horny knowing you are watching … VBEG!


Cold Toy In My Warm Pussy!

Cold and Warm Go Together!

Dateline April 2nd 3:40 PM – Don’t know if you have been watching the national weather lately, but Phoenix temperatures are hitting near record highs. It was over 95 degrees last weekend setting a new record! Even today it’s in the mid-90’s! With the air conditioner cranking full tilt it’s hard to keep the house cooled down. But I found a way to cool down and heat up at the same time :) I took one of my glass toys and stuck it in my freezer for while and then retrieved it for some late afternoon fun! When this ice cold toy slides into my warm pussy it is an amazing feeling … VBEG! Just something about the cold against the heat of my pussy gets me super excited so let’s cool down and heat up at the same time. Please stroke you cock and cum for me.


Traveling Mom

100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 15-Mar-2022

Hey all, I have doing too much traveling the last few months and I have one more trip planned next week before long stint at home. I’ve been having to play mom and Gigi to help out the kids through some traveling they had to do.

I shot this selfie set of photos before having to leave town mid-March and I was super horny! I was just dreaming of getting back to my normal “naughty life” and wishing I had some strange cock in bed with me? Are you willing to be that man?


Anal Fun

Filling My Phat Ass – Full HD Video!

I think one of my best assets according to followers is my ass, no surprise I am always getting request for anal. So I decided to indulge y’all with a little bit of anal play. With my ass in the air, watch as I fill my tight ass with an anal plug and then start to play with my pussy. Thinking about having you deep in my ass and playing with my pussy is kind of hot!! Take your cock out and think about filling my ass with your cock and cumming deep inside me as I work myself to an intense orgasm with my toy. Watch me slowly pull out the plug as I come down from my orgasm. 🍑 😁


Kitchen Sex

Kitchen Sex is Best :)

What is about kitchen sex? Is it because traditionally it’s the ladies domain or because it’s often the most impromptu place where a man sneaks up behind his woman and just starts playing with her? Well whatever it is … impromptu kitchen sex is hot! I have this recurring fantasy where I’m working in the kitchen and nice man comes up behind me and we get busy right then and there! He starts kissing the back of my neck and then lifts up onto the kitchen island proceeding strip off my clothes. You know what turns on most about this? He can stand on the side and bury his head in my pussy as I’m up on my elbows watching him eat me out. I love having my pussy eaten and in what better place than kitchen …. VBEG! I really get off on watching a guy go down on me just as when I’m sucking a guys cock and look up to stare right in his eyes while my mouth is totally full of hardness! Hungry Yet? I am, so let’s enjoy each on in the kitchen and we’ll be sure to have the full course after the appetizers … hehehehe! 😁


Pantyhose in the Sun

Oh Winter in Arizona LOL!

I know that much of the country is stuck in a bitter cold snap with temperatures below zero degrees so I thought I’d share some of the Arizona sun with you. One of the fantastic things about Arizona is in the middle of winter it is 70 degrees and sunny outside! I really want to warm you up so I put on my seamless white pantyhose and decided to get naked out in the sun. Thinking of you watching me from the frozen parts of the country as I get naked outside totally turns me on. Imagine me warming you up by wrapping my nylon covered legs around you. Or perhaps I just sit on your face and let you eat my pussy right through the nylon crotch of my pantyhose. I hope that I am able to raise your temperature because you surely raise mine! Let’s warm up together by having some hot sex with each other!


Toys in the Tub

Get Off in the Tub with Me!

Ok guys I’m not going to beat around the bush here! I got a new toy the other day at Fascinations and had not had a chance to use it. So Thursday night I was home alone for a little bit, while hubby and son were out running errands. So I ran up and filled a warm tub and laid back with my head on the towel and filled my pussy with my new toy. It was so hot and erotic just escaping into fantasy land … you have a fantasy with me in mind … please please do tell!


Florida Bound and It’s Going Down

Florida Bound & Disney World is Going Down!
100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 25-Oct-2021

Hey all, I have some exciting news! I am off to Disney World! We have never been to Disney World and are heading with our kids and grandson!

But as always, my followers and friends are never forgotten. We have been in a rush to get out of town, however, I found time to snap off an all-new set of pictures of you! I want you to come and get me! It would just be us in this room and we can help each other strip out of our clothes and get busy! Let’s make each other cum! You know I want you!


Voyeur Watches

He Watched – A Voyeur In the Room!!

Dateline July 31, 2021 6:10 PM – One of my very most beloved followers (and a real friend) rented a room near to me! Well since I like him so much and he has been so kind to me over the years I decided I’d give him a little surprise treat … VBEG! We were to meet at 7:15 for dinner so I called my friend and said “Hey can I come to your room and shoot a set of photos”. He was like “SURE! NO PROBLEM!” LOL! So I went to his room and shot a set of pictures while he got to stand and watch the whole thing. Notice the shit eating grin on my face? Well that is because I rarely shoot photos with on lookers so it was quite the turn on for me also!

See I am “real” and if you get to know me well enough you never know what surprises may be in store! Get to know me intimately because I have many surprises in store for you!


Office Pantyhose

Ready for some office romance?

This is an old picture set taken way back on 26-Jul-2004. However, back then I only posted 20 of the pictures and today I posted all 40 of them and they are all REMASTERED in today’s larger resolutions! I am posting this because I have a member who saw one of these pictures on the web somewhere but had never seen the whole picture set.

I know that some of you have mentioned me posting some older stuff recently and I apologize. You have my PROMISE that after Memorial Day weekend I will be shooting lots of new content and getting back in the grove. I must confess that Covid knocked me off my game. I deeply appreciate your support and there is all new stuff coming!

The thing I noticed most about these pictures is look at the computers LOL! The old beige box and monitors running Windows. A far cry from the fancy Macs we use today in our home. But all in all, this is a great picture set. As you know I just love wearing pantyhose and this day in the office I just imagined you coming up to me at work flirting and winking at me. I follow your lead and we sneak off to the back storage closet for quickie! You pull my dress up, rubbing your hard cock all over my pantyhose. Next, I squat down in front of you with urgency, so we do not get caught and suck your cock until it is hard. I stand up and you spin me around bending me over and pull down the back of my pantyhose just enough to plunge your cock deep in my pussy. We fuck like rabbits right there in the storage closet biting our lips just enough, so we do not get busted. After you cum in my pussy I quickly pull up my pantyhose and we go back to our desks. I sit there doing my working feeling your hot cum inside of me as I work.


HotLanta Hookup

HotLanta Hookup Selfies Taken on 15-Apr-2021!

Do I ever have a unique experience to tell all of you? Just this past week I flew to Atlanta for a 24 hour turn around. It was to meet a long-time follower that has been following me since the year 2000. This man started following me right after high school and now is an extraordinarily successful professional running his own large company in Atlanta. We had met before a few years ago when he came to Phoenix. Well, this time it was different, he flew me to Atlanta for a nice dinner, drinks, and evening to hang out and have some fun. I have to say he really made me feel special. The trip included my plane flight, a personal driver picking me up and night on the 15th floor of The Ritz hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is always crazy to me to meet a man that has followed me for so long, I deeply appreciate my followers and I have fun meeting them from time to time. This man is handsome, professional, and really open about how long he has fantasized in his head about meeting me and that really turned me on. So, enjoy these selfies I took in the room while waiting to meet him. It was a real turn on!


Mom In Pink Lingerie

The Marvels of Modern Technology

Happy Valentine’s Day … this is one of the most impromptu photosets I have done in long time. All new and thank you to the nice gentlemen that sent me the lingerie off my amazon list.

Hubby and I decided to head to the studio yesterday to do some cleaning up and maintenance. I always keep some lingerie stored there and suddenly hubby says, “Let’s do a picture set”, and I was like “we don’t have the camera”. Well low and behold because of modern technology we pulled it off. Today’s smart phones have amazing cameras and this photoset was taken on hubby’s phone with no fancy lighting rigs or anything.

What do you think of a mom in pink lingerie? Sometimes it seems the pink lingerie is reserved for the young and sexy, but I am here to say as mother and grand mother that I can rock it too! I would love to have you come and play with me and strip me out of this lingerie. I would like you to feel your cock grow in my hand and get big and hard as wrap my mouth around it. So come and join me for some good ole’ fashion hooking up and having a great sexual time!