Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI

Dirty 4K Bj – Handjob – Titty JOI – Crystal Clear Video!

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you a BRAND NEW video. During the Quarantine Rob received an offer from Go Pro to upgrade to the latest Hero 8 version of their camera with very substantial discount. He jumped on it! This is the first video shot on the new camera, and it is beautiful 4k footage.

After my last Jackoff Instruction video, I received many more requests for fun JOI videos. It truly gets me off knowing you are getting off to these. So please email me and telling me how you like them. This video it is a little different because I actually use a realistic cock dildo while talking to dirty to you! You see me stroke it, spit on it, suck it and rub it between my tits. All the while, I am talking dirty and encouraging you to jackoff to me and cum on my big squishy tits! So, CLICK HERE and cum for me in either HD or 4K video! I wanna hear about it too!

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100% True Life Real Naughty Wife Story! Full 4k Video!

OMG you guys this is a crazy and funny story! So, if you have followed me for a while, you know I have Lymphoma (don’t worry I am fine), however, I do get treatment once a month to boost my white cell blood count. This treatment happens in my home and the guy that gives me the treatment always texts me about 2 hours before he arrives. The day I shot this video I did was the day of treatment, I did it because I was getting ready to go out of town and wanted a new video to post. You’ll notice this video is two parts and that is because I’m about six and half minutes into the video my doorbell rings and it my nurse, yikes! I had to jump off the bed, get out of my porn clothes and pull myself together before answering the door. In my mind it was so funny because that is “naughty wife life” because he has no clue that I have website … haha! After we are done with my IV and treatment he leaves and I go back to my naughty clothes and finish what I started. And let’s just say it was one amazing orgasm and I hope you are ready to get off with me because I had a lot of fun, and I am always about us both having fun! Full 4k video!


Cum on My Tits JOI

Cum on My Tits JOI with Dirty Talk and Stroking! HD Video!

I know many of you love my big natural tits. I have had a lot of men ask me for more JOI videos and tell me how they want to cum on my tits. I must admit watching a man jackoff all over my tits is a big turn on for me! So, in this video I do a lot of dirty talking and give you simulated stroking as well as I play with my big tits and I beg you to cum all over my tits. I really enjoy watching a you cum on my tits then I like to rub all the cum into my tits with my hands as the you watch in satisfaction as I play with your cum! CLICK HERE TO JACKOFF ON MY BIG MILF TITS!

Valentine’s Day Encouragement

I’m Your Valentine’s Day Warm-Up! HD Video!

With Valentine’s Day coming this week I thought I would give you some encouragement so that you’re all worked up for your girl come Thursday. I tease you with my big tits and I beg for you to fuck me in this video. I worked a glass toy in and out of my pussy as I ask you to stick your cock deep in my wet pussy. When I fuck there is nothing like laying on my back and feeling a nice cock slide in and out of me. Are you willing to give me your hard cock?  I want you worked up for Valentine’s Day so let’s get worked up together and both cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Cum Inside Me Encouragement

I Love Creampies and I want one from you! HD Video!

One thing I always like when fucking another man besides my husband is having him cum inside my pussy. Creampie’s turn me on LOL! There is something that always feel so naughty about getting a creampie. In this video we get to live out our fantasy. I beg you to cum inside of my pussy. There is lots of dirty talk and encouragement to give you what you need to pop your large warm load of cum inside of me.  Come give me my fantasy and I hope it’s your fantasy too. Would you be willing to give me a messy creampie?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


GoPro Cum Encouragement

GoPro Cum Encouragement – Mutual Masturbation!
My First HD 60fps Wide Angle Video!

I have some special encouragement for you today. This video was shot wide angel on a GoPro at 60fps. I know that sounds like technical mumbo jumbo … but what it means to you is you get to masturbate with me up close and personal. This unique angle really lets us be together as I finger my pussy and encourage you masturbate along with me. I truly orgasm in this video and I hope you will too. It totally gets me off to know you are jacking off to me and cumming at the same time I cum. Imagine busting your hot load of cum all over my tits, face or pussy as we enjoy mutual masturbation.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB! GIVE ME THE BIG CUMSHOT OF YOURS!