Things Not Always Black & White

Come get me naked!

You know sometimes things are not always as they seem. Here I am in a total black and white environment yet my skin tone and red hair shows through :) I was asked recently why do you only shoot pictures with black men. Well the answer to that question is not as colorful as it seems. You see I have shot pictures with black men and white over the years. But agreed I tend to end up with more black men. Why is that you ask? Because they show up that is why LOL! I cannot tell you the number of times a nice looking white man has setup a date to shoot pictures with me and then bailed out at the very last second. I’m not sure why that is, whether it just a case of once a fantasy becomes real they get scared or they think about getting caught or what? But the reality over the years is the black guys almost always show up and don’t back out.

Now I would be happy to have more white men in pictures and if you want to volunteer let me know. I was just talking to hubby saying that I need a white man to join me in pictures and hubby was like “heck yes let’s do it”. You see I am really an equal opportunity sexual woman. My biggest requirement is that you are as you are advertised and that you show up. So you see everything is not so black and white when it comes to the my flavor of sexy fun … hehehe! So if you think you have what it takes let me know!


Guest Fuck!

Neighbor Needs a Place to Rest – Pictures & Video

Hey guys I think you’ll like this one .. you remember my neighbor coming over and needing a place to say then me surprising him right? Well I ended the first party with me sucking on his huge fat Latin cock! Well this is the really naughty part. I climbed on top of him and rode his hard cock like there was no tomorrow. I’m normally not this straight forward but I was so excited I just couldn’t control myself or my passion. Here is the really wild part. I had a HUGE ORGASM right on top of his cock. That is something that rarely happens to me and only happens when I am super excited! I guess being with my neighbor who I’ve fantasized about in the past was just so exciting that it sent me flying over the edge .. hehehe!


Interracial BJ and Facial

Working to Keep My Job!
15 min. video remastered in HD!

Ok many of you will not believe this but I actually do have a real job outside of my home. After all a lady has to have a back up plan … hehehe! Well recently my boss was in town conducting yearly reviews and well … let’s just say things got a little messy .. VBEG!

In all my life I have never been put into such a precarious position. I love my real world job and the people I work with … at first I was going to just walk out and walk away. But the offer he made me was very erotic and satisfying for both of us. And best of all we finished our interview and I might even get a raise since I was a good team player and we both orgasmed like crazy! I even let my boss give me HUGE FACIAL!



100% True Life Real Naughty Wife Story! Full 4k Video!

OMG you guys this is a crazy and funny story! So, if you have followed me for a while, you know I have Lymphoma (don’t worry I am fine), however, I do get treatment once a month to boost my white cell blood count. This treatment happens in my home and the guy that gives me the treatment always texts me about 2 hours before he arrives. The day I shot this video I did was the day of treatment, I did it because I was getting ready to go out of town and wanted a new video to post. You’ll notice this video is two parts and that is because I’m about six and half minutes into the video my doorbell rings and it my nurse, yikes! I had to jump off the bed, get out of my porn clothes and pull myself together before answering the door. In my mind it was so funny because that is “naughty wife life” because he has no clue that I have website … haha! After we are done with my IV and treatment he leaves and I go back to my naughty clothes and finish what I started. And let’s just say it was one amazing orgasm and I hope you are ready to get off with me because I had a lot of fun, and I am always about us both having fun! Full 4k video!


Quickie BJ for Hubby

Super Amateur and Spontaneous with Cumshot!

There is not a whole lot to say about this update! Recently hubby came home from shooting and was hornier than hell. I imagine it is tough on him shooting all those sexy women giving blowjobs yet he receives none of the action. He ask me if I wanted to fool around. I said no because I had just gotten cleaned up and ready to go out for the evening. But being the good wife I am I said … “OK, let me take off my clothes and I’ll give you a quickie blowjob, however, you CANNOT cum in my face because I don’t want to re-do my makeup.” He agreed and this is what transpired … I guess hubby was horny because he shot a huge load of cum all over my belly … LOL!

P.S. This is a totally amateur shoot no fancy clothes, no fancy lighting, no fancy camera .. just me sucking off hubby while he as pocket size camera in his hand!


I’m So Neighborly

Totally Impromptu Fun with My Neighbor!

So, this is kind of wild story. My neighbor came over and needed a place to stay because of some remodeling at his place. I thought nothing of it, and I said sure. Well later in the evening after he went to bed and I had put on my pajamas on naughty thoughts started popping into my head. I decided this well-built man that was 10+ years younger than me was hot and I wanted some of him for me VBEG! So, I snuck into his room and started playing with him and when he woke, he did not stop my advances and we had some of the best impromptu sex! It was utterly amazing having some hot passionate fun with him in such an unexpected way. I rode his hard cock to a huge orgasm, and it was one of the best orgasms ever! Sometimes hot sex happens when you least expect it. Let us just say our neighborly relationship will never be the same … hehehehe!


Look Up!

Waiting in the Window for You … Wanna Come Up and Fuck?

I really get excited when I can flash a guy and tease him a little bit. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Imagine walking into the hotel and see me standing in bold view showing you my totally naked body through the window. Would you come knock on my hotel room door or just go and check in and keep the memory? I would have to say if you came and knocked on the door I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to open it. The thought of letting a total stranger into my room for quickie is really exciting! I like the idea of casual sex with a total stranger with no strings attached. Let me know what you would do in this situation! CLICK HERE and come up and fuck me the escort wife I am!

Full of Holes and Loving It

Hot New Spandex Stretchy Body Suit! Help Me Get Out of It!

First off, I need to thank Eric … he was a nice guy and sent me this very special one-piece tight body suit that is full of holes. It is made out of polyester and spandex and really has this sexy unique feel to it. Damn, this body suit really makes me feel hot and bothered. It covers me up but shows enough to really make me feel like I am almost naked. I just imagine a man showing up to meet me for a hotel room rendezvous and I answer the door wearing only this. I love the idea of an affair in secret and the sexier the better. I just imagine you peeling this off my skin as we embrace each other. I am certain it would get me all wet and your cock really hard. After you peel me out of this body suit, I will suck your hard cock and bend over so you can fuck me hard. Does that sound like something you would be into? Let me know! CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Leggin’ Selfies

(100% Unedited Selfies)

I posted a pic on twitter a couple of weeks ago in a pair of leggins and tank top, which is pretty much my everyday attire. I have had so many request for me to do a selfie set in yoga paints that I decided to make it priority. This set is part selfie and part regular with hubby shooting some of them. So, would you like to be walking behind me when I’m wearing these? Think my ass squeezed into these would cause a rise? Well come join me for a walk and we can sneak into the public bathroom for a bit of fun. You can pull these down and take me from behind, VBEG. CLICK HERE AND ENJOY THE VIEW FROM BEHIND AND TO GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Dawn Marie is one Misbehavin’ Wife!

OMG I so have this song from Righteous Gemstones stuck in my head (if you haven’t watched this show, you should) so when we started working on my update all I had on my mind was misbehaving, LOL. Would you like to meet me at the studio sometime for a little misbehaving? I could just sneak away one afternoon and meet up with you there for a little no strings fun and noone would be the wiser, hehe. What do you say, you up for getting naked and spending the afternoon with me?  CLICK here and see how much fun I can be when I get naked. GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Howdy Y’all!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and if you are were it has been raining and flooding a lot, I hope the weather changes for you soon.  We of course are still well into the 100 degree days of our summer and I’m sick of it, LOL.  I miss getting up and walking in the morning and can’t wait to get back to that when our weather changes.  I joined a new gym a couple weeks ago and have been doing cardio and yoga there, but I’m not sure that yoga is for me.  I am experiencing pain in my knee when there is a movement that requires me to be on all four or to put direct pressure on the knee.  This is the knee that I feel on when I slipped that day when walking.  I might look into a water class or perhaps a dance type class.  Today I actually did weights, which I haven’t done in a LONG time and I’m feeling it, LOL.

We have been spending some time with Adora lately, and let me tell you see is such a sweet, funny and very sexual person, hehe..  if you are not following her, you should.

Oh, my weight journey, it has been a bit since I updated… I am down 41.4 pounds and still a way to go, but still doing it…  It is step by step, pound by pound.    Again I can not thank you all enough for the encouragement and support!!

Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie Pounded by @AZgigolo

(Interracial Creampie HD Video!)

Recently I had the pleasure of hooking with up my old buddy @AZgigolo and I have to say it was an amazing time! One thing I love about him is that there is no big song and dance with hooking up. He comes over and we fuck, and we fuck hard! Do you like hearing ass slapping against a man’s body? Well, you will definitely hear it in this video. @AZgigolo fucks me and fucks me hard. I also suck his cock and he eats my pussy. He pounds me from behind and gives me a big creampie! No big story for this video, just good ole’ fashion interracial fucking and fun! Don’t miss this 20+ minute HD video and watch me get fuck hard with a creampie ending. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Everyday Dawn Marie

My Everyday Natural Look!

I was just sitting around braless in a white shirt and some jean shorts. Hubby comes in with our little pocket camera and says “hey, we need to update so let’s go out back and shoot some photos.” At first I was like, what??? I have on barely any makeup, I’ve not really done my hair properly and I’m in this old worn out outfit. Hubby was like “that’s cool because the guys will dig seeing you all natural” on our little pocket camera. I was nervous about it at first but said what the heck and through caution to the wind.

So here I am naked on my back porch enjoying the warm weather we are having and I’m all natural. Barely any makeup and just looking as everyday Dawn Marie. Also, hubby took these pictures with only our little pocket camera. No fancy lights, no flashes, no umbrellas and no fancy SLR camera.  Just me in all my natural glory or non-glory depending how you look at it LOL! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Sneaky and Quickie Blowjob

I Give Our Friend a Quickie Blowjob in the Garage! HD Video!

This week we had an out of town friend over for a visit. Him and I had always had a little flirty thing happening between us. It just so happened when he was here, hubby was going out to a basketball game. So, when hubby went to take his shower, I grab our friend and took him out to the garage for a sneaky and quickie blowjob. Of course, I had to video the experience. It was definitely a sexually charged atmosphere giving him a blowjob knowing hubby was showering in the other room. I quickly get down on my knees and suck his cock until he cums on my mouth and tits. Not much to say about this other than it was super fun and hubby had no idea until I showed him the video the next day. So, enjoy this as he gives me his warm cum! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


Naughty Trip to His Condo

Hot Interracial Fun In His Condo! (HD Video)

I was really a naughty wife on this day. I took my video camera and snuck off to his condo one afternoon and we caught the whole thing on video. This is a self-recorded video with just the two of us in the room. I really surprised hubby when I brought this video home for him to see. You know me, sneaking out with strong black men is my thing and this day was fantastic. I start out by giving him a POV blowjob then we move on to some hot fucking. He cums right in my pussy. After fucking me from behind. Not a big story for this video.  Just me out being a naughty wife and enjoying some bbc! Hot interracial video for sure! CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!