Guest Fuck!

Neighbor Needs a Place to Rest – Pictures & Video

Hey guys I think you’ll like this one .. you remember my neighbor coming over and needing a place to say then me surprising him right? Well I ended the first party with me sucking on his huge fat Latin cock! Well this is the really naughty part. I climbed on top of him and rode his hard cock like there was no tomorrow. I’m normally not this straight forward but I was so excited I just couldn’t control myself or my passion. Here is the really wild part. I had a HUGE ORGASM right on top of his cock. That is something that rarely happens to me and only happens when I am super excited! I guess being with my neighbor who I’ve fantasized about in the past was just so exciting that it sent me flying over the edge .. hehehe!


I’m So Neighborly

Totally Impromptu Fun with My Neighbor!

So, this is kind of wild story. My neighbor came over and needed a place to stay because of some remodeling at his place. I thought nothing of it, and I said sure. Well later in the evening after he went to bed and I had put on my pajamas on naughty thoughts started popping into my head. I decided this well-built man that was 10+ years younger than me was hot and I wanted some of him for me VBEG! So, I snuck into his room and started playing with him and when he woke, he did not stop my advances and we had some of the best impromptu sex! It was utterly amazing having some hot passionate fun with him in such an unexpected way. I rode his hard cock to a huge orgasm, and it was one of the best orgasms ever! Sometimes hot sex happens when you least expect it. Let us just say our neighborly relationship will never be the same … hehehehe!