Anxiously Waiting!

Oh I’m ready for some nice big cock!

If you notice my shit eating grin in this picture set is is because I was anxiously awaiting some hard black cock. You see … as I was taking pictures in this tight ass dress (thank you John for the dress) I was waiting for Joe to show up to my room. See my previous update with Joe and I going it … VBEG! I know you may find this amazing but even after all these these years I still get anxious and excited when I’m waiting for guy to show up to make a sex scene. Even at 48 years old I’m like a little girl waiting for her first date. So check out this set of me in the skin tight dress and you’ll see my wet pussy with full swollen lips in the anticipation of what what was going to happen next.



  1. It’s time to retire your site. No new updates. No new material in forever.

  2. Keep doing what you are doing Dawn and Rob. I understand life gets in the way. I look forward to new content in the future.

  3. I agree with Jay. While I totally get life happens and so do changes, it is disrespectful to not post new content and videos with men when people can pay to view the site. Followed you for years but now it seems you are disregarding your fans and taking them for granted.

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