Anxiously Waiting!

Oh I’m ready for some nice big cock!

If you notice my shit eating grin in this picture set is is because I was anxiously awaiting some hard black cock. You see … as I was taking pictures in this tight ass dress (thank you John for the dress) I was waiting for Joe to show up to my room. See my previous update with Joe and I going it … VBEG! I know you may find this amazing but even after all these these years I still get anxious and excited when I’m waiting for guy to show up to make a sex scene. Even at 48 years old I’m like a little girl waiting for her first date. So check out this set of me in the skin tight dress and you’ll see my wet pussy with full swollen lips in the anticipation of what what was going to happen next.


Devil in the Blue Dress

Time for me to be naughty and meet you for elicit affair!

You know that old song “Devil with the Blue Dress / Good Golly Miss Molly” by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels? Well, that is immediately what came to my mind when I put on this sexy blue dress for the first time. While in real life I am really good girl and down to earth person. But when it comes to my sexuality, living naked online and having fun with men other than my husband I am definitely somewhat of a devil. How about this devilish scenario? You come out and meet me at a public bar in swanky Scottsdale hotel. When you walk up to me at the bar, I am wearing this blue dress and just waiting seductively for you. We make some small talk, get to know each and have some drinks. While sitting at the bar you are rubbing your hand over my tight blue dress (and it’s making my pussy wet) and eventually you invite me upstairs to your room. After getting into your room there is absolutely no holding us back. We start passionately kissing and our hands are all over each other. Next you strip me out of this devil’s blue dress and a hot sexual encounter ensues between us in your business hotel room far away from the eyes of our spouses. Sound like a plan? CLICK HERE and let me know if you want to hook up! See me naked!

Double Bonus Update

Double Bonus Update with Selfie’s and 4k Video Selfie
(100% Unedited Pantyhose to Nude Selfies)

Ok guys, since we are all so locked up, I was feeling a little extra horny and I am giving you a double bonus update this week.

First, I have video I recorded as selfie a while back with a selfie update and there is funny story behind it. I went to use my “finger vibrator” and the damn thing broke and would not work. I ended up improvising and removed the fingertip portion of the vibrator and slipped right on my finger and damn did it work well. I really got off good using this thing on my finger. I do lots of dirty talking and verbal fantasizing about you being deep in my pussy as I dream of you hard cock.

Second, there is brand new set of Selfies I just took on Friday April 10th and I wore a really tight dress with pantyhose and heels. You guys always make me feel so sexy in when I wear pantyhose because of all the wonderful compliments you give me. I just imagine us together with me wearing nylon and it is always so erotic.

CLICK HERE for this double bonus update with me in nylon and very special cum encouragement 4k video!


Unpack Me!

Unpack Me Out of this Tight Ass Dress!

I am wrapped up tight in this blue dress that zips up the front. Wearing something tight is probably my number one request and I aim to please. This dress zips all the way up the front for easy access hehe! So, if I wore this dress out on date with us would you be willing to unzip me out of it? Just imagine the stares we would get with me wearing this at some upscale hotel bar … the others in the bar would probably think I’m some kind of mature call girl LOL! The stares of others would only add to our excitement as we sit there sipping on our Martini’s. And after a few drinks and you rubbing my leg we could head up to your hotel room and you can truly work your way under this dress for some naughty fun! Don’t worry I never fuck a man and tell. It will be our secret! CLICK HERE and GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Fishnet in Bed

Fishnet or Naked What is Your Choice?

So, when you go to bed with your girl to have some naughty fun do you like going her to be naked or wearing something sexy? I have heard over the years that some that some guys like their girl going to bed naked and some like them going to bed with something to take off. This fishnet dress I am wearing gives the best of both worlds. Your girl is naked enough to tease and show a little skin to get you aroused but there is still something sexy that you can take off of her. Imagine climbing in bed with me wearing this and you could poke your fingers through the holes and tease me, then slowly and sexily strip it off of me. Would that turn you on? I know it would turn me on having you slide this fishnet dress off of me! Ready to give it a try?  CLICK HERE FOR ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Come and Get Me!

All New Pictures Shot On 9/29
(My Skimpy Little Naughty Dress!)

I am not even going to pretend to play hard to get in this outfit. I am ready, willing and waiting! All you have to do is come and get me. I’ll be waiting in this little number for you to come in the door and we can get down and naughty ASAP. No dating, no online flirting for weeks, no bullshit teasing on some social media platform … I am ready for some simple and playful sex with no strings attached. Just a good old fashion romp without pretense and judgement. And best of all … after we are done fucking there is no head games or follow-up conversation. So, let’s just have some good ole’ recreational sex and when we go our separate ways that is it. You down for some pure sexual fun? If so CLICK HERE and let’s make it happen.


Member Monday

My New Weekly Series – Member Monday
August 14, 2017

A night out on the town … You said you wanted to take me out for a night on the town. Wear something sexy you said.. well, does this work? Would you take me out for a night on the town in this sexy little dress? It fits me just right and hugs all my curves in just the right places. We get a table in the corner and you slide into the booth beside me. I feel your hand sliding up my thigh until you find my pussy. You start to tease me with your fingers, knowing that in no time you will have my pussy wet with excitement. You stand up from the booth, take my hand and lead me to the restroom. You have me put my hands on the vanity and you slowly slide my dress up and caress my ass, while moving down to my wet pussy.  After a little fingering you slide your hard cock inside me from behind … Take me out on the town and see how your evening ends. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICTURES AND VIDEO!

P.S. Thank Eric for sending me this dress off of my wish list, I love it!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


The Tighter The Better

Dawn Marie In Skin Tight Spandex Dress

I constantly hear from the guys that follow me and they tell me … “the tighter the better”.  Well then, I have that fulfilled for you today! This is a dress someone gave me off my wish list and is probably the tightest thing I have ever worn. I get so much positive feedback from guys that love all my curves squished into a tight dress and it does not get much tighter than this.  Are you one of those men that like a woman packed tight into her dress? If so I got you covered in this update LOL! Now come help me strip out it.  Believe me it will take two of us to get it off VBEG! CLICK HERE!